Telemarketing for Merchant Cash Advance companies

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by molyda, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. molyda

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    Some companies providing financial solutions to merchants such as sales factoring and merchant cash advance programs also offer a "partnership" or "affiliate" program where you get paid % of the amount funded.

    Basically, what you do is you generate the leads. I think some companies require that you complete the application with the merchant while other companies only ask for qualified leads.
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    hate Cold Calling. In my opinion, to effectively Cold Call, you have to posses an incredible amount of charm. You have to walk into a stranger's office (or call them on the phone), bypass their gatekeepers, disrupt their day, and get them to pay attention to you while you try and sell them on a product or service that they may or may not need today, or ever like cash advance llc . It sure sounds like a lot of wasted effort. It is important to note that there is a balance of power in every relationship. In order for a sale to take place, that power scale must be tipped in the Sales Person's favor.

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