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  1. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    I just joined The Customer Advantage.
    - It is free and will always remain free
    - In the USA Only

    It is local business discounts of 50% or more
    - Restaurants
    - Spas
    - Automotive
    - Dept Stores
    - Any merchant imaginable

    The is very similar to the massively successful Groupon
    ...But FREE!
    ...And we can get paid to share when members buy the Coupons

    Company URL:
    Inviter: MikeBz

    Let me know what you think. Watch the short vids and I think you'll agree this will spread very quickly for both merchants and consumers.
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Good luck. Hope you do well with it.

  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Is this a monthly residual income business you are doing? Are you getting paid for referring the free customers when they buy the coupons?
  4. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    There could be residual income based upon your organization's buying 50% off coupons. Obviously, one would need a large following for that to happen...but it appears that it is very possible to happen.

    This is free and always will be free. People will join just to save on their next haircut or oil change or cell phone purchase...not to build a organization. However, they will more than likely build a group just by word of mouth or telling friends on Facebook etc.

    This could be a HUGE Business but it doesn't feel like a business. The majority of Americans already use coupons one way or another. Might as well and try to make money with it too.
  5. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    This is going to be really cool! Hard to believe it is FREE!
    Below is a blog post from The Customer Advantage CEO.
    Mark your milestones on the Calendar as we go!
    Wow, Absolutely Amazing. It is happening compoundingly fast!

    Pre-Launch and now we just passed the 4000 subscriber mark. At this pace we may just beat our target of 10 million subscribers first year!

    I want to thank you for validating what I knew
    to be true. Whenever given the opportunity and mechanism to do so, people are good, kind and supportive.

    You do make a difference, imagine the lives you are about to touch. This is your company tooif you CHOOSE. It is simple, all you have to do is GIVE. You may not know it yet, but right now youare a part of something that will make major history. The formation of a company that changes more lives than ever in a very short period of time. All moments have led to now!

    If you are visionary enough and can learn to trust a little more you will know what win-win means. History!


    We'll be the first company to go to a Billion dollars in sales in the time frame we do, and it will be done with VALUE given first (it's sad that this is so unique in our marketplace today).

    We will be the single largest most philanthropic company in history. We will be the example to build a company by. Finally, no limitations on you!


    We give first! Value proven! It's free to join with no forced purchase structure, inventory or capital outlay. Here, you will use your intellectual capital to create value and BE self reliant.

    No geographic boundaries. Share where you want, when you want!

    We are counter intuitive to business. Matter of fact some of you still think this is too good to be true. Get used to it, Accept a new home!

    I will prove it to you. This is true! I am giving a gift and as you know, I have received nothing in advance, it is funded by me. My time is heavily invested (nearly a solid year of 10+ hrs a day and 1000s of hours by others involved, nearly a skillet to the head by my wife).

    So here is the deal, we are in pre-launch ...

    Be patient, full launch is imminent.

    It is rather foolish to think at this point this won't work don't you think? I mean, first off... you have no risk. I will say, the only risk is if you don't share this.

    We will go to 10 million subscribers rather quick. The value we will provide to you and the world is much much more than just a coupon 50% discount. That was only to get your attention. We have things in the works that will knock your socks off and its all FREE!

    Why am I doing this and why should you do more now too?
    No matter where you are worldwide, you must realize the heart of your country is in the jobs that come from small business. We will reverse the funnel of outsourcing and rebuild communities all over the world. And the more successfully we do this, the more successful we all are!

    Reach out and meet your neighbor. Do you know your neighbor next door (on each side). You should.

    Build relationships because that is what makes EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!

    Let's get back to basics. Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Inspiration, Support, Encouragement. All the things You know in your heart to be true and missing.

    I see the lights coming on and excitement in people, the Optimism coming back... All from TCA and YOU! This is a major pivotal point in our time; You must realize how important your involvement is.

    Thank you.

    We are evolving based on your feedback and keep in mind This is your baby too! You have ownership here, and as you help improve this collaborative company, the rewards will exceed far beyond just money.

    Look, it's free. Plug in, share it, grow it and watch what happens. Finally something that delivers!

    REALLY DELIVERS on a Promise! You have my total dedication, get to know me, I DO walk my Talk. I am doing it now, always have and always Will! You can have total faith and confidence that your energy spent here will lead to magnificent things. This IS for everyone But some just won't get it. They can't see beyond their own Scarcity thinking and limited mindset. They are the ones that make excuses why just about everything won't work. Move back slowly from them and then run! You are out to make a difference.

