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    One of the the most valuable business (and life) tools that I have had the good fortune of coming accross was the simple concept of setting SMART objectives. It is really easy to loose track of what you do and start living a dream which never leads anywhere fast.

    Using SMART objectives you can set up a nice plan for yourself, which will not only make your objectives real, but also likely help you actually achieve them. So by following these rules things can happen for you :

    (S)pecific - Make sure your objective is specific. Getting $1 million is more specific than getting rich

    (M)easurable - Make sure you can measure your success. I have earned $10 today which brings my objective of 1 million so much closer. This will help you track your progress and will actually show you when you have achieved it.

    (A)chievable - For most of us it is pointless to pursue $1 Billion as a goal, but $1 million is probably achievable.

    (R)elevant - Make sure that your objective is relevant to your life. If it is not relevant it will land up on the bookshelf with all the other books you never read.

    (T)imely - Make sure you have a deadline. If you just say I want to earn $1 million it means little as an objective unless you have a deadline. Comparing this to when you say I want to earn 1 million dollars in the next 2 years, you actually have something to work with.

    It is a useful tool, use it.


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