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  1. Wanderlust

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    For all of us in GRN, let us share our success story in here with everyone and specially with those who are considering to join GRN or are looking for an amazing, solid and real business at home. A business that anyone can start and be making money very soon, often in as little as 2 weeks from the time they join. The product is OUTSTANDING, the customer service is out of this world and the pay plan is unmatchable in the industry. All of that combine to making GRN the best opportunity there is in the market place today. So let us all share our success story and show to the rest, specially those who are considering GRN or those looking for an honest, serious and amazing home business that GRN is FOR REAL!

    My Story:
    Back then around last Christmas, as one of my resolutions for the up coming new year, I started searching for a home based online business. I accidently stumbled upon the work at home forum and then I learned about a few businesses that seemed interesting. I started searching them more but one business, Global Resorts Network, stood more. Long story short, I spent 3 months gathering every piece of info I could find and gather about the company, the product, the membership, the business and contacted other people in it before I joined. I even went as far as contacting the Better Business Bureau and when the report came with no complaint in 22 years of business, I knew this was real and purchased my Platinum membership. That was in the beginning of April 2008.

    I was too busy and too lazy to get going right there. I then went on a trip to Brasil in June where I was able to use my membership. I was able to stay at a 5 star hotel, the Rio Othon Palace right on the world famous Copacabana beach in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. I was able to stay there at more than 60% discount on the posted rate at the hotel!

    I guess that was the aha moment for me to really see in action the power and incredible value of this membership and to really start believing in this business and this opportunity. Since I came back, I have been focusing mainly on the retail side and with just one tiny little ad in a mag, I have been having a lot of great interest and have started having success and made sales. I had to make a sale all by myself to really believe that this was something possible for ME and now I am so pumped up, I am almost a new person. I do see for the first time, a very bright light and a whole new world of endless opportunities and possibilities opening up to me. It is an incredible feeling!

    I am expecting 2 if not 3 sales by the end of this week. If I can have this kind of success with just one little ad, with barely any presence online (that is no video on youtube, no ppc, seo or whatever else is used by the gurus these days) other than my 2 little websites, I am literally blown away by all the potential once I really start promoting this on a bigger scale. It is almost scary!

    I am fully confident that by October of this year, I will have built this business to where it would turn my monthly full time income at my job into a weekly income online and then to quit my job and reach the 5 figure weekly level and go after my dreams.

    I am truly blessed to have found this AMAZING business and to be in such a great team as the one I am in right now. The GRN business is truly a life changing opportunity as it is slowly but surely changing my life for the BETTER!

    God Bless GRN-GRC and all the best to everyone,


  2. inasmit

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    Hello Wanderlust

    Thanks for sharing your success story on GRN. I'm happy for your success and that makes me believe that mine will still come. I've been a member since May, but like you, have only been marketing online for the past 2 months. No luck yet but I do believe it's such a great product, the sales will eventually come. And I'm ready for it!

  3. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Hi Inasmit,
    Thanks for your nice words.
    Well, I would venture as far as saying that my online presence and online marketing right now is very very minimal. I am advertising right now on only one magazine which has pulled for me a lot of qualified and targetted traffic plus already one sale and 2 if not 3 to come this week alone.

    Yes keep at it. If I were to afford an advice to you or anyone, it would be to be a contrarian and not follow the hordes in this wholy online race. Sure online traffic is great but there is still a very big offline world out there with a lot of people wanting and looking for what we offer. All I have been doing so far is place my little ad, have the people interested visit my site and then contact them. It is all a numbers game. The more people go to your site, the more people you capture their info, the higher the likelyhood of making a sale or rather a few. [​IMG]

    What I like most about my team is that we dont go after the little fish, we go after the big sharks, those with not only experience in the industry but also an existing list of customers to use. That is where the real gold is. That is what my team and I are focusing on. Sure branding, videos on youtube and all that online stuffs are cool and nicely looking, but the real money is elsewhere: go where the sharks are and your rewards will be 10 folds. And so far, our team is having a ball in waters infested with sharks so to speak and without any pun intended.[​IMG]

  4. Globalmom

    Globalmom New Member

    Love the success stories! Keep them coming, they are great motivators everyone.

    Regarding, offline marketing, I couldn't agree more. While I have generated leads with online marketing methods, having a great product that you can simply talk about has generated more interest than you can imagine.

    Just wondering, Wanderlust, do you lead with just the business on your offline ads or are you marketing retail as well? If retail, I would love to hear how that is going for you.


  5. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Hi Tereza,
    So far I have been mainly focusing on the retail side. With only 1 tiny little ad in one mag for the past 2 months, I have generated a lot of targeted and qualified prospects and made a few sales. With only 1 tiny ad and in one mag! This is mind blowing! I am right now in the process of going all out and placing a couple of full page ads and this will EXPLODE things. I am truly excited.

    And the fact that I have not put too much focus on the business building has not been a big problem because the majority of those who have purchased the membership from me have shown great interest in the business side as well. I think that focusing primary on the business side and then on the product is not as efficient as it can be because we are truly blessed to have a phenomenal product in here that we can all use and tremendously benefit from. Then once people realize the amazing benefits of this membership, then they also realize how this can benefit others and hence, the business part comes into play automatically without any further effort.

