Team/Quixtar/Monavie = I LOST $12,000 !!!

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by boosey12, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. boosey12

    boosey12 Guest

    My dad and I decided to start doing these MLM businesses, one at a time, and over and over, it turned into a heartbreak...

    Team ended up shutting down (after months and months of traveling), ....

    Quixtar won't pay good enough (we had almost 1200 in our downline)

    Monavie doesn't sell anymore (eveyone has it, or has tried it!)

    We poured our hearts and souls into these businesses, and nothing came of them...?!?!

    anyone know of any that are RELIABLE???
  2. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Hi boosey,

    Sorry to hear that you and your father have went through such bad experiences. The truth is there are many great businesses out there it's just that not every business is meant for everybody. I'm sure each of the businesses you mentioned have worked out tremendously for others but just not for you and your father.

    Glad to see you aren't sour on all mlm businesses and are continuing to search for the one that will bring you success. There are many successful people who have failed numerous times before realizing their dream so don't let these few bad experiences discourage you.
  3. Seth

    Seth New Member

    sorry to hear that you lost $12,000

    aw man that's quite big money [​IMG]

    Hmm RELIABLE ? try to dig this forum ...
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Depends on what you consider to be reliable....[​IMG]

    I have been there, done that, I even have you beat on the investment part... I think you would agree, however, that there are successful people in all the above mentioned businesses, correct?

    So it boils down to what is the right fit for you.... I did finally find an mlm that does and has what I was looking for, but then I also found affiliate marketing which doesn't deal with people so much.... and don't get me wrong, I love people! (if I didn't I sure wouldn't mess around on here - lol)[​IMG]

    But I needed something where I could simply be online and see money come into my account thru sales , etc... and I am on pursuit of that now... I likes it much better![​IMG]
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Sorry to hear that you have had so many problems. I also agree that affiliate marketing is the way to go - I was scammed several times before I got into affiliate marketing, and although the going was initially rough, I've earned almost $1,700 in profits in my best month, so I guess persistence pays off...[​IMG]
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    So sad to hear that.

    But your determination is very strong.
    I admired your persistence and determination.

    I am sure you will find something that suit u.
  7. FearlessIncome

    FearlessIncome New Member

    Sorry to hear that you lost money. I've lost plenty of money with juice mlm's but not nearly that amount [​IMG]

    You're right about everyone trying most of the juices out there. There are so many juice companies flooding the market nowadays. As a matter of fact, when I went out to eat a few weeks ago, I saw two vans; one had a MonaVie vinyl sticker on the back windshield, and the other van had an Herbalife sticker. Talk about saturation! And I live in a smallish town.

    I'm not going to get into what I do, as I'm sure you can check for yourself, but it's definitely a breath of fresh air that the industry desperately needs.
  8. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    anyone know of any that are RELIABLE???


    I felt sorry for your lost. It's really difficult to promote a business without a system plus the products should be good enough or in demand. We just launched a system for ZIJA company a couple of weeks ago and everything has been doing great. I have guys from Africa and Singapore inquiring about the business and actually got 50 leads over the course. We are still in the beginning so you might be interested to take a look. Again I'm sorry for your lost.
  9. pplrulz

    pplrulz Member

    My friend has been trying to get my in monavie.. thanks for the heads up...
  10. klrrider

    klrrider New Member

    My wife and I tried the monavie thing and it hasn't gone anywhere for us. The product is good but overpriced.

    I am convinced that affiliate marketing is the way to go and if you watch your Ps and Qs it can be done with hardly any money to start.

    I think the key is to learn from someone who is already successful or to join a membership site that teaches all the techniques and skills needed. Being a member here is the best place to start. Much info here from people who have been there already ben there and done that!
  11. timflowers

    timflowers New Member

    I host an MLM forum on the Ryze network (MLM Success) and we just had a discussion about Monavie. Everyone agreed it's a good company with a great product, but with the economy in recession, not many people are willing to pay so much for a super juice, regardless of it's alleged benefits. That's why I left Zrii (another juice) and joined The Berry Tree. The monthly cost is much more affordable and the pay plan is really achievable.

    But back to the original post in this thread: how on earth does someone lose $12,000 marketing an mlm? I've been in this industry for years and if you add up my marketing costs for all that time, it wouldn't be close to 12K. MLM is a word of mouth business. You can build a downline just by talking to people, and that doesn't cost a cent!

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  12. freedom08

    freedom08 Guest

    Boosey that sucks. I have two very close friends involved with Monavie and they are making between 400-500 per month. I said the same thing to them as you did " Monavie market is saturated " I do know some reliable, If your still looking lemmie know.
  13. tswprez

    tswprez New Member

    I used to work for GNC ... still have friends that do work for the company and they all say the same thing... Accai (spelling??) is a great seller ... The Monavie people created this whole market but you don't own the market so now just like NONI and GOJI and all the other juices people that you educated are going to the local Walmart or GNC or whole foods and picking it up for less money.

    You cannot plan to stay in a juice based MLM long-term... it doesn't work history proves it time and time again.
  14. CThompson

    CThompson New Member

    Hi Boosey
    Your post broke my heart.

