Swagbucks -> Won't make you rich, but is worth the effort...

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  1. PhilD41

    PhilD41 New Member

    Okay, I will try to fill you in on this without breaking the rules. I will start by saying that my wife (a stay-at-home mom of 3) and I use this and successfully earn enough each year to buy a special hobby item or Christmas gift. It is not a lot, but takes almost no effort and is fun to boot. Read on for the details...

    Swagbucks is not a pay to read email, pay for surveys, or any other pay to site. They offer rewards for using their search interface to google.com and ask.com in the form of random swagbucks. Just by using their interface to google.com you can win rewards. This is how our family uses it....

    I average 2-3 swagbucks (SB) a day doing my usual web searches (hence the no extra work). We assume we will average about 1.5 SB a day or 45 per month. This is good for a $5 gift card to amazon.com. This averages to $60 a year without actually changing any of my habits or requiring more of my time. We decided this was worth it. By the way, we like the gift cards because they are more versatile, they have many items to choose from.

    They have other ways to earn such as getting SB's back on purchases at partner sites like walmart.com and petsmart.com (1SB for each $5 spent). They also do code hunts and trivia that can net you even more SBs. They also have a very active community on facebook, twitter, and flickr which adds to the fun of it all.

    I realize this would never be a "job," but it can provide a little extra and is worth the time spent. As with most places they also do referrals, but they are not pyramid style. You receive the first 100SBs of each of your referral as they win them through searching. That is it. Nothing is gained from their referrals so you do have they guys at the top getting all the benefit. For more information check them out at:

    http://swagbucks.com -- this is not a referral link.

    If it looks interesting sign up, there is nothing to loose. At the risk of breaking a rule, if you prefer to use my referral, look below. I feel this program and community is worth of sharing regardless. It is a fun way to engage the internet and get a little back in the process.

    - PhilD
  2. PhilD41

    PhilD41 New Member

    Almost 50 views and no post. At least no one is telling me to get lost. Anyway, I hope you are checking it out. I is still proving to be a fun community to get involved in.
  3. computerincome

    computerincome New Member

    Thanks PhilD, I will check the website out and give my honest opinion in the future.
  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Look interesting. But it is only available to US, Canada, UK.
  5. simplyg

    simplyg New Member

    I use MyPoints in a similar way. They send emails to my account, I just click through and get 5points. You can buy something, but you don't have to. I usually get a couple of gift certificates out of it a year and spend a minute or two on it in any given day.

    I'll check out SB when I get a chance. Thanks!
  6. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    nice find PhilD..I think this one's a go.. I will be adding this program to my site.
  7. PhilD41

    PhilD41 New Member

    simplyg - I use MyPoints as well. I find this to be easier and a lot more fun.

    bburt252 - Thanks, glad you like it.
  8. PhilD41

    PhilD41 New Member

    Well, thanks to a friend on mine that signed up and was very active, I made $30 last month! I don't expect this will keep going as I only expect $60 to $90 a year but it sure was nice.

    If you haven't checked it out yet I would highly recommend it.
  9. ggk8345

    ggk8345 New Member

    I still feel that Swagbucks is unknown by most people. It is a relatively new program that has been out since mid-2012, and you can get paid to do the following:

    - watch video clips (very cool and informational!)
    - do surveys
    - search the web
    - review products
    - and more!

    I have earned about $225 in three weeks from this program. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it! Its still under the radar in my mind!
  10. Heaven K

    Heaven K New Member

    It's a nice program, but unfortunately it's not available for my country :(

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