So who on here hasnt had success in working from home online?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by JoeLA, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. JoeLA

    JoeLA New Member

    New to this forum and just trying to see who on here hasnt had any success in working from home online?
    Ive struggled like most people and have lost money from some of these so called gurus. Can anyone relate?
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Welcome to our forum, JoeLA. Glad to have you join us.

    Yes I can relate.

    When I started out I struggled too. I had no idea what I was doing. I was going in several directions at once. I bought lots of products and courses that promised the world overnight. None of them produced the magic bullet they claimed to have. I was even scammed out of a few hundred dollars in an advertising scheme.

    Those were harsh lesson for a beginner, but it didn't weaken my resolve.

    It wasn't until I decided to step back and try to get a clearer perspective of the playing field that I was able to decide which direction to take and how to approach it sensibly.

    By then I had learned the kinds of things to avoid (thanks to being burned several times before) and figured out how to perform my own due diligence before plunging into something new.

    Today I am thankful for the bumps and bruises I encountered along the way. They have made me stronger, confident and much more successful. Detours, disappointments and dead ends are to be expected in the pursuit of success.

    Winston Churchill said: "If you are going through hell, keep going."

    Makes sense doesn't it. There no point in hanging around a bad place, is there!

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  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I can relate as well.

    When I first started, I tried a lot of various things and lost some money along the way. After trying different things, I found the free money making niche. That worked for me and I've been with it ever since.

    The best advice I can give, is don't give up and keep trying.

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  4. Newoak

    Newoak Member

  5. Scott W

    Scott W New Member

    Well I'm not making millions...yet...but I am making consistent money online. Certainly have done my fair share of jumping from opportunity to opportunity, just another sheep in the herd, but that has now come to an end. Looking forward to what the rest of the year brings me.
  6. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    It really depends on what you count as success. If you notice you're failing at something, take a deep insight and try to see what keeps you from succeeding and than change it. It's important not to give up. All the struggle you're going through right now will be counted as experience in the future.
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  7. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    I can remember having that very same question when starting out myself; as you continue on you realize that the ones that are having success all have that very same story. We all start out bumping our heads, not quite knowing what to do or where to turn, and spending a lot of money without return. The only difference between those who succeed in this industry and those who don't make it is that the success stories turned off their fail matter how many times they fell down and didn't make the money they desired they got back up and tried again and again and again until they found their place.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Good question,

    You hit the nail on the head, and in my experience, never believe the so called guru's for they have only one goal, to pick your pockets. Think about it, has anyone really seen success having followed any of these guru's. I have heard and seen it all, and not once have any of these guru's helped anyone but themselves, over and over again, they just keep renaming the same BS programs to hide their motives to screw the newbies into wasting more money. Been there, done that, so my advice, never listen to any of these BS guru's and you will be better off.

    Success is measured differently by everyone, no one can say your success or failure is the same as mine, it all depends. So like many who define success differently, how do you define failure, same difference, it depends. If I set a goal of earning an extra $1000. a month, but only made half that, is that considered a failure?

    Look at it this way, if you are considering your efforts to date as a failure, the first lesson I can say is absolute, do not give up, even if you have to change business opportunties, don't give up, and don't quit trying or you will be doomed to faulure forever.

    The one common thread with every single successfull person is this, they have all failed before, some many times as in my case, but I never gave up on my dream to be self employed and successful, so failure is good, it teached you not to repeat the same failures, live and learn, move on, try something else, success is there for everyone, but not without failure, so never quit, success is sometimes just over the next horizon.

    Success to all,
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  9. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    The problem with the gurus is they market to the masses, meaning they have a broad reach. Their sales pitch is written to resonate with many who are doing different things and they sell with hype. To me, that means they really aren't tuned into what I want and need specifically.

    I failed many times before I actually made it! Now it's quite a story to tell! From practically homeless to a comfortable living!

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