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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by beyah, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. beyah

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    Have you heard the saying 95% of people fail in internet marketing. It is always back up with all the reasons why. Well, I've when through the internet marketing grinding machine just like most of you probable have. I will not stop until I got it right. But I quit! I quit, I Quit! All of the crap that I was in. The safelist, list builder system, traffic exchanges and viral auto-matic- remote control- auto-bot crap- systems.

    I was so stress out with so much info overload that my eyes, my head and my toes ached. lol! I am still canceling, systems that I've joined. I notice once I started canceling these programs I begin to relax. I can feel the press leaving my body. I am breathing more deeply and smoothly. I am starting to do thing my way and it is all about PEOPLE first.

    The idea I have in mind is about directly working with and talking to people. I am not talking about direct call. NO! I am talk about people like you who are reading, studying, looking, struggling, trying to making money using the internet. We are already part of the mass majority of the 95% that they say are failing. I know with is turn because those 5% who are making lots of money would not be on this forum.

    The problems with I see with these forum is we get on and continue teaching the same old scrap that we should be stepping away from. We should be coming up with different strategies about making money. I know you have new more innovative idea how to make money. I know I have some great idea, so let talk and share them. Please share your thoughts... If you want you can private message me.
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    I agree. You need to get out there. Network with others. Join different groups, communities, forums, etc.

    Great advice beyah!
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    Thank you for the reply. I am looking at the time in my circle when I can truly have a conversation with another person, not get emails, after email from some auto-responder. I don't type so I have to force my self to put an effort in to reach real people.
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  5. westfam11

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    Face to face talking and marketing is the idea situation. Sometimes though, as in my case, I have a disease that prevents me from doing that every day. That is why I like having a business that can be run from your home with just a phone and internet connection. When I have the good days I can go out and talk and meet people. When things are not as good I am able to connect with others online and things can work just as well.
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    It sounds like you are dedicated and have a very positive attitude westfam11. I am sorry to hear about your health issues, but I'm impressed that you don't let that stop you.

    Hope you are able to make a full recovery.
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    I'm heading to Cancun this weekend with Jeff Olson...will you be there?

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