    If my message offends you, Well, you know where the delete button is. If you are not about inspiring others or finding a way to make a difference... then you know where delete is.

    You are about to see something rise up that will change the World around you and it is your choice to participate or not.

    It takes Vision, Commitment, Trust and Self Discipline. Not Always easy but worth it. The world is ready are you?

    Wow... pre-launch and in just the last 3 days 2000 new members have signed on. Here we go! Be part of history and be amazed on this journey. You are about to meet some amazing people and experience friendships of a lifetime.

    Thank you for your vision and we thrive on your feedback to improve, we have come a long way and have much more to do. If you don't like what you see, help make a change!

    Just think, on our way to 10 million subscribers all by word of mouth and you have an ID less than 4100!

    Reach for your highest and best!

    Sincerely, with all my heart and total commitment to your success!

    John Milanoski

    PS. Let's go on record together and document your historical involvement and commitment to making a Difference. You'll look back and say... I was there!

    Share your words about why you are committed to being here and making a difference. What pushes you to push through all challenges for something better?

    Let's get a million people to speak up. Engage! Your time is here and it is your turn. Start writing NOW, you how would you inspire someone to ACT?
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    PassiveMike: The majority of Americans already use coupons one way or another. Might as well and try to make money with it too.
    Make money with it becomes the ultimate plan. Join Free is the nice lead it. But the owner's going to be making money from one's marketing efforts so it makes sense to get some of that money.

    This looks good for consumer as to the coupon "value" deal. With a huge huge customer base you could pocket some regular cash.

    All the best with it. I'm on the list of one guy Coach Van that is promoting this like crazy (for the moment [​IMG] )
  7. TCA_Fred

    TCA_Fred New Member

    This is a brilliant business plan with company founders with their head in the right place for a change [​IMG]

  8. elle1

    elle1 New Member

    PassiveMike: undefined
    PassiveMike: undefined
    Mike I joined 4 days ago and I am equally excited about this program and the opportunity it holds. I have a coupon website that I am about to launch for my local area and this ties right in with it. In fact, I am giving away free ad space on my site to merchants who sign up to present a deal on Customer Advantage. It's truly a win win win and win some more.
  9. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    Some call this the "6 Billion Dollar Video"

    Really great documentary from CBS Sunday Morning on Groupon.
    The Customer Advantage is very very similar but...FREE!

    This WILL be a Game Changer for all the beginners that can never seem to refer new members into a Company. Just share with friends that want to save 50% on things they buy and services they use everyday.
  10. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    TCA is absolutely FREE, but the money you can save and the money you can make are astronomical!

    Here is a VERY CONSERVATIVE hypothetical calculation:
    * YOU share with 2 people each month
    * EVERYONE that joins you does the same, 2 a month
    * Everyone spends just 10 bucks a month on coupons
    * YOUR Monthly Inc0me after 12 months: Over 17,000 ((( incredible )))

    You can play with the calculator here

    Now maybe you see why this may just make History!

    There are 4 videos on our web site. Take about 30 minutes and have a look...I think you'll agree this may be one of the best 0pportunities available today.

    Get your FREE Membership now.
  11. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    7 Reasons to join The Customer Advantage.....

    -- Make LOTS of Money
    -- It's FREE
    -- Save LOTS of Money
    -- It's FREE
    -- Help YOUR Local Small Business Owners
    -- It's FREE
    -- Help YOUR Local Charities

    Did I mention this is FREE? It's hard to believe we can have an actual and legitimate Home Based Business with zero expenses...ever. Always free.

    The Customer Advantage is even free advertising for the Business Owner. This is really a very ingenious market plan, not to mention just plain cool.

    Come join the fun...Get YOUR Free Membership today!
  12. cashflow

    cashflow New Member

    I just found out about thecustomeradvantage about three months ago from the Owner John Milanoski, and I Joined. They are in Pre Launch now, but they will Offer 50% off or more on local Products, and Services in your City within the next month or two. Some of the offers will include:

    Restaurants - Hotels - Salons - Spas - Hair Car - Car Care - Car Repair - Health Clubs - Chiropractic - Clothing Stores - Massage - Karate Clubs - Training Centers, and Much More. . .
    This can be most anything that is a Service oriented company that will be willing to offer 50% or better off of full retail price. Some clothing stores, shoe stores, or anything that they can still make a profit offering their products at 50% off or better.

