Struggling In MLM?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Mitchell, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Mitchell

    Mitchell New Member

    How many of you out there are actually trying to make ends meet in MLM?

    You may have little results which is fine but still not enough to break out of a J-O-B.

    What are the strategies you are doing that seem to not work?
    Once we find out the problem, their is always a solution to that. For me, when I first
    started years ago the problem was finding prospects. Care to share some feedback on your struggles?

    Those who are can learn from mistakes and rethink the strategies.
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  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    For most people, one of the main issues is that they are not willing to stick it out and many jump from one program to the other.

    The next challenge that most people face is that they don't think that they can succeed. Sure others can, but they can't.
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  3. Mitchell

    Mitchell New Member

    It all comes down to Lead Generation. If one is new and is having a hard time exposing the plan to people. Pretty much he/she is wasting time on poor leads who won't buy anyway. Thats why most fail because of getting leads to convert to sales.
    Only if MLM-ers knew what we know online on getting sales on autpilot. They weren't exposed to that strategy.
  4. Kendra Hanes

    Kendra Hanes New Member

    Lead generation is the life blood of your business. It just depends on your model. I all for a hybrid approach... I'm not adverse to the idea of paid traffic, i.e. ppc, ppv, solo ads and the like. Absolutely, done for you buyers traffic in the niche and price point you're looking to sell at is ideal. With targeted quality traffic, even a lack luster funnel will convert.

    I say hybrid as I still believe as a Network Marketer you build your brand with a website or a Facebook fan page with the right app. This allows your brand to be found organically, your prospects get to know like and trust you which allows the conversion into sign ups from your blog/website/fan page to be statistically higher than driving cold traffic.

    For a quick start though ... targeted quality paid traffic is the way to go because it gets folks into your funnel and allows time for you to build out your web property and still make money.
  5. Curtis Slone

    Curtis Slone New Member

    WNetwork Marketing is about exposing your opportunity through word of mouth.

    I like what Kendra Hanes said about using a Hybrid Strategy. Integration of different strategies can be mighty effective. Organic traffic is the stuff that really counts, though.

    I see a huge disparity in knowledge most of the time, though. People stick to the technical side of things- SEO, PPC, etc.

    But they have no idea how to communicate, sell, design, or even market because they're letting technology do it for them.

    I know a lot of people hate sales associates, but there's a reason that that title is so common. It's their job to sell and make results happen. What people hate about salesmen is the methods they use.

    Most sales people lack passion, the ability to connect, and give comfort.

    There's a certain skillset that ALL businesses run on. The 4 basic skills to learn for success in ANY business are Trade, Communication, Design, and Instruction.

    Here's a training video my clients watch that illustrates this point.

  6. Lorraine Pierce

    Lorraine Pierce New Member

    Well I have my own makeup company on top of my biz op. So yes, my makeup biz pays the bills and it is my self created JOB! LoL
    Now I am trying to lay in place long term residual passive income. I dont' view freedom as trying to keep a TEAM pumped up with weekly google hangouts and rah rah videos. What kind of freedom is that?
    If you cannot DO NOTHING for a YEAR and still make money, then it's NOT passive income.
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  7. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    This is just my opinion but ALL strategies work given enough time and consistency. The person is usually the problem because of lack of action and education.

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