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    There is a company set up by a Singaporean private professional fund manager who sought to help Asians ordinary people to grow their money. His name is Simon Ng. He had increased wealth for his corporate clients and thought he should do the same for the masses. He initial target group is Asians.

    He devised and launched an eShare system to enrich participants on 6 May 2007. 60 of them became millionaires after 18 months.

    His eShare system increases the value of the eShares and, after price-splitting, increases each participant's quantity of eShares. The next cycle of growth begins after the price-split. It is the fourth growth cycle currently.

    Members can look forward to doubling eShare quantity after each growth cycle every year. For example, from 1000 eShare quantity now, it will be 2000 eShare quantity after the next price-split.

    There are also varying profit-sharing amount every month. The profit-sharing amount is an indication of profitability of the system. The lowest profit-sharing amount was US$0.05/US$100 in Feb 2009 and the highest was US$1.58/US$100. This month, it is US$0.08/US$100.

    Unlike stock market shares, his eShares are traded by fellow-members 24/7/365 via his eShare online platform.

    There are 15 similar programs worldwide. Most of these similiar programs are not functioning currently. They are scams.

    Many people thought Simon Ng's eShares would be a scam too. But, his program stood 31 months now. It has more than 32,000 accounts by now.

    He used some 35% - 50% of incoming fund for investing, for venture-capital fund, and for commission and bonus payout.

    I was sceptical and worried initially. What happened if the eShares fell in value ..., is this program for real? Soon I witnessed its enriching prowess. Every growth cycle ends with much higher eShares value.

    I highly recommend Simon Ng's eShares program to help everyone, whether Asians or not, to grow our money and help everybody.

    I really wish that I can help everyone there. Give this program a chance and be patient for 1 year.
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    These are the countries with which the founder of the eShares program has set up company bank accounts. His purpose is to pay the many participants in their local currencies directly into their bank accounts. For participants who do not have accounts with any of these banks, alternative cash withdrawal arrangement could be made.

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    The performance and summary of the 'Help Asian Ordinary People To Increase Money Now' program can be seen from these 2 charts.

    1) This is what your initial US$100 have become with the program since 6 May 2007 until 13 Jun 2009.


    2) This is what your initial US$5000 have become with the program since 6 May 2007 until 13 Jun 2009.


    3) These are actual facts and figures of the past 3 growth cycles. Your money would have grown like the above, had you joined since 6 May 2007 and stayed on until 13 Jun 2009. The current growth cycle is the 4th.

    4) Many people don't believe money would grow like that ... but for those who've joined, the above are the fact and figure of the actual growth.

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    This program has been setup for Asians originally but has moved to Europe, with some Americans joining too. Below is how the program works:-

    Program Overview

    A. One join in and bought Y qty of eShares (tokens) during the current growth cycle. No need to wait for a good timing.
    B. Every growth cycle ends with a value at least 2 times higher than that at the start of the growth cycle.
    C. At a targetted value, the system does a price-splitting (which is an actual financial method used in eg., unit trust funds, etc.)
    D. At the price-split, the current growth cycle ends and a new growth cycle will begin
    E. At the beginning of the next growth cycle, one has 2Y qty of tokens
    F. This is an established financial fundamental - no shortchanging on anybody
    G. A new growth cycle starts with a new base value, at least 1 cent higher than the previous base value
    H. The system resumes after price-split, matches buyers and sellers, and in the process and the progress, moves up the value of the tokens higher and higher

    Program Illustration

    1. Current base price is US$0.22ea on 13 June 2009, start of the 4th growth cycle. Current value is hovering at US$0.50ea and US$0.51ea

    2. Today, one joins with, says, US$1000 and obtains 1041 tokens at US$0.51ea on May 2010 (after deducting participation charge and eGame)

    3. Price-split at US$0.54ea (maybe June 2010) down to US$0.25ea

    4. It is a 2.16 split down. New base price is US$0.25ea for the 5th growth cycle

    5. One's qty of token become 1041 x 2.16 = 2248 tokens on June 2010

    6. One's qty of token become 2248 x 2 = 4496 tokens on 2011, 6th growth cycle

    7. New base value of 6th growth cycle is US$0.26ea

    8. One's qty of token become 4496 x 2 = 8992 tokens on 2012, 7th growth cycle

    9. New base value of 7th growth cycle is US$0.27ea

    10. Price-splitting and new growth cycle repeat each year ... .

    With patience, the qty of your tokens grow. Then, you need to sell to encash. This is where you get the money with patience.

