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    okay so several of my pages on my website got stumbled.... but really what does it do?

    It doesn't bring one targeted traffic as my traffic more than doubled, but nothing came of it.....

    So I am curious, what are the benefits to having your website stumbled?
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  3. mountainmom5

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    Thanks Hermas - doshdosh did an amazing job at explaining it and was right on with my experiences plus reading that post helped me realize I have some tweaking to do on my survival site....

    So I will be tweaking and editing this week. [​IMG]
  4. I had recently read the post on doshdosh and realize that you can benefit from Stumbleupon, but it's like anything else - you have to dedicate some time to it.
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    BUY the way, you can BUY Stumbles for a nickel a piece, $5 opening balance.
    They have target user groups you can choose from to start the process.
    Ads on the side are OK as long as they don't distract from the posts.
    If you have a helpful hints type article or something weird they like it.
    I've never paid for any myself but know others who have.
    You can buy 100 and end up getting 1,000 free if they thumbs up you enough.
    In fact it could go on for years as it spreads virally.
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    StumbleUpon really is a nice way to get traffic to a specific website. I believe however it is better when somebody else discovers your website and begins to spread the word. When you try to do it yourself, it could be extremely hard at first. You really need to receive a lot of followers to share sites with. This is what I have been trying to do recently.

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