The Five Pillars of Success

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    To have financial success in the network marketing industry you need to know what my mentor taught me. He taught me about Five Essential Pillars any network marketing company must have in order for YOU to succeed.

    The companies have their lawyers who's job entails creating legal documents which protect the client. Every word gets carefully crafted and surgically implanted into the final draft of the company's Policies & Proceedures so that it all leans in favour of the company.

    Knowing the Five Pillars can save you years of mistakenly wasting your time and money. Moreover, it can teach you the skills you need to help others avoid those same mistakes. And it can raise your status in the field to the level of an expert, someone whom others can rely upon for leadership in the NWM Industry.

    I will only touch on a few aspects of each of the Pillars in this series. My mentor did a great job explaining them on a Team Training Call he did a while ago and I have a link to the recorded audio version. I will share it with anyone who e-mails me for it. I recieved it for free; therefore, I will give it away for free.

    Again this information applies to anybody in any network marketing company or to someone who's searching for one to work with. Michael -- my mentor -- often jokes about how the competition hates him. They hate that he gives away all the trade secrets for free because it makes them look bad for trying to make money on them.

    He doesn't say they shoudn't make money from marketing training materials. He just has a problem with those bad companies that do not have the Five Pillars of Success in place and which keep feeding people grand illusions and false hopes and dreams through the use of such materials.

    Okay. I respect other peoples' time so I think I should end this post here. I've said enough to whet your appetite and I will continue this thread tomorrow.

    I am here only to be truly helpful.

    Warm regards,

    Rob Nyte
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    I would like to know more about the Five Pillars of success![​IMG]
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    Pillar Of Success # 1

    Yesterday (or, now its's the day before yesterday[​IMG]) we told you about Five Pillars your MLM company must have in place in order for YOU to have success in the network marketing industry. Today we'll continue our series by talking a little bit about the first pillar of success.

    Pillar Of Success # 1: Company Management Experience With Integrity.

    The people who run your company are key to your success. You need to get to know them. Who are they? Do you know their names and titles? What are their job descriptions? What are their professional credentials and how much experience do they have in the MLM Industry?

    But even more important: Is there any dirt on them? What kind of record do they have? That's really where it all hangs.

    So let's start with integrity. What does that mean exactly? Well, to help us out with that, let's turn to a simple dictionary definition:

    "1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty." -

    Often, all you have to do is a search on Google. Type the name of your company's CEO into the search bar and hit the button. Then read until your heart's content and satisfied. If you don't find anything negative on Google about the people who manage your company, then you can be fairly certain of their integrity.

    Besides Googling the names of your company's managers, you should also seek out the opinions of ex-distributors - if any. You can usually find them easily enough on the forums. One very helpful forum, for example, is If there's any dirt on your company or its managers you can be pretty sure it's been dug up already by someone on Scam.

    So that's the first thing you should do before you join any network marketing company. If you've already joined one and you haven't done this, do it now!

    Tomorrow, we'll continue our discussion of Pillar # 1. There's more! Much more. And we credit everything we know to Michael Dlouhy our mentor. Download his free e-book, 'Success In Ten Steps,' and see for yourself why we love him so much!

    *NOTE: You can download 'Success In Ten Steps' by simply clicking on our signature tag below and opting in for it. Or contact us privately by e-mail at and we will be glad to send it to you. By the way, did we mention it's FREE?!

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Hey Hotboy,

    I private e-mailed you with further instructions. Be sure to check your mail!

    To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte
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    MLM Story Time

    Okay, so CEO millionaire extraordinaire Max ?  les Millions decides he wants to break away from the Super MLM Company he's involved with at the present time to start up his very own Super Duper MLM Company.

    So he calls up his buddy Larry the Lawyer and together they mastermind a plan to launch the new and amazing Super Duper MLM Company. Larry offers to take care of all the legal stuff for Max and assures him not to worry about it.

    Larry the Lawyer crafts up a brilliant Policies and Proceedures document. Max looks it over and pats Larry on the back. "Well done! This looks just perfect!"

    Max ?  les Millions is a skilled recruiter and in no time at all he has enough new distributors signed on. Soon, the Super Duper MLM Company is making millions of dollars and many distributors are enjoying their bonus bucks and bonus trips and bonus cars.

    Larry the Lawyer wrings his hands in anticipation and joyful glee as he thinks about the day, coming very shortly now, when he and Max will spring their trap on their unsuspecting victims. "I'll be filthy rich!" he says to himself with an evil and hungry look in his eye.

    Max, sitting in Larry's plush office, smiles and says, "A sucker's born every minute aye Larry. Remember how we pulled the wool over on all those innocent idiots at school?"

    "Yup." replies Larry. "High School was lucrative. We made an excellent team. We could con anybody!"

