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  1. WesKate

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    Has anyone tried this? I know its not exactly stay at home work but it something I can do. I can just display the jewlery. I'm not sure how well this stuff would sell. How much can people really buy. I have my wedding rings & thats it. I saw some earring in there I really like. Plus its stuff I can do at home like setting up parties & then a few nights a week go out & do them. It gets me out of the house kid free. Sometimes I get a little stir crazy. Any thoughts? I have other at home things I would like to do but I have to get some things settled before I can start. Need money to make money sometimes.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Seems to be in business for several years, but your income depends on your selling skills
  3. JewelryBox

    JewelryBox New Member

    Hi there! Was anyone able to answer your question about Silpada? Have you been to a Silpada party? I am an Independent Representative for Silpada and I really enjoy my job. I also work part time at a university doing regulatory work, so selling Silpada jewelry has been a fun thing for me to do, plus I have met some really nice people at the monthly meetings I attend. Like any home show type/direct sales business, you can make money but it all depends on the time you put into your business. If you want to make "real" money you have to sell a lot of jewelry and recruit new reps. For me however, I do the job for extra money to pay bills and take vacations, not to support my family (although I know some women that sell Silpada and can support their families...they are truly amazing). At Silpada you make a commission of 30% of your retail sales, so for a $1000 show you would make $300 as the rep. Silpada states that the average rep sells $750 in jewelry per show, so that is a profit of $250 for the rep, but my average has been closer to $1000-$1200/show. Like any sales type job you have to make new contacts all the time and Silpada is no different. The jewelry is awesome, the company is awesome, the company support you get is awesome, and the feedback you get from customers is totally great, so you can't ask for much more from a direct sales company. Your success depends on the goals you set for yourself. If you join there is an initial $200 fee (check the Silpada website for the details) then you can buy any of the jewelry pieces at 50% off for your table display for the first 100 days I believe. Silpada has other packages available, but know there is an upfront cost. Paying off your display jewelry is easy though and Silpada has incentives so you can earn free jewelry based on your sales. It truly is a great company. Remember this too, clothing and jewelry are one of the most complimented items, so when a person says to you "I love your necklace," it makes it so easy then to tell them about your business. I hope this answer has helped you. Good luck! I hesitate to give out my web address or email because I am prohibited to market myself on this site.
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    JewelryBox, thanks for the information. For how long have you been selling Silpada products?
  5. stacy

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    I've been looking for a way to sell jewelry from a catalog or brochure, since I do not have a storefront. What are the prices like? All my friends and family are cheap, so I would need some reasonably priced stuff.
  6. kalien

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    Can you succeed in Silpada without doing parties or in-person selling, (i.e. strictly as a web-based business?)

    I have a vast network of jewelry-loving friends and business associates spread throughout the country.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  7. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    You could also create your own online jewelry mall complete with pictures, descriptions, pricing, and a shopping cart.

    Newbie Shield
  8. stacy

    stacy New Member

    Newbie, can you point me in the right direction to "create my own jewelry mall"? I'm really interested, but do not know how to build a retail website. I did a search and found a Free service where they build you a retail site and you post your own products. It's 100% FREE. No hosting, no membership what's the catch? How do they make money off me? It sounds like a great way to get started, but I don't want to get scammed. It's called freewebstore - has anyone had experience with it?
  9. mkmaffet

    mkmaffet New Member

    I attended one of your parties and made several purchases. Need to send back one necklace and would like to order something in its
    place. Can you send me book or tell me how to see the book online? Thanks
  10. estherssilver

    estherssilver New Member

    I just noticed this message [​IMG] This is the necklace you wanted changed right?
  11. estherssilver

    estherssilver New Member

    Did you ever get your question answered?
  12. ErricaF

    ErricaF New Member

    Hi everyone, I am seriously considering becoming a SD Rep. I had a friend that was a rep, so I am very familiar with the jewelry and the concept of commission, etc.... My question is this.... what have you found that worked really well to make your business a success? Did you advertise and if so where? Did you participate in local events? Did you join the local Chamber of Commerce? And.. on the flip side of that... what was a waste of time and did nothing for you? Please help! Thanks in advance for your help.

