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    The Challenge - formally known as the 30DC - is starting to bug me. I thought I'd let people know who may be considering it.

    The Challenge professes to be free - I recently returned to reviewing some of its content to help in creating a site to follow my success with JustBeenPaid - but... it seems every day they are making it harder and harder to do anything for me. They just made an update to the course that now requires hosting with Hostgator and nothing else.

    They give out free trials in this and free trials in that, until you're so full of free trials that at the end you are going to have a lot of decisions about what programs you keep using and what ones you abandon and suffer the help that they gave.

    It can cost a fair bit of money to have all the perks that get you to the top, but if you are going to spend money, I think I would much rather recommend SiteBuildIt or Chris Farrell's Membership site - least you don't have to worry about what is free and what isn't and what is only trials, etc

    Again, the choice is up to the individual, but I thought this needed to be brought into the opena

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