So, what's your process for working leads?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by pcincome, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. pcincome

    pcincome New Member

    So, what's your process for working leads?
  2. dmains

    dmains New Member

    I use a simple system.

    If I buy the lead I first send them a greeting card with a opportunity DVD and infomation on my toll free number and my website.

    I then followup by phone to confirm receipt. Then if they express any interest I ask when to best call them back to discuss the DVD.

    I also use the birthday on the purchased leads to send a postcard to any candidate (interested or not) a bday card. That way if the situations changes I am in front of that person once a year. And then I also have campaigns that I send out after each conversation. Thanks for your time, features and benefits, etc. It is a new process for me but so far it has been great.

    Good luck.
  3. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    Quoting: pcincomeSo, what's your process for working leads?

    1. Introduce yourself and evaluate the character of your potential lead.(are they intelligent enough to understand the opportunity, are they a motivated and outgoing person,etc.)
    2. Give your experience with the company you are trying to promote and explain why it motivates you and show your success.
    3. Explain in detail the benefits of your program and how to get started.
    4. Show them the tools associted with your program and explain pay scale.
    5. Make yourself readily available to them, tell them that you will guide them step by step into the program and will always be ready to answer questions
    6. Sign em' up
  4. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member


    Sometimes the above process takes more than one day... it really depends on the intelligence and character of the lead combined with your knowledge of the mlm opportunity, the value of the opprtunity and your ability to market the opportunity to your lead.
  5. BigmoneyPRO

    BigmoneyPRO Guest

    What I do is send them more info about my business opportunity
    vie a email message or phone call.Then i just follow up with them
    and send them more info like when our confrence call are and
    where they can ask questions and get more info
  6. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    I typically talk to them about their complaints of their current life. Then as I develop a relationship with them, I talk about the benefits of my program.

    I follow this up with the extensive training packet I have for them. This usually gets them excited for my program.
  7. libctr

    libctr New Member

    I usually tell them a little bit about me and how I got started. I always include the particular program link so they have it right at their fingertips to look at the program again. I also provide a link to my blog or my teams blog so that they know what is really going on with our team's progress. I always end with my name, email address, phone number, and dirt address. This way they are free to contact me by email or phone and by including the dirt address they realize I am a real person in a real house.
  8. tomcha

    tomcha New Member

    Typically, this can be a lengthy process, depending on your preference.

    For me, I've automated a large part of this process by using a Call Center.

    When the prospect sees the site and video, etc... and is interested, they'll call the Call Center.

    Then the sales reps will answer all my calls (then leave me notes in case I want to follow up with them myself), answers all their questions, presents the products and the business and closes the sales for me.

    This frees up so much time for me to either enjoy it with my family or to learn more or to market the business more.

    I know some people are against the idea and that's fine. Whatever works for you is what you go with.

  9. moneyinmypocket

    moneyinmypocket New Member

    My home business basically sells itself with a flashy movie. Add to that some kick butt bonuses and support, and you've got a sale!
    Personally, I find that if you can talk to your prospect on the phone then you've closed the sale.
  10. TheCeoGuy

    TheCeoGuy New Member

    The movie does kick some butt.. =)

    I just direct leads. that i generate through google adwords to my system and let the system do the selling. Not all prospects will sign up after the first exposure.

    So i let my autoresponders do the follow up for me. Prospects now call me. I no longer chase sell or convince.. bottonline.. i hate calling leads... lol
  11. MLSmith

    MLSmith New Member

    I pretty much do the same as CeoGuy...

    I no longer call leads, over 98% of the people I bring into my business call me first. I let my autoresponder do the relationship building.

    My system does all the selling and telling for me. When prospects call me they usually have one or two questions before they get started.

    Simple as really just have to find someone who can show yo u how it all works.
  12. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Personally i hate getting phone calls from pages i sign up for info about. So i never call them but my number is available to call me if the person would like. Other than that my auto responder sets the person up with everything they need to start getting their own leads and making their own sales.
  13. ESS

    ESS New Member

    Quoting: pcincomeSo, what's your process for working leads?

    I call the lead while it is still hot. I tell them the reason for the call is to start the interview process to see if this business is a fit for them and if their a fit for this business and my team.

    Then I go straight to their "why" (dream) and hammer that hard.

    After I find their why I direct them to more info and set up a conference or 3-way call.

    Every call after that I always bring up their "why" during the call.

    During the whole process I work on developing a friendship with them. Once you develop that friendship they will trust you and follow you.
  14. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    These days I am forwarding them to my Personal Downline Builders assitstant who makes the call, establishes rapport, answers questions and explains the business.

    Of course when they hear:"how would you like to have somebody like me calling all your leads and closing your sales for you?" they practically pee their pants. Never seen anything like it as far as the way phone leads respond.
  15. gettys2

    gettys2 New Member

    Use a co-op with guaranteed signups,,Google Adwords,,Trafficswarm,,etc. Your leads will be better qualified to follow you into your business after you gain some trust using a funded proposal!

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