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    Getting over the Coastal Vacations Attitude

    One of the things that really surprises me about some successful people with Coastal is how they distance themselves from their team. Here's what I mean:

    There's a director I know of who has a list of things she will and won't do with her team and times she will and won't do them. Now, I'm all for setting a few ground rules - you shouldn't expect me to call you at 3AM...and I'd expect the same courtesy back.

    One of the things I've noticed is how some groups will train their people to have an attitued about when and how they work with their teams. I listened in horror as this lady shared how she treated her team and how she had little tools in place like ignoring instant messages.

    Where is the accountability??

    You know, I'll met just about anyone for training and support, but they are going to have to meet me half way. So, if I set up an appointment with someone at 9AM...they're going to have to dial the phone. I'm not going to chase them down.

    Success with Coastal Vacations is about being flexible and adaptable. It's not about putting up your guard and having a "Hope he makes it mentality". I get alot of calls from people in Coastal who are not on my team who are looking for assistance because their director has gone missing, they've got an attitude or worse yet....they want to sell them something.

    Today, I started a new training series with my team members. To go out and do what I'm doing with them would EASILY cost over $3000 - Minimum. Am I charging them for this? Nope!!! They've gotten a free ticket to ANYTHING I do and that's for a lifetime.

    I'm going to step up on my soap box for a minute....

    I'm very passionate about this business and about the people in it. I've left other groups with Coastal because I didn't see the success that I felt the team as a WHOLE should have. I don't agree with everyone here....and again, that has to do with how passionate I am about what I do.

    You See.....When I see someone who I feel is being taken. I'm going to step out and say something. PERIOD!! I'm not afraid to do that. I've confronted other directors about how they run their business because their activities were not honorable. It's a part of who I am.

    Before you judge anyone, you should be looking in the mirror at yourself to see where YOU are at and if you have the integrity to REALLY back up what you say. I do! And, I've helped alot of successful directors and others in our industry increase their income to a point they can NOW stay home.

    I'm here to share!!

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    Hi Jay,
    This speaks plenty as in other posts that you have here on the forum. Your support of integerty and honisty goes a long way twards offsetting the scandles out here. Its always best to attract the good and enforce the truth. Directors that build with these principals are here to help others suceed , which is why I came into Coastal.

    This Business "Taking a Vacation" is what stired my sences to be a part of Coastal and what it felt like to take a vacation.


    Its up to each of us to be a supporter of the truth. and care about others who are struggling to find there way. and keep the spark of hope with succeeding in Coastal.

    Level 3 D

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