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    This is my first post, so I thought I would introduce myself to you all.

    I was born in Hope, BC and grew up in Winnipeg, MB. At the age of 18 I decided to find my way back to my birth place starting my young adult adventure in beautiful British Columbia. Like many people I was in search of my purpose here on earth. I knew that the universe was open and willing to provide me with all great things. I just had to see my vision clearly and choose what it is that I really wanted in life.

    It is through trial and error that I found my way. Love and passionate relationships had always been my drive. I knew helping others fulfilled me, giving me great joy and comfort. I had no fear of financial lack, I was always able to pay my way and attract great comfort in the material world. I had faith that this would all look after it's self and that when one door closed another would open.

    At the time I believed that it was fate that controlled my outcome. Being that I am such a social creature, charm and compassion are my natural states. I had one more major lesion to learn in life and that is when my personal growth journey began.

    I needed to learn patience. I grew up fast and loved being in control. Only some where along the road to growing up I lost my meaning, I lost my sense of self. I wondered through life aimlessly finding small successes along the way never really feeling fulfilled. It wasn't until I looked back at my life's journey that I was able to see all that I had truly accomplished.

    I have been studying the great teachers of all time learning what is now knowingly called the law of attraction. I have discovered my own path in life, loving every one and thing I encounter. I have learned to cherish each moment and learn from all my experiences so that I can move easily through life.

    I no longer struggle with or fret the small stuff. I celebrate my existence and genuinely feel gratitude on a daily basis. My faith in me and the abundance of the universe grows stronger with the passing of every day. The people I help bring utter joy to my existence.

    I am excited to meet you and help you build your arsenal of accomplishments.

    Namaste to all I have met and all the people I will meet.

    I make myself available to help you get to were you want to be in life. I encourage you to post comments or questions so that I may be of service to you.

    Aviva Steele

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