    "Yeah and now that we're older and smarter we're going to make so much money off our Super Duper Dumb Distributors we won't know what to do with it!" says Max.

    Evil laughs are heard throughout the Super Duper Headquarters complex as the camera lifts off into outer space leaving a tiny black dot of cancerous something behind it, staining the surface of the planet.

    Thousands of Super Duper Distributors are about to find out they are ruined!

    To be continued....

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Granted the above scenario is purely fiction, the figment of our sometimes overactive imaginations, but it isn't at all out of the realm of possiblility, either. For all we know, there just may really be a Max and a Larry, old high school buddies, slash super duper con artists, conspiring together to pull one over on tens of thousands of unsuspecting distributors.

    On the other hand, maybe there isn't. But one thing we do know for a certainty is that there really are a whole lot of deceptive, unscrupulous con people out there in MLM Land victimizing good people in this industry. It breaks our hearts whenever we hear their tales of crushed dreams. You can sense their loss and hopelessness when you hear them tell their sad stories. You can feel their anger, frustration and disappointment.

    Folks, this is unacceptable! These are people who have trusted the legitimate promises of what MLM can do for them but, because of the unethical, immoral, unscrupulous practices of a few illegitimate cons who hijacked our industry, they were let down, burned and have been victimized and abused by the very industry that held out those promises to them in the first place.

    One may ask, "Well, why didn't these people excercise better judgement and seriously evaluate the claims made by their victimizers?"

    Yes, good question. Why didn't they? Why didn't they take a closer look at what they were being asked to jump into. Upon closer inspection, they might have seen it was a den of poisonous snakes.

    We believe the answer to that question is found in the powerful methods being used by them in the recruiting process. Using psychological manipulation and maybe even some hypnosis these cons know exactly what to say and do to make people mindlessly pull out their credit cards and join up. They consciously use fear of loss, guilt and shame to get people to respond positively to their persuasive offers.

    But after they've got your money and the hype is up you are left alone, cold and stripped naked. When you finally wake up to the gravity of the situation, it feels like you've just been violated while you were being robbed. You got nothing but abused and used. And as reality sets in, you realize how stupid you were for allowing yourself to trust those bast**ds. Blaming yourself, you vow never to trust anyone again and bid farewell forever to an industry that could have helped you fulfill your dreams if only you'd met the right people first.

    DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! And if it already has, please don't blame yourself. It was NOT your fault! Let me repeat that again.

    IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT! You did nothing wrong. Contrary to what people might have told you, you did not attract these cons into your life. Rather, it was the cons who sought you out and stalked you.

    The truth is unless we are trained to recognize them we won't be able to. They're so slick and polished that they can escape the radar detectors of even the most skeptical of people.

    Okay. Now that we've warned you of the slick little cons out there in MLM Land, we can continue teaching you what to look for when searching for a good MLM company to choose.

    But that'll have to wait until tomorrow. Be sure to come back and visit! We're going to go into Pillar 1 in a bit more detail and discuss Policies and Proceedures.

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    So you've signed up with a company and now you're prospecting for new recruits.

    Over time, if you didn't quit within the first few months, you managed to sponsor a few people who in turn sponsored other people and now you're starting to make some money.

    You get lucky one day and sponsor a phenomenal new recruit who brings his entire downline of distributors over to your business.

    And now you're so filthy rich you can afford to retire.



    Didn't you read your Policies & Proceedures? They say you can't retire.

    You have an ongoing obligation to sponsor new people into your organization. You cannot quit. And selling your business is entirely out of the question.

    You contact head office and want speak to the head honcho. He's unavailable byt his lawyer tells you that you signed up for this and you can't just break an agreement.

    You're absolutely amazed and shocked and more than a little angry.

    You decide to challenge the company. But you soon realize you can't win.

    You can't quit. You can't stop recruiting. You can't sell. You can't even warn other distributors of the same fate because that would would be punishable, too.

    You're bitter and tired and stressed out and start asking yourself if any of this is worth it.

    You decide to speak to one of your best friends about it. He's in the business with you.

    You tell him all about it. He listens but he's getting a little annoyed with you. He's annoyed that you're raining on his parade and saying negative stuff about the beloved company.

    A month later you receive a letter in the mail from the company informing you that you have been fired and all bonuses and benefits have heretofore been halted.

    No explanation. No reason. No thank you for a job well done. Nothing.

    "Can this be happening?" you wonder. "They can't do this!"

    Well, sorry to say, yes they can. They can let you go for any reason at any time without notice.

    It's in your company's Policies & Proceedures.

    Again, didn't you read it before you signed up?


    Oh-oh! You didn't?

    What can I say?

    To be continued....

    Rob Nyte
    At Your Service!
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    A very nice peice of work. Always leave them wanting more LOL.

