1. I came across a new site that promises a downline pretty much right away. http://www.star2000online.com has anyone ever heard of them? I looked them over & it seems they are more into selling themselves than anything else.

  2. Hey guys,
    I signed up for this on a lark. I got 30 people in my downline and as many E-mails within 2 hrs.
    THE CATCH IS YOU MUST BUY $49.00 OF THEIR PRODUCT PER MONTH in order to get commissions (I'm sure that your money is included in what they pay you).
    I haven't sent them any money, and don't intend to...
    Good Luck,

    Put this one down as a SCAM
  3. noscamzone

    noscamzone New Member

    There are way to many of these type of programs out there. It so hard to tell which ones are legitimate, that goodness for fourms like this to check if they are loegitimate or not.

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