1. mysticwmn

    mysticwmn New Member

    has anyone tried SMC? Is it worth the money they ask to get into? I'm new at this and looking for some extra cash.
  2. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    No! Its cost to much, the only one thats making money
    with this program is SMC. The website they will build for
    you is too much, and there to many people trying
    to sell the same thing. I bought a package and request
    a refund after a I saw what the cost would be. Outrages.

    My suggestion is build your own site start with free website.
    experiment with it and than get a wholesale list a dropship list.
    I can send you site that will be free for a website & a list of wholesale
    dropship distributors. FREE. No strings attched.

    God Bless
  3. Looking

    Looking New Member

    I tried this program about 10 years ago. I was dirt poor and was trying to make money. I eneded up sinking a boat in this and only broke even. Thank god I only broke even. If I would of lost any money I would of been upset. They way I see it is, don't buy from late night infomercials. LOL
  4. thegiftlady

    thegiftlady New Member

    I thought Mr. Cunningham would never lie to me! HAHAHA! I got into SMC, after spending what? I think somewhere close to 400 dollars? And you had to spend a lot more to get that website. Anyhow, look around. The products are everywhere. They are extremely overpriced. When I saw the dollar store junk they sold, I thought they must be kidding, nobody here is paying that, this must be Beverly Hills pricing right? SMC was my first home business mistake. I made many more. But I think I got it right this time, I hope. I just bought my own domain name, and am so excited, I cannot wait for it to be up and running! Pamela
  5. lavendersluv

    lavendersluv New Member

    I too have tried SMC, but quickly realized it was not worth it. thanks

  6. Looking

    Looking New Member

    If you go through the catalog of stuff SMC offers, you can find most of that in the dollar store. [​IMG]
  7. marksjerky

    marksjerky New Member

    The SMC infomercials make it seem like you could be up and running with a home based business for only $25 a month, and it just isn't possible. I'm thankful I found Jerky Direct when I did.
  8. villalobos

    villalobos New Member

    I tried SMC about 10 years ago. It didn't work. I tried the mail order option and ended up losing about $1500. I did not make a single sale.

    SMC is the only one making money selling their products to their members. If their products were good, they could sell them themselves.
  9. yahia

    yahia Member

    Hi folks,

    I tried the SMC too, actually it was one of my first mistakes. And since we are talking about retail activity here, I have a question and I hope some one here has the experience and knowledge to help me:

    To resell online, do I need a resale lisence? Or there is a limit for the sales volume below which I don't need that lisence? And if I need the lisence and live in Canada, can I sell in the US? Especially that I'll be depending on dropshippers who are located in the US!

  10. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Looks like I'm not the only one that got "roped" into SMC... course I was just 16 when I got started.

    LOL, I actually went door to door and sold this stuff and it worked okay. But I quickly realized that it was something that I didn't want to do all my life. It was still a good learning experience for "the kid" entrepreneur.

    Winner's International
  11. RichTheJerk

    RichTheJerk New Member

    I agree. Mr. C. is a Paid Sponsor and I am sure he really does not use the program. However, their market is way oversaturated, as with most of the other things that you can sell on E-Bay. However, should you already be enrolled in SMC, a good place that you may want to try selling their stuff on is www.Sell.com. When I first started out a long time ago, I did that and actually sold a few things.

    Of course, that was before the laws of E-Mail "Spamming" came along and I made the non-mistake (again, at that time) of spamming. Had alot of traffic, and a few sales, but it was worth it, I guess.

    Chalk one up to the Learning Curve.

    Rich The Jerk
  12. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    I visited their wharehouse some time ago it is impressive but when I looked into their so-called wholesale opportunity I found that their items were heavily overpriced.
  13. jsully

    jsully New Member

    I joined SMC several years ago and made money when I pushed the catalogues to friends. Since the prices were a little high I would give them a 25% discount which worked out well.
  14. Dzynr

    Dzynr New Member

    21 Sep 2007 23:55 - Attached on merging:
    Has anyone tried selling SMC products?

    I recently applied for (& recieved) a mail out information package for SMC marketing or Specialty Merchandise Corporation (actually has Tom Bosley as their spokesperson!). They offer thousands of items at "below wholesale" where you can sell their products through your own on-line store and keep any profits you make. Has anyone tried this or anything similar? I thought it may be a better route to go by offering actual merchandise for sale rather than trying to re-sell any of the thousands of "make money on-line" books (mostly scams).
    Thanks for any advice ...

  15. dhitseighteen18

    dhitseighteen18 New Member

    I know your post was like 4 years ago so you probably won't even get this....but I'd like to know about those free websites and wholesaler lists if you happen to get this note. I'm at dhitseighteen18@yahoo.com
  16. embeat33

    embeat33 New Member

    hey im interested in the dropshiped websites for wholesale production send them to Lexington20m@yahoo plz
  17. jawmartin

    jawmartin New Member

    Thanks for the info about SMC. Probably saved me some heartache as well as money. Where can I get a free dropship list? I've seen acouple lists but there's a charge to get it.
  18. pegeler

    pegeler New Member

    I first joined SMC back a hundred years ago. I made money, but not by trying to sell person to person. What I did, was provide the products to various gift shops withing local pharmacies.

    Renewed my membership in the early 90's, and my wife handed out catalogs in the plant where she worked. Did fairly well there too.

    You must be VERY careful of what you are selling, and you also need to make sure you're not going into an area to sell where others are already.

  19. TheTodd

    TheTodd Guest

    I tried it about 7 years ago and I made a little money just using the catalogs and delivering the orders myself. I worked in a big factory and had a bunch of orders from other workers. I also got in trouble at work for doing this...lol...

    I agree that the products are over priced and are everywhere.

    I had a friend also a few years later that was selling SMC and bought the web site and a bunch of gift cards to hand out... I'm not sure but I think he lost money in it.
  20. donzo961

    donzo961 New Member

    could you send me a list of dropshippers.


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