    At least thats been my approach and I have been very successful with it.

    How is your GRN business doing Tereza?

    Well, all the best and let us keep them coming those success stories![​IMG]


  6. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    As I said, within 2 months as I started to promote this product in early July 2008 and with only 1 ad in 1 mag, I am right now matching my full time salary with my very part time GRN business. And on top of that, my team is growing nicely and I fully expect to reach the 10K plateau by the end of September or at the very latest, by October. And I will definitely and finally reach my goal of retiring for ever from a J.O.B. by this Christmas!!!!Now this is PHENOMENAL!!!

    There is no better opportunity than the GRN one. Full Stop! The product is amazing. The pay plan is out of this world, $1000 per sale to infinity on a product that truly literally sells itself! Anyone looking for an honest, legitimate, serious and very lucrative home business, GRN is the answer! Full stop!

  7. Globalmom

    Globalmom New Member

    Hi Wanderlust.

    Very inspiring story indeed. I'm glad the retail side is working for you. I myself have not placed any offline ads yet, although from your success story I am certainly inclined to do so sooner than I thought! The response I've been getting, believe it or not has been from people that I have just "in passing" mentioned this to. It was not my intention at all to market this way. I thought that my focus would be online (which is generating some leads as well, forum posting, article writing, craigslist etc) but I guess people recognize a good product so it has been easy to talk about.

    Wanderlust, I like your posts. You can hear the enthusiasm in your posts. It is a good "pick me up" for anyone who is at a standstill in their business.

  8. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Just an update on this:
    I currently have a gorgeous full page ad in the same mag I have been advertising since I started this business and so far, in about 10 days this month, I have been bombarded with request for info about the GRN membership. ANd the best part is, that this past weekend, I had 2 Platinum sign ups WITHOUT ME EVEN TALKING to them! These 2 people just saw my full page ad, went to my site and purchased the Platinum membership right away! How awesome is that! Not to mention the folks that have been calling me as a result of that ad and a few of them are about to join in the next few days as well! [​IMG]

    I just cant handle all the requests for info I have been receiving these past 10 days and counting that I am giving free leads to my teammates to help them as well build their business.

    Just wanted to share this with the rest of the GRNers and anyone else looking at this. Folks, GRN is the REAL DEAL! Things are looking great in here!!!![​IMG]))

    For those who are currently in GRN, how are you people doing with your GRN business
  9. jacck2

    jacck2 New Member

    Here alot of good things about GRN....need to check it out.
  10. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Yes Jack, GRN is the real deal. First and foremost, the product is simply PHENOMENAL! It saves people on average $1K-$3K PER week of vacation with this membership! I personally have saved over $5000 for 1 week on my next vacation!$5K for 1 week! It doesnt get any better than this! I have posted a while back the details of that incredible deal.

    Then, it also makes $1K per sale with the product literally selling itself. Have you had the opportunity to actually see some actual comparaisons as far as the amazing deals and savings available with this membership?

    Any questions, Jack, let me-us know.
  11. PavelBecker

    PavelBecker New Member

    Ultimately, it's not about Global Resorts, it's about whether you will make it work for you or not.
    If I give you a success story about a restaurant business, will you go ahead and open a restaurant? Probably, not.
    I think the evaluation process should be based on the quality of the product and the value that product delivers.
    Here is an example for you:
    You buy an ice cream cone for a $1.
    The value of the purchase is about a buck, right?
    Then you eat half of it - the value of the remaining part drops down to approximately 50 cents.
    By the time you are done eating the entire thing the value of your purchase is gone completely.
    Now, take a look at the Global Resorts Membership:
    A customer purchases the Membership a goes to the first vacation with it. Realized savings and therefore the value received will be about $1000.
    Does the value of the product diminish because of one vacation being consumed? No, it's still there!
    The customer uses it again, and then again and again, but the value of the product stays exactly the same. That's the beauty of it - compared to the initial investment, the value of the Membership is, basically, infinite!
    The savings that could be realized are enormous!
    How difficult will it be to generate a buyer for this kind of product? Probably, not difficult at all.

    As far as personal results - we just moved to California at the end of December. From Iowa, where I was stuck for almost 9 years!
    I'm playing around with the Click Bank a bit, but my main focus is Global Resorts, so I think it safe to say that my main income comes from GRN.
  12. soorya

    soorya New Member

    I came across the GRN opportunity through this forum. Im currently looking to start an online business and evaluating various systems/products to sell.
    GRN definitely looks interesting. And the posts here are encouraging particularly the ones from wanderlust!

    I have just one question-in these tough economic times (when people are losing jobs etc), are there people still open to going on vacations? Look forward to your experiences in the real world selling GRN at this time.
  13. PavelBecker

    PavelBecker New Member

    There will be two major groups of people that you are going to be marketing to: 1. Retail customers who's main interest is a discount on travel and
    2. People interested in the business opportunity attached to the product.

    That's logical to predict a decline in the amount of customers from the first group due to the current situation with the economy, but at the same time it would be as logical to expect people to become more open to the idea of savings offered by GRN.

