Spread Some Holiday Cheer - and market your business, too!

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by family_first, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. family_first

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    Buy some plastic spoons, gold or silver if you can find them.
    Dip them in chocolate!
    Attach your business card and a flavoured drink packet to the handle with some festive ribbon
    Hole punch the corner of an envelope (holiday colours are great!)

    hint: tuck a vacation/cruise certificate in the envelope, or a list of ways a business can increase profits by incentivizing with their own membership.

    The Holiday Season is the perfect time to go calling! Spread some holiday cheer and some news about your business!

    Add candy canes, peppermints, chocolate kisses.... oh my the ideas!

    Find out if any of the community organizations or businesses are having a holiday gala, maybe a fundraiser?

    What better way to market for free than to offer your product as an auction item or a raffle prize!

    Don't forget the topic of tax time! Many business men and women will be asking themselves (and their accountant) if they need to spend any money before they lose the tax benefit.

    Get them enrolled in Coastal with their own membership and list the many ways they can use it.

    20 Ways to Pour Profits into Your Last Quarter Figures!

    See? Lots of ways to get out and about with your business and return home with a handful of new clients!

    I'll gladly brainstorm with anyone for other ideas, it's great fun!

  2. Bill D

    Bill D New Member


    That is a great idea. They are also great gifts for family and service providers such as garbage, mail, school busdriver and the list continues. It is a great way to develop testimonials at the same time allowing you to promote the business opportunity all along the way........

    Best Wishes for the Holiday Season

    Bill Decker
  3. family_first

    family_first New Member

    Great ideas yours too, Bill!

    The Holidays are just a high level social time and lots of times we're so wrapped up in the normal every day things we do that we forget to think of new innovative ways to get out the word.

    I remember something from our early years, there was a Director who always put his business card in the gas pump so the person who wanted to pay with a credit card had to take it out.

    I think it was Scot Chatron (but that's a guess from memory). Maybe he was talking about it on a call way back when and I just remember him being connected to the story.

    Here's another think big thing Directors can consider....

    If you live in a large metropolis area you can benefit from a car sign. You know...

    My Mom Works From Home and I Give it a Thumbs Up!
    Toll Free contact number
    and list your website

    Now, what about the Directors who don't have the population leaning in their favor? How about when that friend or relative comes home for a holiday visit?

    Consider asking someone to have the sign in their car where it will get noticed.

    Maybe a college student you know would put it in their car. Those kids just drive here there and everywhere and then some more!

    Okay, tag.... you're it.... or someone else is!

    Somewhere along the line the thread subject is going to be expired, but we all have tons of ideas that we can share. We never know when something someone shares turns into something we would have never thought of on our own.

  4. family_first

    family_first New Member

    Okay, todays creative idea....

    How about church youth groups or booster clubs (soccer, baseball, football) that want/need to raise funds.

    Years ago the youth group our children belonged to went to Greece to follow Paul's journey. They had some wild fund raising going on.

    What about asking parish families to support their fund raising efforts ...you know maybe they come to the spaghetti dinner. We've all done those supportive events. So then, they ask for an additional donation at the dinner for a chance to win a $15K Lifetime Travel Membership.

    Mmmhmmm, you see? Now you're advertising your business for potential retail sales and....helping to organize a fundraiser where they have to buy your product to provide the prize.

    Now you can offer up to be the fundraiser coordinator for a portion of the proceeds. You can also market the fundraiser to the group leader by saying.....

    If I can show you how to raise $20K without using one penny of your own money would you have 15 minutes to learn more about it?

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the approach we use, please feel free to pm us! We're glad to share. If there's enough interest in doing it here, please let us know, we'll share deatils here. Sometimes people just don't want to see it all!

    Now you all must community action agencies in your area, not for profits? I don't know an Executive Director or Chief Operating Officer out there that doesn't need to find money.

    So there's your target market!

    Create a little portfolio. The documents are already there for you to use:

    Detailed Product Overview
    Coastal Testimonials
    Biz Card
    A little teaser math sheet about the money they need.....

    let us know if you would like more details!

    You offer to do a 70/30 split or you market your product and say you'll give them flyers and tickets. (because if you make the flyers and the tickets you can put your business info all over it!)

    Time for dinner......gotta go!

  5. Bill D

    Bill D New Member


    Those are great ideas, the topic of your thread is Spread some Holiday Cheer and market your business. Well in another thread one of our members talked about GIVING during this holdiay season. Your ideas on marketing the business to churches made me want to copy the post I made in another thread.(In the Spirit of the Holiday Season is the thread. I would recommend reading the post) Apolgies for jumping off target but I believe this is important. Thanks

    "Lets never loose sight of what's important. Our actions can directly impact other peoples lives. Jani, thanks for sharing with us. As Jay said if you don't have the money you have the time. If you don't have the money and you are a Coastal member spend the $6.95 get a vacation certificate go to your church explain that you want it raffled off and the proceeds go to those truely needy. The church will gladly put it into the weekly newsletter that they pass out before and after each mass.

    I am associated with a group that allows me to print off as many copies of vacations certs as I want.(authorized and used by CV). If you know the church/synagague(sp) foodbank or anyother charitable group who could benefit from this go there and offer this to them. IF they are interested I will gladly provide the certificates. Simply send me a PM with the name and address and I will get it to them. We are in the holiday season and it is getting cold if I can say this politely, today get off your _____ and do something for someone else. Even if it only to go to the local church or place of worship and offer this to them.

    Thankfully I have never been in that position but Jani's story makes me want to do something other than the normal charities we make donations to. "

    Bill Decker
  6. jschuman

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    Happy holidays! Great ideas Lisa. I'll bet you are excellent at building your business using offline marketing strategies like these and more!

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