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    As many of you know of me and my reputation in various business ventures you understand I have always been a big advocate of testimonies. Many of my teammates in FTV have been trying to get testimonies of actual clients that have taken the FTV trips. We all know of the Bahamas Cruise and Stay and have heard pretty good reviews of that voucher as well as the Carnival + Royal Caribbean cruises and the Disney vacations as they are part of the Coastal Vacations package ( alot of FTV members run Coastal businesses as well). But what of the other vacations? FTV has been in business for 16 year so there must be ton's of customers that have used the vouchers. If those testimonies could be made available I know that many of you would see your activation commissions skyrocket.

    Testimonies help everyone involved feel comfortable about a product. If you look at televisions you see celebrity endorsements all the time. In every home based business ive been involved in they always have some forum to promote testimonies. Whether it be a live call, a webpage, a video or some other format. I look forward to FTV producing something of the sort showing testimonies on the vacations they market. Think of the potential of this to your business. When a customer ask about a trip you have something to tell them. How about when you look to do a fundraiser and they are looking for other organizations that have done them. It will be a slam dunk if you could give them others results.

    If any of you FTV members have taken the FTV trips then please share. If no one has it would really be a windfall for us all if the management team at FTV made available these testimonies. Being in business and marketing these vouchers for over 16 years now would lead us all to believe they have to have a bunch of satisfied customers willing to share their story. Heck they could make those clients available to the members and have the members give those clients even more special deals just for sharing. It would be a win - win - win situation.

    These are just my humble opinions and I hope to see response from all the FTV members that frequent this part of the forum.

    Adam Frederick
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    Haven't taken a trip, but would love to hear a testimony or two.

    I am looking to try one of the vouchers with my kids in January - they have a long weekend, so I am looking forward to hearing how others have used their vouchers.
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    hi everyone and thanks for bringing up the subject of testimonies.
    as you are aware if you have been on the funtime calls we have already covered this issue several times and put out the request for people to write us about there vacations. we are already working on testimonials from people that have taken our vacations. we agree that would be a big help to our great team . funtime has already collected 6 from our funtime family that have traveled to our hawaii, vegas, carribean destinations . and we are waiting on many more . as you fine folks know we love constructive possitive suggestions that will help improve our business but please remember to come to the training calls to stay up to date on things like this that we are already working on . dana will be posting these testimonials in the back office soon so you will all have access to them and we will keep adding them as they come in . we always work hard to keep up with all your requests for things that will help build our business so please come to the calls so that people who see our forum will get a possitive vibe about funtime .
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    Thanks for your update Rusty.

    My husband and I are going to take a few of the vacations this year and I will definitely be adding my experiences to the tesimonial portfolio. Our first trip will be on the Discovery cruise to the Bahamas to attend our Funtime training seminar in October. We have booked at the Island Seas Resort on the beach.

    What I love about Funtime is the fact we can just hop online and use a search engine for the resort we are booking. I do understand my clients want to see proof of where they are booking and know it is clean and safe. I have simply printed different pictures of the facilities for some of the vacations we offer at Funtime.

    Another aspect of Funtime compared to other travel businesses is the customer service aspect. We can actually call a live person for assistance in booking the certificates or help with any problems. I for one want to be assured that my client will have a courteous person to speak with when they need help and can not reach me.

    Thank you to all at Funtime that are diligently building this new company offering for the benefits of your distributors. Funtime Vacation Club is here to stay and we must remember to have some patience as it grows and unfolds into its full potential.



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