    This happened to me in Herbalife
    from the front end purchase requirements.

    I left them of course with some healing needed.

    A mentor told me.

    Christina, until you know why the how does not matter.
    It took me a very long time to really understand my why.

    The same mentor told me.
    You can only build your business two ways.
    First with enthusiasm or just mad.

    So every time I hear a family put down my failures and
    not recognize my successe's I get pissed off. It fires me up.

    First things first. dont ever tell a women she cant do that.

    God Bless you and
    Keep your DREAM okay.

    Warm wishes
    Christina Thompson

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  15. tswprez

    tswprez New Member

    It's my opinion that requiring front-end purchases is very "old school" MLM. Many very good opportunities exist without the purchase requirements.

    In my company you don't have to make any personal consumption much less buy a bunch of stuff you can't sell.

    If you were going to be in a position of ordering product(s) you may as well open a retail store... I would RUN from anything that requires personal consumption even if it is a great and proven company like Herbalife, it just doesn't make sense to have that obligation in the internet age.
  16. CThompson

    CThompson New Member

    Hi Jim,

    The bonus of personal consumption is when it runs out the customer re-orders.
    If you retail with intent to recruit by offering the profits to the customer from their personal referrals.

    You are correct that the font end business is old school, yet it is still active. Ordering a case of liquid vitamins on autoship is not very attractive to me either.

    In fact I have not ever joined a company that has a single product and requires more than one bottle a month to qualify for the back end residual cash flow.

    This is not my business it is Melissa and Haleys. However I find it quite attractive. One bottle a month period qualifys for all residual and they pay weekly. Just one bottle. Truly zero overhead.

    They are a Mother and Daughter Team.
    [Link removed - Admin]

    To answer your question did I sign up? Yes I did.
    However, I am a customer. Now this is interesting.
    I did not recruit or retail just one order a month.
    I recieved a check. They pay the autoship person
    for up to 5 ( max) that were placed under me by
    others. So my product is free.

    Enjoy investigating it is very interesting.

    Wolfeagle Marketing Group
  17. arcade

    arcade New Member

    That could mainly be because you joined up with all these company's after they have been saturated by tens of thousands of others doing the same thing. You have to find an emerging trend and be one of the first to get in and start building your network that trend immediately. It's not that all these companies are scams. I was also in with monavie, I went to the Orlando convention and meet up with Brig and Leta Hart, Steve and Gina Merritt, Dallin Larson, ext, ext. They all just got in when it was brand new. Now there are just to many sales people and not enough drinkers. It is a great product, much to expensive but is definitely not a scam. Folks maybe in denial about the product and what they represent, but folks should know better than to listen to hype without a "fresh" business model behind it. Like I said you either gotta get in when its new, or already have an established network to bring in with you. A few of my partners and I have been checking out this new opportunity. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get in, it's just a few months old and it's definitely the right timing to get involved. If you already have a network with 1200 in your down line, then you could really get a real nice fire going. The founders of our network are phenomenal and you and your network will be very happy. If your interested, give me an email.

    Happy Holidays.

  18. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    I am so sorry. I think many of us have been involved in more than one NWM company before finding the right one.

    I am very happy with Send Out Cards. One thing that sets Send Out Cards apart from some other companies is that the cost of the product is actually less than what you can by in the store. (For example, our greeting cards cost just $.98 with our retail account and $.62 with the wholesale account.)

    Also, it is a very marketable product outside of the circle of NWM. I can sell SendOutCards all day long to businesses and never tell them it is NWM. Business professionals love the system.

    I wish you luck and hope you find what you are looking for.
  19. beginhere

    beginhere New Member

    Hi boosey12

    There are hundreds if not thousands of stories just like yours. It is unfortunate of your lose of funds especially in today's economy. Also, very happy to hear you have not giving up on a home base business.

    I have found that there are three basic roadblocks that stop people from becoming successful in their network marketing or Internet Marketing Business.

    1. They cannot sell
    2. They cannot recruit or sponsor others
    3. They do not know how to effectively market or advertise.

    Searching for that perfect home base business can be a challenge. The juice market is saturated with one opportunity after another. Don't get me wrong, there are many really good companies that do carry an exceptional juice product. However, one must ask the very important question, "What exactly do I have to do to be successful in your company?"

    Then what is the company going to do for you to become successful. One should find a business that has a history of satisfied customers as well as satisfied associates.

    Here is an ideal business model. The company does all the advertising for you to generate real customers from TV, Radio and magazine advertising. Then you can buy the rights to future purchases of these customers while the company continues with advertising, marketing, research & development, products & inventory, shipping, payments, follow up and more. The company does all the back-end marketing and uses the most effective form of direct marketing which are catalogs and journals sent directly to the customers 18 times per year. This generates even more orders from satisfied buying customers.

    We call this co-operative marketing.

    One other item, if nutrition is not the route you wish to take at this time, keep searching for that niche to make it happen online for you.

    Susan Anderson
  20. daveshouse

    daveshouse New Member

    I used to do Quixtar as well. Most people pour alot more money into that system then they get out of it. I still order the laundry detergent though, good stuff [​IMG]

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