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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by WhitePhoenix, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    If you're determined to spread the word about your work at home business, you've got to push the envelope. Literally. Here are some general basics that I've found very useful:

    1) Word of mouth (Of course and definitely a MUST)

    2) Business cards - Hand them out, not only to friends/family, but stick them in all your mail - even when you're paying bills! (I've received several business cards this way - and have used their services)

    3) Create some flyers and hit the parking lots - It works too. A little legwork can bring in customers - so start walking. And yes, brochures work. Send them out after every order/job completion, perhaps with an offer of a discount on next purchase/service.

    4) Email name signatures are also recommended, but personally, I don't usually click out of my email program to check something out. I will write the addy down and then visit - maybe.

    5) A website is a must these days - You can go global without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

    6) If you work for someone else; a high work ethic is a must. Go over and beyond what you think your employer wants of you. It pays off in the long run.

    7) If you work for yourself; patience, patience, patience. Don't expect something for nothing. It may take months or even years to start making a profit in anything you decide to do. Just hang in there and don't give up.
  2. Hey Denise,

    All good suggestions, I always include my Blog and Website links on my E-mails. Since I do almost all of my business on the Internet, that is manditory for me.

    Another suggestion:
    Blog, Blog, Blog...

    If you have a Website, it is a Static means of communicating your ideas. They do have their place, but by nature, they are not designed to get the "word" out.

    A Blog on the other hand, IS designed to spread the word about your thoughts and ideas on a particular (or any) subject.

    Being dynamic is what blogs are best at, you post everyday. I'm sure you have ideas daily at the very least, and this is a way to get them out when you have them.

    You can also put links on your Blog to your Website (and vice versa) to drive potential customers to your main products.

    If I sound like a proponent of Blogs, I am. I like the way they can be interactive (comments) so that customers can tell you what they think of your post, and ask questions. You can actually answer and all your readers will see how you respond.

    Sorry for the tirade, I am just a big fan of blogs as a tool for internet business.

  3. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Good Tips Phoenix,

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  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    And don't forget about networking...

    It's one of the best ways to spread the word about your business. One beautiful tactic, though I've never felt the need to implement, is to tie up with businesses that might complement your services and include each others' addresses on the back of your business cards. For example, if your business is web designing, you can tie up with friends who provide marketing, programming and copywriting. I have seen some businesses doing this and I think it's a fantastic idea.

    By adopting this tactic, your card doubles as a reference guide, which your customers are most likely to preserve and keep handy.
  5. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    All very wonderful ideas! I am currently working on Joe's favorite promotional tool, the Blog...

    Internet Marketing is also a must, but I must admit the term sounds very intimidating to anyone who doesn't exactly know what they're doing (like me most of the time).

    But, as Vishal has stated on more than one occasion, it pays to research the internet for useful information. So really, there's nothing we can't learn and no excuses not to.

    The business card idea from Vishal is also an idea. I have not personally seen anyone's business card printed that way but it makes perfect sense.
  6. jmarti1

    jmarti1 New Member

    Thanks everyone for all the good input. There is so much information out there, and by the time you cut through all the "buy me's" and "I'm the Best one for you", it is sometimes very time consuming and exhausting. I have spent hours and hours searching on the internet for better ways of marketing, and how to get people to come to you. I will keep trying, and keep reading, but one of these days I should get off my but and do something! I think I'm trained to death. Now is the time for action! Thanks again for the motivational pep talks, I need all the help I can get. Keep up the good work and keep an eye out for great leaders!
  7. who67

    who67 New Member

    If you are good at writing you could also write articles and press releses. Make sure you add a link in your sig file somewhere.
  8. johnnyappleseed

    johnnyappleseed New Member

    Very good advice.

    Especially point 7 "7) If you work for yourself; patience, patience, patience. Don't expect something for nothing. It may take months or even years to start making a profit in anything you decide to do. Just hang in there and don't give up."

    I think that the reason that most people fail at something is that they give up just before the point where it all comes together.

    For anyone who is struggling in business I would like to add this suggestion, Read Napolean Hills Classic "Think and Grow Rich", and you know what, you will succeed.
  9. AndrewHealth

    AndrewHealth New Member

    Think and Grow Rich was a great read. I recommend it for anyone that's business minded.

    If you use business cards, look into getting them double sided to get as much relevant info as you can on them.

    Need help distributing them? Check my sig.
  10. ibm1959

    ibm1959 New Member

    Dropcards, I love them! They look like folded money and can be left anywhere. I have had great success with them. Also, the entertainment value from watching people pick them up is fun. You can find several internet sellers of them and they are cheap advertisement.
  11. weblogger

    weblogger New Member

    I saw today a local business having a nice promotional card (size of post card) just to promote their fan page in facebook, it was cool and well spent $$

    think out of the box for offline print promotions and it clicks..

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