So Many Internet Marketing techniques...but so little time...

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by taakinc, May 30, 2012.

  1. taakinc

    taakinc New Member

    There are so many different ways of marketing oneself on the Internet that I feel it can really be overwhelming! And since I'm new to it, I'm wondering if I'm approaching things wrong.

    Right now I do Twitter, Facebook, 3 forums, 5 free classified sites, downloading targeted leads from both free and paid lead sites and then emailing them all and I feel like this takes up so much time.

    There are other ways people seem to be successful like guest blogging, starting their own blog, article writing, etc but they seem so unbelievably time consuming.

    Can one be successful doing all this Internet marketing on a part time basis? I mean I know I'm not going to see a sudden surge of business overnight and I know the more I put in the more I get out but until my girls are in school, I don't have much time on my hands right now and I sometimes feel like my Internet marketing efforts are not effective.

    I currently have a full time telesales job at home & work 10 hrs + during the day. So, my time to do IM is at night or weekends. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! [​IMG]
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I never like twitter and facebook advertising unless it is PAID ads.

    To make the most money in the fastest way possible, I will always recommend PAID advertising like PPC.

    Article marketing is great but if you are going into the home business niche, just know that there is a lot of competition and to be really successful at it, you will need to write 100's and even 1000's of articles.

    I know some people who have a lot of articles and this is how they make their full time income online.
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  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    You can also focus on 3 basics of SEO:

    1. Content: Make sure you have quality, original content on your website or blog. And update that content on a regular basis.

    2. Keywords: Incorporate keywords and keyword phrases into your content. Keywords and keyword phrases are the things people may type into a search engine to find your site.

    3. Create relevant, do follow backlinks, preferably on other sites, forums, etc. that have a higher PR than your site.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hi Angie,
    When you are marketing or placing ads on free places what are you marketing?

    I have found that there is more success in marketing ANYTHING other than work at home stuff! [​IMG]

    There are a gazillion other things out there to make money on in much easier niches that wah products!

    And maybe that is what you are doing too, I don't know.. have you set up a website where you can add good quality content on a weekly basis?

    Google like great content and will send you leads and traffic for free if you build the site right, like Payment Proof was talking about.
  5. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    taakinc: Twitter, Facebook, 3 forums, 5 free classified sites, downloading targeted leads from both free and paid lead sites and then emailing them all and I feel like this takes up so much time.

    taakinc: article writing, etc but they seem so unbelievably time consuming.
    All those except one consume time and only last for a short time 1-30 days.
    Article writing takes very little time and can bring you TARGETED TRAFFIC for years.
  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Angie (I'm Angie, too!), [​IMG]

    Welcome to the forum and to the world of online marketing! It is a bit crazy starting out because you do feel terribly overwhelmed with it all. I have to admit that it does rather stay kind of crazy, but it gets much less overwhelming once you discover what you want to focus on and then get into a good groove.

    It sounds like you are already really busy with your telesales job and being a mom, so give yourself the grace to know that it is going to take you some time to make "real" progress.

    Looking at your signature link, it appears that your online efforts are focused on promoting Chris Farrell's program. Is that the extent of it?

    If that's the case, you definitely are going to have a hard go of it with the methods you are following. As some of the others mentioned, it may be a good idea for you to pursue a different direction than the "work at home" niche.

    It's not that there is anything wrong with that niche, but it's better to promote that field AFTER you've had some success with it. You can then have a "been there done that" type of story to tell as you show others what you've done and what they can do.

    Meanwhile, consider taking online marketing in a different direction. You can market just about anything online on just about any subject. Is there something that you really enjoy or know a lot about already?

    Instead of you chasing leads, constantly looking for people to "sell" to, you can instead create a website where you share your knowledge and passion for a particular subject and then people looking for that information will be looking for you instead of you looking for them.

    I really think that is the best and most sustainable long term option for most online marketers. [​IMG]

    Wishing you the very best.
  7. Laura Burke

    Laura Burke New Member

    I totally feel your pain - it is so hard to focus on just one thing when there are so many options (many of them fun). But I've learned my limits and find I make so much more progress when I'm just doing one thing. If it works, I keep doing it, and if it doesn't, I move on to something else.

    While it's good to diversify your income, on the other hand, having too many irons in the fire sometimes results in nothing working well. Since your time is limited, you just have to figure out what you personally can handle, and give the most important avenue your full attention when you are working on it.
  8. nhoudek

    nhoudek New Member

    I checked out your website, angiejames-online. It is a standard redirect.

    There is little chance you will ever get any organic traffic to this site. Without organic traffic you will have to bust your butt forever. As soon as you stop back linking you will stop making money! You might as well save your hosting and domain fees and just promote the hop link.

    Since you already have a domain and hosting I suggest you start a blog (Wordpress is very user friendly and free) and focus on the three key factors mentioned by payment proof...

    back links

    Here are the pros...

    - You can Promote multiple products from one site.

    -once a post is established in the Google rankings, if it is quality content, it will start generating back links and social network links on its own.

    The good news is with all of the work you have been doing has not gone to waste. All of those back links you have built will still be pointing to your blog, which when is filled with content, will help you gain rankings in the search engines.

    Good Luck,
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    You really don't need to do "all" just a few that are effective. A combination of free and paid marketing can work well.

