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    Smart Media Technologies has created an online product called Home Page Pays. With over a million members, I believe their membership will soon grow rapidly when word gets out about the release of the 2.0 version of their product. I have found it to be an exceptional company and product.

    Smart Media has been around over 4 years now. Numerous changes and improvements have occured since the release of Smart Media Desktop, which was a downloadable product similar to a web browser like Google Chrome. However, there is a huge difference.

    How would you like a Home Page that's fun, has exclusive games, is educational, contains it's own mail system and social network and enables you to win prizes and Smart Points exchangable for real merchandise? Yet there's so much more to it that benefits you.

    Do you market a product, company or yourself? Then Home Page Pays can help you to do so by branding you positively, helping build your list, get you leads and allow you to advertise through it, even to all the members. Through recommendations, it can be very viral.

    What are some of the advantages of having the Smart Media Home Page Pays system?
    • it's free. there is no difference in the system for free or paid members.
    • as a free member, you can give your Home Page Pays to whomever you want for free.
    • it's online, international and available to over 2 billion internet users worldwide.
    • it pays. you can win contests, receive matching prizes and earn smart points for merchandise.
    • it's fun. you can play free online games, interact with members and play in competitions.
    • it's educational. the smart library and university have amazing video courses
    Why would someone want to purchase the rights to earn an income from distributing the HPP?
    • they can earn just from their free members using the Home Page Pays.
    • people can try the product for free, as long as they want.
    • the market is huge and worldwide.
    • there is no shipping charges, taxes on the product or wondering if people will like it or not.
    • it can be used to promote any product, company or individual with positive branding.
    • you can advertise free to all your free members and with low cost, to the whole membership.
    This is not a start up company or product so you don't have to worry about whether it will survive. Smart Media Technologies has a ten year plan already in place, there servers can currently handle a 100 million membership and they own and have complete control over their products. They have spent millions upon millions in the development of their back office and products, which include their own gaming company.

    Home Page Pays 2.0 will soon be released (or may have been recently released, depending upon when you read this) and I believe this will create huge momentum for the company. I have not seen or heard the usual negative product or company comments on the internet about Smart Media or Home Page Pays. I hope you will try the product or do some research before you give your opinion.

    I realize no company and product are perfect. I realize not everyone wants a digital product or is willing to change from their favorite home page or social network. But I also realize there is a huge market out there for people who want to add to their income without questional overpriced products and services. I believe now is an excellent time to become a member of Smart Media.

    This review of Smart Media Technologies, a direct sales company and their Home Page Pays is intended to be informative yet not comprehensive. I have never been more moved and motivated to share a company and product than this. If not now, I believe at some time in the future, you'll take a serious look at the Smart Media Technologies opportunity. Why not now?

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    Good review and welcome to the forum.

    I am sure that they will do just fine.
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