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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by zzcoann, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. zzcoann

    zzcoann New Member

    Has anyone ever heard of Anyone had any experience with them?
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I just took a look at the site. I'm a little stumped on if they charge YOU to get placed, or if they only charge companies for that. IF they charge you for them to place you with a job, I think that is kind of lame - there are plenty of places online such as that allow you to look for jobs for free - they only charge companies to place ads with them.
  3. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    Team Double Click is very legitimate. You don't pay anything, the clients pay. In fact, you can earn as much as $25 per hour!

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