    I think travel is a very unique merchandise, merchandise may be not as important as, say, food or gas, but something right after them in line.
    Travel is not just a way to burn extra money, no. The entire concept is built around the idea of exposing your group (mainly - family) to a number of rapidly changing conditions and situations that leads to a binding affect and allows you to rediscover the closeness of members of the group.

    Ask your girlfriend or wife if she enjoys going to the grocery store with you and she will tell you that it's like a date for her. Imagine how happy would she be if she would get to go to a vacation with you and how much closer you will become after spending a few days together 24 hours a day. She will remember about every detail of this trip for years! And you will too!

    I still remember how we went first time to the Black Sea with my family in 1980, when I was a yang boy and our dad was still with us and the good times that we had together. And it was almost 30 years ago!

    I think that travel is the Ultimate Reword that we give to ourselves. New car will become just a vehicle after the first week after you bought it, expensive watch will become just a time-measuring device, jewelry will devaluate in a week, but the memories that you will get from your trips will be a source of positive emotions and feelings for you forever!

    I don't remember all the jewelry I bought for my wife over the years , but I do remember every trip we took with her, the monkey crossing the road in the jungle right in front of our car, how she was attacked by some fishes in the ocean and I had to drag her out of the water, how we went to a very expensive restaurant and were served some crappy food that we couldn't even finish, all those little details that mean something only for us.

    So, to answer your question, yes, there will be a decline in the amount of customers, but, ultimately, people will always travel and spend money on travel no matter how slow the economy is.

    As far as people attracted to the business opportunity - obviously, there is plenty of them all the time and especially right now, when employment does not guaranty any stability any longer and after reading "Reach Dad, Poor Dad" everybody and his brother wants to become his own boss.

    Good luck,

    Pavel Becker
  14. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    This is a very good question. And the short of it is yes, people still vacation but more than ever are looking for the best deal available out there which is understandable in any given period in time, specially now with the current global economical situation.

    And GRN is a perfect match, specially in the current global climate where people are more than ever watching carefully ever penny before spending. GRN allows people to save on average, $1000 to $3,000 per week of vacation. For life! That is very powerful!

    I personally just came back a week ago from my trip to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for Carnaval where my Platinum membership saved me at least $5,000 for just one week! That is not a typo: I saved $5,000 in 1 week thanks to my GRN membership! I paid $650 for the full week of Carnaval which being the biggest show and party on earth is the primest week in the entire world for the month of February where hotels in Rio drive their prices to ridiculous levels! The hotel I stayed at, the Rio Othon Palace, a top of the line hotel right on the Copacabana beach in Rio, was charging $1,100 a night during that time! Compare $1,100 per night versus $650 for an entire week! And to top it, I got a gorgeous ocean view suite at the 20th floor of the hotel! This is what GRN is about!Massive savings while staying at prime resorts or hotels during prime time worldwide!

    I have been running a full page ad on my favourite magazine and so far the results have been nothing short of overwhelming. It is not difficult for people to realize once they see something of tremendous value as the GRN membership is. All in all, yes people are more reluctant to spend money these days, however, when they see something that allows them to stay at top resorts worldwide with no restrictions or black out dates or annual or maintenance fees at a fraction of the cost of a timeshare while saving on average $1,000 to $,3000 per week of vacation for life, then it is a no brainer.

    Pavel, your post is very eloquent and reflects that. Thank you for a great post! Memories are for ever and priceless. I love travelling and I wouldn't trade those unforgettable moments for nothing in the world.

    All the best,

  15. swood01

    swood01 New Member

    I have a question about GRN. Let's say I know someone at a bank that arranges vacations for their bank customers several times a year. I am sure the bank gets some type of discount for these trips but could the bank become a member and use GRN?

    If 20 people went on a trip the bank offered, would each one of those people have to join GRN? Could it be offered to all and some take it and some not?

    Look forward to your answer.

    To Your Success,

  16. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Hi Steve,
    That's a great question.
    As a Platinum member, you could offer unlimited guest weeks to friends, relatives, business associates or anyone who is not a member. However, keep in mind that the choices available within the guest week section is not as extensive as the sections for the members, and understandably so.
    So yes, you could have the bank become a member (someone at the bank could join) and then use their guest weeks to give to employees (from the guest weeks section). This is a terrific way to introduce the membership and once people get to actually see the membership at work and vacation at one of the resorts within the membership at these great rates ($299-799) per week, they will want to know more about the membership and get to enjoy more of these types of deals all the time. Using that approach (giving away guest weeks to non members) would result in a lot of sign ups.

    Hope that helps and answers your questions. Please feel free to contact me should you have more questions.



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  17. wrlawrence

    wrlawrence New Member

    Great post explaining what Global Resorts is and does. It sounds like great savings for those who travel to resorts byt what about Cruises, car rentals and vacations?
  18. Ydris

    Ydris New Member

    Hello Payman

    Love your story


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  19. trishpartyka

    trishpartyka New Member

    It's been 3 years since your last post. I am considering the opportunity. I LOVE to travel and this would be a great fit for me since my friends and I only go 5 Star....But how is it in the economy today?

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