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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by onlinelupe, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. onlinelupe

    onlinelupe New Member

    I was reading through the social bookmarking thread about tools you can use and had a question. If you opt for free social bookmarking websites, do you have to worry that your site will be automatically bookmarked more than one time at these social sites (risking getting "blacklisted") or do they recognize that it's already been submitted and just deny a 2nd submission?
    How many social bookmarking submissions is "acceptable" per day? I just started my green income website and was wanting to be sure not to do too much too fast.
  2. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    You can get slapped from free tools also. If you submit all your bookmarks from same account, and same IP, they know its you. Just keep that in mind.

    Never use just few bookmarking sites for your bookmarks. Use as many as possible. It doesn't matter much, what kind of site it is. You still get a backlink. Only difference is DoFollow or NoFollow. But if you are not building link wheels doesn't matter.

    My advice for free option: use as many sites as possible.
    Paid: i use Bookmarking Demon time to time...300 bookmarks didn't do any harm (in 1 week)

    Note: Your main site is always GOLD, others (articles, lenses, blogs) SILVER. Better do lots of bookmarking for articles and lenses, than your own site. Keeps your site on safe side, and others linking to you, are passing nice PR juice.
  3. onlinelupe

    onlinelupe New Member

    Thanks for the tips! So, how do you make sure not to be slapped? Do you use other people's computes and fake email addresses to submit your sites? Or are you just pointing out that the risk is there with free sites, too?

    I looked at bookmarking demon. It looks great except for the price. I'm sure it's worth it, but I just can't invest that right now. Do they ever have coupons or anything? Do you notice a huge influx of traffic when you use it?

    Interesting info about the site vs articles/lenses. I had no idea. I've been submitting my site. I will start submitting the articles and see what happens.
  4. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Yes, Bookmarking Demon costs a bit. But they do have money back guarantee, so you can do your bookmarkings, test it out, and ask for refund. I know many who have done same.

    Best thing i liked about BD was that i was able to create 5+ gmail accounts at once, and create all accounts for all bookmarking sites (even if you don't use BD anymore, you still have accounts). It will save huge amount of time.

    90% you can keep your site on safe side, if you follow this GOLD and SILVER rule. You can still point lenses, blogs etc. to your site. But don't point tons of bookmarks. 1-2 is enough.

    Also if you use any kind of software, to create backlinks, like bookmarking tools, SENuke, forum account creating tools etc. don't point ANYTHING to your main site. Do this ONLY for lenses, articles, blogs. Squidoo for example changed that recently, but before you were able to get your lens to top100 in few days, using ONLY bookmarkings.

    There is even VERY powerful trick to use Digg, to bookmark your site and then bookmark your own bookmark with other bookmarking sites (hope you get what i mean [​IMG]). But you NEED to get private proxies (so you can change your IP). Show them its you, and you get slapped.

    I got decent amount of traffic from articles i bookmarked. Most of them were ranked 5-10 place on 1st page. Some serious bookmarking and i got them 1st place. BD is awesome tool, but i would only use it again for creating account for different sites. Takes 15 min to create accounts for 300+ bookmarking sites.

    PS! If you use your own clickbank ID to buy Bookmarking demon, you get 50% off, what is $70 something. Do your bookmarkings and create needed accounts...and ask for refund.

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