  13. jewelrygirl

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    Hey Errica,
    This is my first time to a forum, I'm not sure how it works. I was doing a web search on Silpada and somehow found your question. I hope I can help a little. I have been a Silpada rep since Sept. 07. and I have done very well with my sells. The way I started booking was with phone calls. I've gotten booking from shows, but mostly with the calls. I've been checking on setting up at trade show, expos, craft shows etc, but I haven't yet. I feel like you can get alot of contacts at those places. My upline has set up at salons, stores, an insurance expo and even ladies night at a restaurant/bar. They have had alot of seccess with those shows. Good Luck if you decide to sign up. It's a great company. You can contact me if you have anymore questions, at
  14. 925sterling4u

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    Hi Errica,

    This is also my first time on a "thread", hopefully I am doing it correctly...I LOVE being a Silpada many ways, it saved my life...the women are tremendous, the company is awesome, and it can be as much, or as little as you want it to be...The local Chamber of Commerce is a great help for me to meet others in all types of businesses...also fairs, etc...don't depend on family and friends, they will grow to resent you after a's your business...treat it like any have to market yourself, and the quality of the product, and the professionalism of the company...if you want to "chat" contact me via email Wishing you all wonderful things!
  15. suekahler

    suekahler New Member

    Like Debi, this is my first time responding to a chat thread. I have a different perspective on Silpada and direct sales that I thought may add value to the discussion and answer some questions posed earlier. While attending Silpada's 2003 Conference, I learned that the best way to build a business is by working consistently, copying what the successful reps are doing. It is a business of duplication. Upline leaders and managers are rewarded generously for helping their team members succeed! Bottom line, you don't need to go to chat rooms for tips...get thyself to Conference this summer and coach with your sponsor! If she is not active or you do not 'click' then call Silpada's (FREE) business coaches in the sales department. They are awesome and can guide you on all these ideas and issues.
    Applying this advice to my own business has enabled me to build a team of over 300 women, including many successful leaders of whom I am extremely proud to be associated with.'s a Girlfriend Thing! See you in July!
  16. KellyRedHead

    KellyRedHead New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I have read through all the above posts and wanted to also ask a couple of questions.
    I am no stranger to the market of direct sales and I am currently with a home party plan. But I often feel I am missing part of the market with the plan I am with. I love jewelry and so do many of my friends. I had a Silpada party several months ago and love the jewlery and it is very good quality.
    I talked with the rep about starting but decided it wasn't the time. I have again been think about it and have a few concerns.

    Do you any of the reps that answered or others find that with the current gas and food prices your sales have slumped? Or has your parties slowed down? When I had my party a few months ago I invited well over 60 people and like 10 came, several returned the books back to me with out orders telling me the prices were to steep for them. I know just like with other home parties some products can be found in dept stores for lesser prices, not the same quality, but some don't seem to care.
    How have you all been dealing with any of my questions.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. balvis

    balvis New Member

    I started selling last August because I wanted to take my family to Disney World. I paid for the trip with my Silpada money and only did 2 shows a month. The jewelry sells itself. It only cost $199.00 to sign and you get over 50 catalogs, training manuals, invites and everything you need to get going. Let me know if you have more questions or would like to talk. I am going to Kansas in July to the convention. I sold Mary Kay before and it was too much work delivering product. The Silpada gets shipped to the customers so it is great.

  18. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    How lovely for you! Glad to hear you have had success. [​IMG]
  19. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Silpada is actually a pretty hot niche on eBay, so I would imagine that a silpada business could be very profitble.
  20. joannemarks

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    Does anyone know if the company allows reps to sell out of a storefront? I'm a nail tech and do my own retail. Is this something I could display and sell?

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