    I've done forum marketing primarily as a free method for years. It's been the simplest and most effective for me. However, Articles and blogging work also. Just a matter of finding what will work for you and what you are promoting.

    If you locked down 2-3 that are really working then you should see success and cashflow without overwhelming yourself. Then you can test other things as you go.

    There isn't a magic marketing method, consistent and effective marketing wins!
  10. robpenn

    robpenn Member

    Hi Angie

    If you are a member of Chris Farrell's site you have all the advice about getting traffic that you need.

    Just pick the traffic methods that you enjoy most or the ones that work for you and just stick with it. Use Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from.

    You can do IM part-time, it just takes longer.

    Don't get distracted to try other systems. This is the way to failure. People start out and they don't see the results quick enough and so they swap to something else, and so on, until they give up.

    If you don't have time to promote a simple squeeze page you certainly don't have time to build a content rich theme site.

    I am promoting Chris Farrell too. I have seen some good results considering I have not put a lot into it. As far as I can see there is a large untapped market for his stuff.

    The difference between just promoting the hop link and having your own squeeze page is that with the squeeze page you get to build up your auto-responder list.
  11. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Learning SEO and ranking for keywords on search engines is by far the best long term marketing strategy. This can be done without much money, but it does take time. Otherwise I agree with Tal, PPC advertising is the best way to market a business online and control your budget doing it.
  12. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    fiverr, (google it), is good for short-term SEO, you can get .EDU and .GOV backlinks, Twitter retweets, ad postings, etc., etc.
  13. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    Lots of really good advice here. I think one of the keys is that Rome wasn't built in a day. Slow and steady wins the race. Just keep at it. Like Freecashman said, maybe just focus on a few of the methods and continue to work those.
  14. andyjbenson

    andyjbenson New Member

    Hi Angie and welcome to the forum,
    I think you are focussing on too many traffic generating methods. You need to concentrate on just ONE. Get that down to a fine art then introduce another.

    If time is an issue, then paid traffic is the way to go. If money is also an issue, there are still ways of out-sourcing some of the workload.

    But before you do any of that, you need to make sure you have a proper sales funnel in place.

    I see from your URL that you are promoting a Chris Farrell product. Nothing wrong with that, but can I ask you what else you have in place inside your funnel?

    I'm assuming you are trying to build a list via some sort of autoresponder software??

    My advice to you once your sales funnel is properly set up, is to start buying solo ads.

    You need to purchase with a view to your first 3 ads being ran solely to test and tweak your sales funnel until it is effective.

    Then you can continue to purchase more solo's till your list is of a reasonable size (say 750 to 1000)

    Once you reach this point you can continue to build your list doing what's called Ad swaps. This part is where you swap an ad with someone else who has a similar sized list.

    The good bit with Ad swaps is they are free, and they will help you scale up your business in tandem with running solo ads. Once your list reaches the 2000 mark you will find that the sales you make will more than pay for the ads you are buying, and so your list building process at this point becomes self funding ( providing your funnel is tested , tweaked and is effective from the first 3 solo ads).

    If you need any help then feel free to contact me or my team at

    Talk Soon!

    Andy Benson
  15. IslandBlogger

    IslandBlogger New Member

    When I started out it was a steep learning curve but I have had quite a bit of success with just article marketing and setting up my own blog.

    That was at the beginning and I'm still making money off the articles I wrote years ago.

    The best thing to do as I was once told is to master one or two methods.

    So if your method is working, stick to it and find ways to scale it up and free up more of your time.

    As it is right now, which of the methods you are currently using is getting you the most leads or results I should say?

    That's the one you should attempt to master.
  16. annabelle123

    annabelle123 New Member

    I know where you are coming from. I am new to online marketing and right now I am burn out trying to figure out what will work.

    But take some time and implement them one at a time fully. Don't start a marketing technique and leave it undone to try another one. Example, start a blog, but pays it no attention to market on social media.

    Doing online marketing though is time consuming for those who are new at it, so take some time and decide on what strategy you want to focus on.

    Take your time and hopefully it will happen.

    It hasn't started happening for me yet but I'm following through to the end on my techniques.

    robpenn gave some good advice though.

    Good luck

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  17. printisnotdead

    printisnotdead New Member

    Success in internet marketing, especially for the free methods, usually depends on the competition in your chosen niche. For example, if you are doing SEO, many of your competitors in your niche may be doing the same thing. They may have dedicated most of their time and a good deal of money for it. So you can't expect to be more successful than them.
  18. Marco Casario

    Marco Casario New Member

    From my most recent experience, I have position a video on Google in the number 1 position and it took some 7 - 8 weeks. The owner experienced a tremendous increase in inquiries and business that he has asked me to make a more complex and hopefully more effective video and for me to rank once more. The only problem is he was and still is cheap and still trying to beat me down price wise...he does pay on time...videos=high CTR...
  19. Eric

    Eric New Member

    There is some really great information here :)
  20. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    Of all the things you are currently doing, which one is producing the most leads/sales? Do that one thing but do more of it. Drop the other stuff that's not working.

    Gradually over time add in another marketing technique and get it to the point where it's producing enough leads/traffic/sales, then add in another technique. Three techniques going at the same time is good as long as they're working.

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