    This program works BEST based on fact, figure, formula and financial fundamentals. When it makes mathematical sense, it is mathematically correct. When a formula works, it yields the result as intended by the formula accordingly.

    Time To Profit

    1. You sell 8992 tokens at US$0.51ea = US$4585.92, on 2012 or 2013

    2. After selling, the system deducts 10% and leave behind US$4127.33

    3. From US$4127.33, 70% of which go to your credit balance which you can cash out at US$2889.13. You've gained US$1889 besides your intial 'capital'.

    4. From US$4127.33, 30% of which go back to buy tokens. You've US$1238.20 to buy back 2427 tokens at US$0.51ea.

    5. After the price-split, 2427 tokens x 2 = 4854 tokens at the 8th growth cycle

    You start off with US$1000, get 1041 tokens now. By 2012/2013, you get US$2889.13 to your bank and still retain 4854 tokens, which you can sell for money.

    From the above, this program not only intrinsically generates money to pay members, it also enriches you. This program has been making money for commoners after this model since 2007.

    Too good to be true? Unless your formula is wrong. Which of the above step is wrong? There is none, and so your money will grow JUST LIKE THAT, because of the systemic exponential growth in your tokens qty each subsequent growth cycle.


    The key - be patient and don't hoard your tokens too long. Sell them periodically to fund your holiday, insurance, etc., leaving sufficient token qty for price-splitting. From the above, you should know how to manage your tokens and participation so that you can smile richly.


    Suitable to any common-folks worldwide but especially NOT SUITABLE TO pretenders/scammers, impatient folks, troublesome people or those who tend to forget passwords more than once.

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    The program ended its 4th growth cycle at US$0.51ea on 12 May 2012 at 12:02am. The 4th growth cycle achieved a 231% increase in value from US$0.22ea when the cycle started on 13 Jun 2009. See the below 2 screenshots.



    Between 12 and 14 May 2010, the program had a price-splitting process, from US$0.51ea split down to US$0.24ea. This is an act to split the value down 2.1 times financially and to increase one's net holding qty 2.1 times.


    From the above, you could see that I got 3498 eShares (tokens) qty on 13 June 2009. Now, I have 7346 eShares (tokens) qty in the new 5th growth cycle. With more tokens qty, one can sell them to exchange for US$.

    And the beauty of it all is, the system has several support mechanisms to ensure that the value of the tokens will go up, Up and UP during each and every growth cycle!

    This is how the program enriches all participants, mainly Asians, 2 times yearly.

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    Let me show you an example of how everybody can gain repeated incomes from SMICap every 2 years from a one-time participation.

    My friend started with this program late 2008 at US$500. She got 791 eShares or tokens then. On 13 Jun 2009, the token qty became 1582. On 14 May 2010, the token qty became 3322. This friend submitted to sell all the tokens at US$0.50ea. See below.


    The value of the token will reach US$0.50ea by April/May 2011.
    Total Selling Amount = 3322 x US$0.50 = US$1661.00
    SMICap takes 10%, the balance amount = US$1494.90
    70% of balance amount will go to bank = US$1046.43
    30% of balance amount to buy back token = US$448.47
    This friend will buy back 896 tokens at US$0.50ea

    After Selling, she will get back US$1046.43. She will gain her 'capital' + 100%. She will have 896 tokens. Her 896 tokens will become 1792 tokens at the price-split 2011. By May 2012, her token qty will become 3584.

    She can then sell 3584 tokens at US$0.50ea again on April 2013, to repeat the above selling and buy-back process. She will get another US$1128 to her bank account by April 2013 and 967 tokens. The whole cycle of increase will repeat.

    Could you see how a one-time participation with SMICap can generate many repeat income-cycles every 2 years?

    The system is already 3 years old with 4 completed growth cycles. The system works. Look again at the above image. Should any sellers could not receive their money, they will be the first to post SCAM all over the Internet. Everybody got their money with time.
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    The 'Help Ordinary People To Increase Money' program has come to Europe, North and South Americas, too.

    For Europe - Germany and Italy
    For North America - Canada and United States of America
    For South America - Mexico

    Significant proportion of members are coming from the below countries ... 19 countries, so far.

    Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Germany,
    Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan,
    Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore,
    Taiwan, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.


    With China, India, Indonesia and United States being listed, this program is reaching out to more than 50% of the world's population.

    Grow your money safely and yearly there. Start your home business by helping ordinary people increase their money FIRST.

  8. shawnlim88

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    Dear Yeo,

    qn: recently SMICap has come up with a 5 year, 60mths program.

    my question is:
    any way to shorten it to 3 years?
    currently i am putting 500usd account every 2 weeks.
    after 36 months, how does it go?

    sad to say, i only manage to start it 6months ago.

    shawn lim
  9. Yeoch

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    shawnlim88: qn: recently SMICap has come up with a 5 year, 60mths program.

    my question is:
    any way to shorten it to 3 years?
    currently i am putting 500usd account every 2 weeks.
    after 36 months, how does it go?
    Thanks for your question, Shawn.

    I like to begin my answer by first saying that the 5-year (60 mths) program will enrich you far better than 3-year (36 mths) plan. I joined on 29 Jul 2008 and I'm going for the 5-year plan. The 5-year plan was launched when the program reached its 30th month (mid-point of 5-year) on Nov 2009. It started on 6 May 2007.

    One important point to remember always is that this program, as devised by the founder, is meant to HELP ORDINARY PEOPLE increase their money with his system, safely and yearly. But, we must have patience and able to set aside the money there with his system.

    So, one important consideration is to determine an amount that you can set aside for 5 years. The founder suggested US$100/mth for 60 mths or US$200/mth for 60 mths. He didn't quite suggest US$500/mth for 60 mths, knowing that everybody has other financial commitments besides saving money.

    Every Ordinary People in the world has other family/financial commitments. The founder doesn't want common folks to pump in everything into his program ... but to be comfortable with a regular amount MONTHLY into his system.

    He also teaches us how to manage our money, right?

    So, start and continue on with a regular amount that one can comfortably set aside every month for 60 mths. This is the first step.

    Compare the below -

    Each US$100 account will yield US$1,440 after the 5th year (60 mths).
    Each US$100 account will yield US$360 only after the 3rd year (36 mths).
    Each US$500 account will yield US$2,124 after the 3rd year (36 mths).
    Each 5 x US$100 account will yield 5 x US$1,440 = US$7,200 after 5 years.

    Thus, a US$500 account for 3 years yield much lesser than 5 x US$100 account set aside for 5 year.

    Please try NOT to hasten things by shortening the length. Actually, it is the length that yields the increase. Go for 5-year, then think of the MONTHLY AMOUNT that you can COMFORTABLY set aside for 5 years.

    If you plan to create US$500 every 2 weeks, I'd like to suggest you go for US$1000/mth. The number of tokens that you can get from 1 x US$1000 account is more than that of 2 x US$500. The tokens are the ones that will bring us exponential growth ... so, get more tokens.

    Do consider setting aside money for 5 years. You and I will be very rich than now, by the 5th year, so, don't need to hasten things. As you can see above, hastening doesn't really make you richer than following his 5-year plan.

    Didn't your sponsor show you the right way with this program? Anyway, ask me any question and I will try my best to help you along.

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    The value of the tokens are trading at US$0.33ea this week.
    It was trading at US$0.32ea last week.
    It was US$0.24ea on 14 May 2010.


    In 3 months (May - Aug 2010), the value of the tokens climbed (US$0.33-US$0.24)/US$0.24 = 37.5%

    I have 7,346 tokens in my first account. For every US$0.01 increase in value, my first account gains US$73.46

    Next May 2011, my first account will have 7346 x 2 = 14,692 tokens. By then, for every US$0.01 increase next year, my first account will gain US$146.92

    All these increases and gains are DONE BY The SYSTEM.

  11. Yeoch

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    See! The value of the tokens has reached US$0.34ea this week.
    It was US$0.24ea on 14 May 2010, the beginning of the current growth cycle.

    The value has increased 41.67% between May and August 2010.
    By May 2011, it will SURE yield an increase of at least 200%.
    This is because every growth cycle is at least 200% increase.


    Any questions? I'll be glad to answer them here.
  12. Yeoch

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    The value of the tokens has gone up to US$0.35ea today.

    Also, there are 75,584 accounts created since 6 May 2007.


