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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Chaz T, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Something I just learned...

    I see lots of websites with a feature that encourages visitors to the site to enter their friends contact information to forward them information about the site.

    And if you as a Webmaster are collecting those names into your auto responder and plan to email those referrals for future promotions, you are spamming those referrals.

    I guess it's pretty self-explanatory why this is spamming being that the referral never gave you permission to email them in the first place.

    I was just researching this because I was working on a new site with a similar feature and I was warned not to collect those referral names into a database. Anyhow, maybe you knew that already but figured I'd pass it on.
  2. Kerosity

    Kerosity New Member

    Good information, I didn't know that.. I was actually thinking of a concept like this.. I'm glad I stumbled on this before finishing that idea!
  3. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Glad I could help. Yeah, I almost learned the hard way also.... yikes.

    I'm actually still incorporating this feature on my website BUT obviously I WON'T be collecting those referral names to build up my personal list.
  4. Kerosity

    Kerosity New Member

    I thought i was a genious thinking it up too.. I was so proud of myself...

    Figures this usually happens to me.. I think up something great, because noone is using it.. and I never stop to think "I wonder why... exactly noone else is usnig it..

    lol Oh well! There are still great ways to get traffic for an opt-in list.

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