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Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by dv078686, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. dv078686

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    anybody have tips on how to raise a daughter at the age of 18. i got pregnant at 17 and im raising my daughter now at the age of 18 . my daughter is 8 months old she eats a lot and she never wants to be put down how do you get a child out of that?i want to put her in day care,but the way she wants to be carried all the time i don't think day care will take her. any tips?
  2. mountainmom5

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    She will be fine in daycare I think. I have 5 kids and some of mine were that way, and although I never had to put them in daycare, when I would leave them with a sitter, they would get over the 'having to be held' issue. I would say, give it a try and be prepared - it is usually harder on the mom than the baby!

    It will probably affect YOU more than HER! [​IMG]
  3. katereber

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    Maybe you need the help of your mom.. Since you're still young, you still need some help of others especially your mom..
  4. Lkneff

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    Im a single mother of two lil girls ones an infant going to be a toddler and my other ones a toddler, they're 11 monthes apart. With being young yourself you will meed the help of family members or even say some friends that maybe like family. Daycare shouldnt have a problem taking her. Right now she wants to be held all the time cause your probly with her all the time so your what she knows but when you start daycare you jus gotta be strong and she'll get use to you not holding her all the time. She'll start to be more intrested in playing with the other kids and it will also help build her social skills.
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    I have a niece who is 2 years old. Last weekend we were celebrating the Passover holiday. She came to me a lot and wanted me to carry her which I did but after a while my arms got tired and I had to put her down on the floor.

    She came to me again so that I can pick her up and I told her "no".
    After a few minutes she got the message and didn't ask anymore.

    That is what you should do too. Let her cry a little and she will get it.

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