    My Best Friend had been good friends with the Owner of the Company John Milanoski, and we were Sold once he told us all about the company. Since Joining, I have also got to be best friends with John, as I am dealing directly with him on a regular basis. I am a founding member in - thecustomeradvantage with a Id or invite code of - cashflow

    They are a Start up company, similar to groupon, but the company rewards you for inviting people to join for free. So for every person that joins your invite, they will give you 5% of the Money they spend with the company, and anyone that joins for five levels deep. The company will also pay you a commission for any businesses that you sign up. So when ever they run a coupon special, you will get 2% of that coupon run, and any future coupon runs for ever. So by signing allot of Businesses, you could potentially have very large monthly paychecks forever. Example: What if you got 10 people to Join each month, and they did the same, and they did the same, and they did the same, so on, and so on, and you did this for a year. You would have around a Million users or more. What if you got paid for everyone of these people per month [​IMG]

    From what John says, our group has over half of the people involved, and we are gaining hundreds of members a day. Today we have around 7650 members. Most people that hear what a Great opportunity it is, Join Thecustomeradvantage . Why ? Well, its FREE to Join, no requirement to spend any money each month, and no one has to spend any money to get a check.

    I have been in Business for around 30 years, and this is the Best Opportunity that I have ever seen. It's Free to Join, Free every month, and the company gives you your own website to let others Join for Free, under your invite code. So Everyone WINS! The Businesses get more new business, and income. The customers get a deal at 50% off or more, and the people that work this to make income can build a great income each month, if not get RICH [​IMG]
    Please take the time to check out thecustomeradvantage , watch the video's that may explain things in a different light, and or so you know what the company is truly offering YOU , and you can make your choice to Join or not.
  13. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    The Customer Advantage just hit 8,000 members!

    Watch the CBS clip on Groupon

    According to that TV Documentary....
    - Groupon is the fastest growing Company in history
    -- Groupon is VERY similar to The Customer Advantage
    -- The Customer Advantage is growing faster than Groupon did at their start
    - 95% of Groupon's merchants said they will use their service again!
    - Groupon CEO states they have just scratched the surface of this market

    Get YOUR Free Customer Advantage Membership NOW!
  14. goodemoney

    goodemoney New Member

    I just joined a few days ago and I've never been this excited in my 30 years in the network marketing industry.

    This program will create millionaires and anybody who doesn't join is either an idiot or just doesn't like money.

    Where else can you join a FREE program, save money on products and services you were going to buy anyway, AND earn a six-figure income just by referring a few people every month.

    I just crunched some numbers on the income calculator in our back office and it will make you lose sleep.

    By sponsoring just 2 people per month and spending just $25 a month on these heavily discounted productgs and services, you would earn more than $44,000 PER MONTH, and more than $500,000/ per year.

    And did I mention that it's FREE! If you're not already a member, what are you waiting for. If Groupon is worth $6 billion, this company will be worth $15-$20 billion or more and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

    Ovid Goode, member
    The Customer Advantage
    User Name--goodemoney
  15. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member

    Now over 8,500 members.
    That's over 500 in the last 24 hours.

    The Customer Advantage should start making merchant offers in February! Paychecks starting in March.

    The #1 Recruiter in this Company lives in Germany!
    The #9 Recruiter in this Company lives in Australia!

    Come join us now and start sharing with friends that want to save 50% Off on products and services they will use anyway!
  16. I have joined The Customer Advantage and am just as excited as everyone else.

    This is a great opportunity that costs absolutely nothing and can make you serious money.

    If you haven't signed up yet I urge you to do so. [​IMG]
  17. RobWynkoop

    RobWynkoop New Member

    I have signed up for the customer advantage, though I am skeptical about it. I joined for the coupons... The biggest hurdle I think is it's small payplan... it only pays 5 levels deep if I am correct. Most of your viral growth will happen long after 5 levels I believe.

    The long-term financial rewards from this business have yet to be seen.
  18. TopGunn

    TopGunn New Member


    Every link to these guys I can find - including the one in your sig - goes to a 404 error message.

    Not exactly a confidence builder.

    Any explanation?

  19. PassiveMike

    PassiveMike New Member


    All the links work for me. Must be a problem on your end.

    Try clearing cookies/cache and try again.
    Or try another browser.


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