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  1. Aegist

    Aegist New Member

    Has anyone heard of SureBetPro here?
  2. Aegist

    Aegist New Member

    Does the lack of replies mean that no one has, or that everyone has and no longer care...????? [​IMG]
  3. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    What u like to know? about the program! about the site! about the company! or else !!!

    and you're having similar kind of sitename in your signature [​IMG]
  4. Aegist

    Aegist New Member

    I don't have any questions about it, I was just wondering if people here had looked at it. Since this is a work from home forum, and this particular forum is targetted at business opportunities, I was thinking that you should know about SureBetPro, more generally sports arbitrage.

    SureBetPro is an MLM company which sells software that finds sports arbitrage opportunities for you. I honestly think it is the best packaged 'work from home' opportunity available, and no thats not because my signature looks similar to it.

    My signature is to me own website which is a general overview of sports arbitrage, not just about SurebetbPro. When i started looking into surebetpro, i realised that it isn't the only option, and that there is actually a lot to sports arbtirage in general. So after months of research, I decided I could use that research to make an informative site....

    So, if people are looking for 'business opportunities' that are worth doing, do some DD on SBP....


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