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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by binkyram, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. binkyram

    binkyram New Member

    I just finished my training for HSN and I am very scared. Can anyone let me know if it is a good skill to work? What the pay is like, and is there alot of upsells? There was just so much information in the training I don't know if I retained anything I am waiting for my webinar invite. Any advise would be GREAT!!!!

    Thank you for your time.
  2. avasmom

    avasmom New Member

    I have been doing HSN for a few months now. It takes a few days to get the system down but after that its a breeze! I really am happy with the skill. The training seemed overly complicated, the upsells aren't bad. Just make sure to offer them, you don't have to follow any scripting on them. Good luck!!!
  3. snowmama

    snowmama New Member

    Hey I just did my webinar with H$N. Was wondering how long it takes for logins for this one. The guy said it can take up to 3 wks or longer. Is that really the case? If so I will need to find something else in between times. Also what has the pay been like for any of you on H$N? I know that different variables cause different pay and stuff but whats the average? When I asked of course there was no definate answer and I figured that meant really only minimum wage which for my state is not great at all. Anything else you can tell me about H$N would be great too. Thanks
  4. avasmom

    avasmom New Member

    The pay really varies. We have been pretty busy lately and the have been offering quite a few $9-$12 an hour shifts! It took about 1 week for me to get my login info. The PALS seem to be really easy going compared to the other skills I have read about. If you have any issues when processing calls Sales Asst is VERY helpful. I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck!
  5. binkyram

    binkyram New Member


    thanks for the advice. I just got my logins today. snowmama they also told me @ 3 wks but I called everyday from Sept 27th was when I did my webinar. I am very happy .What is the best headphone set to get? I will be going tonight to get one. They told me to do about 30 mins to 1 hr so I can get the logins together, will I have problems with getting on. I am already having problems getting logged on to gateway any suggestion?

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