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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by icedog52, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. icedog52

    icedog52 New Member

    I've been reading a lot about MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales. I have a question that many may want to ask but haven't yet.

    Let's say that you could talk to any successful marketer in any company (it could even be the opportunity you have); What would you would ask them to share with you on their success?

    It's a really burning topic of mine because we all have something we'd like to ask our mentors and even those that we look up to. Personally, I would love to ask, "What is that makes you so successful? Family? Friends? A goal you set for yourself when you were younger?"

    These things make you wonder what the true motivation behind their success is. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.
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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I'd ask about their marketing process, how they started, and step by step details about how they marketed and built up traffic, reached their intended audience, etc. Then I would try to emulate it. :)
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If they build their business online, ask them to tell you specifically how they built it.

    Tell them that you want to know all the numbers.

    1.How much traffic and from where.
    2.How much do they spend per day on ads.
    3.Ask them where they market too.
    4. How many leads they get per day.
    5. How many signups do they get from their efforts.
  4. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    Staying consistent is what most successful marketers will tell you. Most people give up on themselves way to soon.

    Everyone goals will be different so asking someone what their goals are would not benefit you one bit.
  5. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    The problem with this is you can know all this and it still won't make a difference. You don't have their experience, marketing funnel, or communication skills. That is why it's so important to educate yourself and being consistent so you can get to that level.

    If you got 1,000 leads per day but don't have the skills to talk and close them it wont matter.

    If someone brand new to internet marketing knew the exact answers to the above question they could produce those same results as that marketer.
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  6. BillF2

    BillF2 New Member

    Hi icedog52,

    BTW - Great question!

    I could spend hours sharing my opinions here. However, my philosophy is, "if you want the best results, learn form the best and do what they do".

    In my opinion, Randy Gage and Dani Johnson are two of the best trainers in the Network Marketing industry. You just can't ask for better. Personally, I consider both to be the Warren Buffet of network marketing! Both have worked their way up from the trenches, became leaders and both are "documented" multimillionaires in the network marketing industry. They both have training systems that provide leadership training in the industry.

    If I had the opportunity to personally ask any successful person in network marketing how they manages to achieve their level of success, Rand and Dani would be my FIRST choice!

    Hope this helps.

    Love God. Love yourself. Love people.

    Live Rich,

    Bill -
  7. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    You can learn all the numbers and statistics and still not end up with the same results. I think it's not about knowing everything in advance, but about experimenting, and learning from your fails. It's great having some input though, but you have to actually learn some stuff for yourself.
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  8. Russell Toews

    Russell Toews Member

    Dereco, you have smacked the nail right on the head with this one. When it comes to multilevel marketing, as long as the program is sound, every participant WILL be successful as long as they don't ever quit. Quitting is the terminal failure - like death is in your life.
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  9. momto4

    momto4 New Member

    I would ask what Action did they take to make them successful? How many calls per day? How many presentations? etc. How did they teach what they were doing to their team members?

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