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Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal Advice' started by cdsites17, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. cdsites17

    cdsites17 New Member

    Hello all. I recently started keeping my accounting straight in an excel spreadsheet. I know that you can use Quickbooks for this as well. My question is do I really need to go out and spend the 90 bucks for this program? Are there major benefits to using Quickbooks and if so what are they?
  2. Jim Gillum

    Jim Gillum New Member

    If you know proper methods for your business accounting, you can keep your records in a paper note book.
  3. JoelCowen

    JoelCowen New Member

    Quickbooks is for a traditional business, I would recommend Quicken to start with than upgrade to Quickbooks. Hope this helps.

    To your freedom and success,

  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I don't really know anything about the program you mentioned, but one place to look for accounting software is - they give out a lot of free trial software programs, so you can give them a test drive before you decide to buy them.
  5. hopeful4u

    hopeful4u New Member

    Advantages:Quickbooks(and upgrades) can do everything from invoices to payroll (subscription).Properly set up it will run your accounting needs for the years start to exporting to tax returns for years end.
    Disadvanages:The set up interview is very long,switching over mid quarter is difficult and making adjustments is to easy:You can throw your balance sheet into lala land trying to make something else match.It works best when you are using all your features inside quickbooks.Do you need them employees,outside contractors
    customer discounts pay sales tax etc.
    Excell spreadsheet also exports to most tax software.
  6. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I am having a nightmare with QuickBooks.

    Every year just at tax time, I either need to buy an upgraded version
    (to be compatible with eBay Accounting Assistant)
    or purchase a support package,
    expensive file repair,
    or lose my data.

    This is the third year this has happened.

    The rest of the time I am without incident.
    Normally, I am a very positive person but truly feel this is a marketing thing.

    It certainly has crossed my mind!
    I would just track money in, money out, in categories of course.

  7. anthonysudbury

    anthonysudbury New Member

    I have worked in the accountancy sector for over 10 years and now run my own practice in the UK.

    QuickBooks is definately what I recommend my clients as long as you keep to the absolute basics - they keep track of bank accounts, sales & debtors, expenses, etc.

    And use a bookkeeper or accountant to do the quarterly/year end adjustments.
  8. vjassociate

    vjassociate New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I Have myself took a quickbook accounting class to help me with my financial record keeping. I must say that i like quickbooks but one should be realle careful on setting up quickbooks and passing the interview process. Once it's set up you are good to go because all you need to do is one simple entry and the software take care of the rest producing all the major financial reports.

    I have actually use a free version of quickbooks. I will recommend any body willing to use quickbooks to try the free version first to learn about the software and see if it worth the expense. Then from the free version you can just upgrade. Something you must also think about is why you want to computerize your acccounting and what you will do if there is a computer quash.

    I, myself, because i don't trus technology that much i am using a small business tax organizer system to keep my financial records. It's ver convenient and i can take it anywhere with me. I just love it. Again i really recommend to try the free tria version of quickbooks first before deccoding on spending on the software.

  9. amarendra

    amarendra New Member

    have actually use a free version of quickbooks. I will recommend any body willing to use quickbooks to try the free version first to learn about the software and see if it worth the expense.
  10. Dennis Anthony

    Dennis Anthony New Member

    Quickbooks does seem to be the 'industry standard' and I've certainly used in in many of my business ventures...

    However, I am now finding that Ouright - - is better suited for the freelance, independent professional:
    It's simple
    Easy to use
    -and it's FREE!

    It's perfect for my business and runs on autopilot once you have it set up. I like it much better than Quickbooks to be honest.

  11. ninnato

    ninnato New Member

    getagrip: - they give out a lot of free trial software programs, so you can give them a test drive
    Hi ??“ and thanks for the address.
    I'll have a look ??“ it's a good idea being organized before starting the "adventure".
    Otherwise it can easily turn into a nightmare..

  12. dslavinski

    dslavinski New Member

    yeah it does work out nicely that Turbo tax works well with the quick books, i was able to do my taxes in 1 hour because i was able to import so much of my information from quick books, you really cant beat it.
  13. sinsinatty

    sinsinatty New Member

    If you're in the UK, you should really be using SAGE. There are a few different versions, but all UK accountants will be familiar with it and it will mostly be part of there internal systems too. Quickbooks is a proverbial pain in the backside for UK based businesses.

    If you do most of your business online, try Freshbooks - great online tool for doing your invoicing, estimating, time-tracking, expense tracking, etc. Works really well for me [​IMG]


    Hi. I have used quickbooks since 2004, and it has been great. Easy to post transactions & quick to give reports. You can also modify the reports to present them as desired. Just be careful not to update the program every time you are asked to, as these could lead to absoleteness. Consider if you need anything new in the program, or what you have is working well for you.
    Enjoy the journeywith quickbooks.
  15. TJ Reed

    TJ Reed New Member

    Hi Chris,

    In a former life (before I became a full time affiliate marketer), I was a tax accountant.

    So, I can tell you, as long as you are keeping an organized record of your income, expenses and so on, you should be fine.

    If you do your own taxes, as long as you can understand it, then you are good to go.

    If you take your taxes to a preparer, they should be able to see what you are doing from an excel spreadsheet.

    Hope this helps answer your question!
  16. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    I am not a very organized person. I sell jewelry on eBay and found Outright, which is wonderful. It integrates Paypal, Ebay (and other sites such as Etsy) so you don't have to enter them manually. Nice, tidy reports. You can also manually add transactions. And it is FREE!
  17. Dick B.

    Dick B. New Member

    I am an ex small business owner and Quickbooks user. I am also an ex SCORE counselor - who in commection with a local Accountant - tought a basic QuickBooks Seminar. My wife still runs a small business (and also does her own taxes) and uses QuickBooks. Every Accountant I know is familiar with QuickBooks and can use your program to complete your taxes. I could go on, but you can probably guess I feel QuickBooks is the absolute best program for a small business. I will, however support prior responders who suggest you must take great care in setting up your accounts to take full advantage of all the features of the program and make it function smoothly.

    Hint - many SCORE Chapters provide free QuickBooks Seminars and also accounting help for new or growing small businesses. SCORE is an affiliate of the Small Business Administration and so I think this link will be OK - (then link through to your local chapter).
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  18. manroger4

    manroger4 New Member

    Quickbooks Accounting Software Accounting is the world's No. 1 accounting solutions, business management for the enterprise. With the advantages of Vietnam, a variety of approaches, the interface is easy to understand that you can also set up their accounting systems.
  19. MarieA73

    MarieA73 Member

    Quickbooks is great, but I prefer Outright. However, my husband is a genius with accounting, so we do not have to go to an accountant and explain things. If that were the case, you might be better off with quickbooks or quicken for simpler filings.

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