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    i recently read a post on here that made me decide to go ahead and make a post of my own on the subject!!
    for any body attempting to work from home and be sucessfull the NUMBER 1 thing you must do is STICK TO IT... if you give up because you didnt make money your first month of even the first year you are bound to fail. i have been at this about a year now and im just learning all the right things to be doing. i have a couple of websites i promote for a worldwide company but believe me it WAS NOT EASY to find the right business for ME and to learn all the tricks to promote my sites.. i guess what im trying to say here is do not faulter and DO NOT GIVE UP, find a company that suites your everyday lifestyle and you will be happy doing it!
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    Ask questions. I've seen several great IM forums, this one included, with a lot of helpful people.
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    WTG work at home united! I made that decision several years ago, not to give up. You have to make a decision not to give up on the idea of working from home, then you must choose a direction or company and don't give up on that! You must have a burning passion to succeed, and persistence to achieve your goals!
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    Very true!
    Marketing takes patience, practice and persistence! The only way to fail is to quit! It's important to stay motivated each day. You can do this by networking with others and staying on top of your training.

    Don't give up! When I am having a bad week, the next week is usually my best! I always seem to make a sale as soon as I start getting discouraged. Stick with it guys! It's worth it!

    - Lark Miller
  5. talfighel

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    It is so very true. When you stick with something and you never give up, you will succeed at some point.
  6. drknlvly6781

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    lmiller14: It's important to stay motivated each day. You can do this by networking with others and staying on top of your training.

    This is absolutely true. In the opportunity I work with we assign personal coaches/accountability partners. These are people who have achieved a level of success in the organization, and help new people in personal training, and making sure they are doing what it takes to succeed in the business.

    As you progress and become a leader yourself, you can tap into a weekly accountability call. This is where you discuss what progress you have made for the week, and what you plan to do for the following week. It really helps many to stay motivated, because some need to feel that somebody is looking over their shoulder.
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    You will never succeed if you quit, so the advice is always don't quit and don't ever give up on your dreams. If your "why" is big enough it can be done, just go for it.
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    Very very true... I failed tons in the start as I just did not give any thing time... Give it time and advertise !!! [​IMG]
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    In my years doing IM, I have learned that the most important skill to have in this business is PATIENCE. AND, some of you may be wondering why I consider it a skill. Well, NOT everyone is patient and I have learned that, in order for me to experience success, hard work and dedication are not enough. I must learn to be patient. After all, it is true what they say, GOOD things do come to those who wait. YET, do not take that literally. Don't sit and wait for success to knock on your door, work hard towards it and then be patient, it will come sooner rather than later.
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    True indeed. If success was an easy path, we would not be discussing the elements to be successful.

    Conditioning the mind to be successful is where it starts. Many do not realize the importance of this. Read and study the mind set of the wealth and self made millionaires and follow their advice.

    The right mindset, with the right opportunity is a no fail situation.

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