Target Marketing for my state - what is the best way to get traffic.

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by mamascountry, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. mamascountry

    mamascountry New Member

    I have a new classified ads site i want to target traffic to in my state. I've put title tags in to help, but I'm not getting traffic. Ive even paid for facebook ads. Help i'm running out of options.
  2. MyOwnBoss

    MyOwnBoss New Member

    Getting classifieds up and running is one of the most difficult marketing challenges because nobody will post ads if no one is reading them and no one will visit the site if there are no ads. Here's some of the things you might consider (I'm assuming the site in your signature is the one you're talking about):



    Post articles on article directories describing how easy, quick and/or inexpensive it is to buy and sell through online classifieds. This will help your search engine rankings and cast a wider net for advertisers and those interested in checking out the ads.

    Create a "library" section for your site. Fill it with useful articles on how to effectively post classified ads, find bargains in classifieds, how buying and selling things locally saves time and expensive gas, and general articles about your area. Again, this can help your site gain the attention of a wider audience, plus give people a reason to be on the site while you're still light in the ad department.

    Add a local news section - Sign up to receive news from google and other news feeds, then post them on your site. This also encourages people to regularly visit your site even if they aren't buying or selling something at the time.

    Have a press release distributed. Keep in mind, using a decent writer and PR distributer will run you 2-300 dollars, but gives you a big boost in visibility and search engine clout.

    Change your banner. This is just a personal critique, but the "made by" and "hosted by" notes on it just look tacky. There are free programs that will make a simple banner and hosting it at your web host is simple.

    Offer a giveaway. Get a relevant ebook (selling things on ebay or whatever) with master resale rights and offer it as a bonus for first time advertisers.


    Flyers - have flyers describing your site printed. Stick them anywhere it's legal to do so. It's amazing how many people will actually read the stuff that's on the bulletin board at the grocery store.

    Press Releases - hire a good writer to write you a press release. This'll cost 50 to a hundred dollars. Contact the local papers in the area and ask them to run the PR. If it's well written, they'll often be happy to do so (free).

    Local Businesses - send letters to every business in the area explaining that you have a site serving the area and since you're just getting started, you just wanted to let them know they can use the site as an advertising resource.

    Anyway, off the top of my head, those are things that jump out at me.
  3. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    MyOwnBoss gave some great suggestions.
    Put Share Buttons at the top and bottom so people can tell their friends.
    Also add ZIP CODES with the city names so google "gets it" with their local advertising.
    Post your own ads and ads for friends to fill up the pages then ping the ad pages.
    Personally the double column of AdSense Ads chases away visitors quickly.
    Better to hit them with less ads per page so they will stay longer on your site.
    It's hard to notice your site has anything but AdSense to offer.
    Offer a reason for the traffic to come, AdSense is not a reason.
  4. Tatty Bumpkin

    Tatty Bumpkin New Member

    Have you considered facebook advertising, you can specifically targetr not only areas but age, hobbies and interests and some. Hope that helps [​IMG]
  5. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Yes offline marketing is the best way to go after your niche market.

    Create a flier and instead of mailing them hire a "door hanger" or "flyer boy" to distribute them to small business in your area that can post on your site.

    In building a home business I am a big fan of local advertising whether it be direct mail, or voice broadcasting to other small business owners. They are entrepreneurs and who I want joining my team. It might take more effort to sign one up but once you do you can be sure you stand a better chance at getting duplication.

  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    SEO could be helpful. Try to include keywords and keyword phrases that people might search for on Google, Yahoo, etc. when they are searching for info about the state and area you live in.

    Maybe include local tourist attractions, names of different cites, towns, etc.

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