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    Anyone have any reviews for

    It looks to be a good resource for those who are thinking about
    selling on eBay. It's from the same guys who created SaleHoo.

    There are several ebooks that teach about eBay auctions but
    they're very basic. Sky High Auctions has over 26 hours of
    step-by-step videos, over 100 online pages of written materials,
    interviews with eBay powersellers, etc.

    I have sold some stuff on eBay for some nice profits but never tried
    focusing on using eBay auctions to generate a steady income
    stream. Looks like Sky High Auctions covers a lot of stuff related to
    eBay selling including selling digital/informational products and using
    certain software to increase your productivity.

    Sky High Auctions isn't open to the public until early March but
    evidently some people were offered introductory access to the
    membership. Oh,'s gonna be a lifetime membership kinda

    So...anyone knows about this?[​IMG]

    BTW, any eBay sellers here?

    Here are 5 eBay videos from the site:
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    The thing about eBay is that unless you are selling a digital product, you have to invest a lot of money up front to buy products to sell...and you have to be able to get the products at low enough prices to compete with your competitors.
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    I believe you can actually make decent money selling tangible items
    but the key is finding products that will give you a good profit

    The prices from mainstream dropshippers and wholesalers aren't
    low enough for that kind of profit margin. Many wholesalers aren't
    even real wholesalers to me. Their prices aren't much different from

    Anyway, there is still good money to be made if you know where to
    look and how to go about finding the deals.

    Do you ever wonder...?

    "Looks like that seller is making crazy money but where and how
    did he/she get those products?"

    I wonder the same thing all the time when I see certain products
    selling like hotcakes on eBay, and they're the only one selling it.

    I've seen brand new items selling all day long for less than half of
    the cheapest price at retail. In some cases, I've seen items sell
    like crazy for a few hundred dollars before they even make it to
    the retail stores for more than twice the price.

    There is a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff that goes on in every
    business but they're not that easy to spot. This is often why people
    who don't know the "inside secrets" fail and give up while others
    continue to make a killing.

    There is one video in SkyHigh Auctions that talks about getting
    merchandise from local businesses at liquidation, how to find out
    about them, and stuff like that. The guy who talks about it is a
    powerseller who has been doing that sort of thing for years.

    I think that kind of information is worth gold and there seems to be
    plenty of that kind of stuff in the members area.

    But one thing is for sure...

    Unless you're selling a digital product, you need to learn to run the
    business very efficiently if you don't want to work hard.

    I think that's the problem with most people...working hard. We tend
    to avoid that and find quick-fix, easy solutions. Most of the time, we
    end up jumping from one opportunity to another and becoming more
    frustrated, desperate, and hopeless.
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    too much money to pay [​IMG]

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