Squidoo Lens made money -- somehow??

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by treevee, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. treevee

    treevee Member

    HA! I went into my dashboard to find that my royalties in Nov. were $0.16! I want to know where that money came from. Is there a way to find that out? Can't seem to find the source!

    Plus, my 2nd lens has a squidoo comment on it: "Try freshening this one up" -- I love this one better then my other one! Want to have a look-see? Constructive criticisms are always appreciated from the pros out there! [​IMG]

  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Here is what Squidoo has to say about that - from squidoo.com/squidoo:

    "Squidoo makes money from ads and affiliate links.

    We give 5% of what we earn, right off the top, to charity. We keep 45% to cover our overhead and stuff.

    That leaves 50%. That goes to charity or to the people who build the pages. And we leave it up to you to choose one or the other.

    It's that simple. You can earn a dollar, a nickel or a dime at a time for your favorite cause or for you. Lots of lensmasters (our authors) are making $thousands a year for creating good, authentic, useful pages. Others make a few dollars here and there and donate it to charity. It really adds up.

    Did we mention that Squidoo is free? Always has been."
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Yup Squidoo is my second favorite ( the favorite is SBI of course [​IMG]) place to hang out and build stuff. I don't make a lot of money with mine yet, but I can see why folks do that have a gazillion visitors to their sites.

    And the cool thing with Squidoo is that once you know how to build them correctly and how to get enough traffic to them you can make affiliate sales with Clickbank products that you DON'T have to share with Squidoo.[​IMG]

    edited to correct some gross grammar.[​IMG]
  4. shmeeko69

    shmeeko69 Member

    Squidoo is good if you don't have your own website, as it allows folk to have their own space on the web & is ok for flogging Clickbank products & the like.

    It will certainly not make you wealthy, but is good for tapping into your creative side & lens building.

    Mark [​IMG]
  5. treevee

    treevee Member

    If you do happen to sell a product featured on your lens, how do you go about checking that? Also, is there a way to see if anyone is clicking on your products?

    So, basically, anyone who has a lens on Squidoo, gets a cut from the total bank for the month?

    MM5, does OWM teach you how to direct traffic to your lens?
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    treevee: MM5, does OWM teach you how to direct traffic to your lens?
    Yes, Yes and Yes! [​IMG]

    It actually teaches you how to build a lens that GETS traffic.

    And if you promote products from Clickbank - there is a back office at CB that shows you all the clicks you get and all that fun stuff.

    Have fun.[​IMG]
  7. garygoh

    garygoh New Member

    Personally, I think squidoo is great for marketing clickbank products and I don't bother so much about the royalties earned.

    One of my lens that I made early last year has been generating consistent sales for me without any updates.

    Like treevee, I only have not more than $1 in my account.
  8. Corwic

    Corwic New Member

    I have been on Squidoo for just a few months now and am just beginning to have some success with it. Definitely one of the best "free" tools out there for affiliates to use.
  9. bosco

    bosco New Member

    You need to make a ton of lenses and give it time before you'll ever make any spending money from the royalty sharing.

    The main money comes from affiliate commissions and they can take considerable time as well -- Which is why you want to make a ton of lenses.

    The interesting thing about making adsense money on Squidoo is don't even have to go through the process of getting an adsense account. Make sure you go into your profile and change the payment from the default CHARITY to your PayPal address.

    One thing I do is turn off the embedded link ad feature. I can't imagine that I'm losing a lot of money that way. I don't want to give my visitors any more opportunities to click links that aren't mine than I have to.

    Remember, they have some pre-selected monetized modules to make it easy to make commissions, as you know, like ebay and amazon, but when you use those modules you split the money you make with Squidoo...Which is why I'll never use those...(even if I was going to sell ebay or amazon on my lenses.)
  10. emma2020

    emma2020 New Member


    I like Squidoo too. Its well worth creating a few articles and if you want promote clickbank etc.

    Hope you are a success


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