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    Hi All

    I was searching online a few months ago because I wanted to find a new business mentor for my budgeting service that I was struggling to convert to sales. I came across the six figure mentors as they seemed to offer what I was looking for, support, resources and a community. As soon as I read the pages on the website I realised I had come across this company about 15 months ago and had been receiving daily emails from one of its members. So I scrolled back through the old emails (many of them not opened) and signed up through the email link.

    So 15 months ago when I started the sign up process It did not feel right for me because there was a cost of about $29 and I was not sure if I was able or should I say willing to commit to the time or additional monies required and I bailed out.

    So as I said I signed up this time because it just felt different and I felt ready this time to give it a chance.

    I soon realised I had got myself into an education program and at some stage would be marketing their products but its not just about marketing their products but giving you are given the knowledge to help you to market your own products/services and having all the resources under one umbrella to be able do that.

    You have to follow and complete each module to progress through each stage. It's been hard work from day one with lots of reading, videos and webinars but I’m really enjoying the learning process and I’ve found myself being more positive, focused and knowing that it will take time to build what I want.

    I'm still learning and it's all about persistence, continuity, not looking for quick money and enjoying the process.

    Oh by the way the budget service is on hold until I have mastered all that I can with the SFM.
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    I know this post is old and I'm not sure if you're still on here, but did you end up liking the program?
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    I am still in Six Figure Mentor and it is really a good program that allows you fully work online and live a true laptop lifestyle. Good Luck!

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