  13. Yeoch

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    I've been updating you about the progress of the value of the tokens in the program.

    See! It is US$0.37ea wef the morning of 9 Sep 2010, up from US$0.36ea previously ... up from US$0.24ea previously.

    See the below screen-shot showing the value has reached US$0.37 ea.


    This program is such that the value will always go up. And, so is
    our money with the system. Fear Not.
  14. Yeoch

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    Yes, it is US$0.39ea now. See the below screen-shot.


    This is a no-nonsense program. Your money will sure increase and you will sure be financially happier.
  15. lavg7

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    Hello Yeoch, I'm Lavar and I totally understand where you're coming from. Many people in Asia and around the world need sufficient resources and information to grow economically. If some of these folks can access the internet, they can learn ways to elevate.
  16. Yeoch

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    Hi Lavar,

    Thanks for your comment. This program increases money for computer-illiterate farmers, housewives, aunties and uncles, too. Internet access is not important.

    Also, knowledge of English or Mandarin is not important. What is important is able to set aside the money for at least 1 year.

    This program works best based on fact, figure, formula and financial fundamental.

    Thanks and bye.
  17. Yeoch

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    Whenever the value of the tokens rises, our money with the program also rise likewise.

    The value of the tokens has reached US$0.41 ea now. See the below picture.


    Our money has been rising from US$0.24ea (on 14 May 2010) to US$0.41ea today.

  18. Yeoch

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    We shall be richer on 5 Oct 2010

    Yes, we the participants of the tokens program, the program to help ordinary people, shall be richer than before comes 5 Oct 2010.

    The current 5th growth cycle has just ended. It started off at US$0.24ea on 14 May 2010. It ends hours ago at US$0.41ea. See the screen-shot taken a few hours ago.


    Note: It is an increase of 170% in the value of the tokens between 14 May 2010 and 28 Sep 2010.

    Suppose one had 2000 tokens on 14 May 2010. The total value back then was 2000 x US$0.24ea = US$480.

    Today, the total tokens value is 2000 x US$0.41ea = US$820. This is an increase of 170% in about 4.5 months.

    Comes 5 Oct 2010, the same person in the above example may have 4100 tokens qty and the value of the tokens may begin at US$0.20ea for the 6th growth cycle.

    By the time the value rises to US$0.41ea next year, the same person will have 4100 x US$0.41ea = US$1681.00

    All these increases are done by the system, without you having had to do anything!

    I strongly believe this program is RIGHT for everyone who can set aside some amount of money for at least 1 year ... and the system will just increase your money with it.

    But, if you can't set aside US$100 for at least 1 year, then, this program can't help you increase your money.

  19. Yeoch

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    Participants are richer after 5 Oct 2010

    Before 5 Oct 10, I had 7,346 tokens (see my earlier post dated 27 Sep 10). Then, the value of the tokens was US$0.41ea.

    Total value = 7,346 x US$0.41 = 3,011.86

    After 5 Oct 10, I have 11,019 tokens (see below image). Every participant's tokens qty has increased 1.5 times on this date.


    With the value of the tokens at US$0.30ea now, my total value is 11,019 x US#0.30 = US$3,305.70


    In fact, from now onwards, every 1 cent increase in the value of the tokens will bring me US$110.19.

    Thanks to such a system to increase money for every participant. It is a solid program, indeed.
  20. Yeoch

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    Truly a money-giving program

    Please look at below screen-shot taken 30 minutes ago from the online tokens platform. It is a standard screen showing the next 102 Sellers selling their portions of tokens qty at various selling values, as input on the given dates, and queued accordingly.

    Please look at S/N 94. Account ID 9487 is selling 90,000 tokens at US$0.30ea, as s/he input on 17 Oct 2010. That is a cool US$27,000 in total selling amount.


    Now, my first Account ID is 9118 when I joined on 29 Jul 2008. Account ID 9487 must have joined later than me, says, Sep 2008. And, let's assume Account ID 9487 participated at the maximum account level - US$5,000 (the lowest account level is US$100).

    So, after 2 years with the tokens program, Account ID 9487 seeks to reap US$27,000 against initial participation amount of US$5,000. That's 540% increment to his participation amount in 2 years!

    The fact, figure and picture above are all telling you that this tokens program is a money-giving program!

    No wonder so many people (Asians and non-Asians) are getting richer via the tokens program.

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