    Keep up the good work!
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    If you haven't read your company's Policies & Proceedures we urge you to do so. It's critical to your future success. Everytime we've asked someone if they've read them the answer is either no or that they've skimmed through them.

    Skimming through them seems to be the standard practice. But skimming over your contract with the company isn't a wise choice. We know it's boring to slog through pages and pages of doublespeak but it's imperative that you do.

    Why is it that most people do not read their P & P's? We believe it's because it's not usually a heavy investment to get signed up. Let's face it. Who's going to worry about losing a measley $35 if it doesn't work out? It's not like you're buying a $750, 000 franchise. If you were, I bet you'd get a team of lawyers to go over the company P & Ps before you signed on.

    We think there's an expectation of failure among new distributors. If someone has the thought in the back of their mind that it's really not that important to check out in detail what their company's rules of engagement are because it's not that likely anything terrible will happen to me anyway. It's just a small part time job. So what? Well, what does that tell you? People don't expect massive success when they sign up.

    OUr team's policy is to always, always, always insist you read our company's Policies & Proceedures before you sign up. And we'll sit right there with you until you're done. Fortunately, our company's Polices & Proceedures are only three pages long and we can get through it in datail in less than an hour. Most MLM companies' P & Ps are way longer than ours. Some have 13, 30, 44, 100 pages! Could you imagine? No wonder most people don't bother with them!

    We want to emphasize that our company's P & Ps are only three pages short. We have never come accross any other company that comes close to this little number of rules. We've learned that the longer the company's P & Ps, the more likely it is that the company is a bad one and should be avoided.

    Also, you should always ask to see a copy of the company's P & Ps before you sign up with it. Make sure they can be readily accessed on the company's website. Ours are easily found on the website. Most company's hide theirs in the back office. ONe company even denies you access to them until after you've signed up! And then it charges you nearly $20 bucks to get a copy! And when you do finally get the P & Ps and read them you start to realize how horribly it duped you and a big knot of stress forms in your solar plexus.

    Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power.

    We'll continue our discussion of the Five Pillars Of Success tomorrow.

    Respectfully at Your service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Kewl beans! Thank You Carl.[​IMG]

    Rob Nyte
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    One of our friends here in Sudbury (Ontario, Canada) joined a Multi Level Marketing company about three months ago. He's new to the business and didn't know the pitfalls to watch for. He thought he was joining a perfectly good company. What sold him on joining was, we believe, the fact that a very prominent businessman with Hollywood status endorses it.

    Now let me just say that this businessman is, indeed, very good at what he does. He has created a successful real estate empire and practically owns one of the largest entertainment capitals in the United States. He appeared at one of this company's conventions a few years back and that's where he was video taped saying some really nice things about the company.

    What our friend doesn't know is that the company convention took place at one of the hotels owned by the prominent real estate tychoon. Not only did Mr Tychoon make money from the space rental but he also made a small fortune from agreeing to endorse our friend's company.

    SO OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT OUR FRIEND'S COMPANY!! He'd be crazy not to. This man is all business and makes sure whatever he does benefits him personally. If it's a win-win scenario, all the better. But when it's a win-lose scenario, he assures that it's a win for him and tells the loser, "Hey, it's business not personal."

    Our point is our friend joined his company based on his recognition of a famous celebrity business tychoon and when we asked him whether or not he ever read his company's Policies & Proceedures, what did he say? You guessed it. He told us, "Yeah, I skimmed over them."

    Now we've already talked about that but there's one thing we failed to mention. Many people do not know the difference between their Policies & Proceedures and Terms & Conditions of Agreement.

    Digging a bit deeper, we found out our friend had never even looked at his company's P & Ps. What he "SKIMMED" were its Terms & Conditions!

    IF only P & Ps were as short as T & Cs!

    The problem is the Terms & Conditions is the short version of the P & Ps and they DO NOT tell you everything. They leave out all the good stuff, folks!

    What do we consider the "GOOD STUFF" in Policies & Proceedures?

    Well, guess what?

    Yup. Tomorrow. LOL.

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    The Good Stuff Is Bad

    Let's take a closer look at one particularly bad company's Policies and Procedures. The real company's name has been omitted and replaced by one of our own imagination. Everything else has been unedited. Our comments are included in italics. Enjoy!

    Offerings/Terms of Service

    [The Bad Company] and its carrier/supplier/service provider(s)have the sole right to accept or reject orders for products and services, to establish and change without notice, the prices of such products and services as well as to establish the terms and conditions of their offering.

    If you sell Bad Company products and services, wouldn't you expect it to notify you of any price changes? We couldn't imagine Ford not notifying its sales staff of any changes in its line of vehicles and accessories! You just closed a deal and told your new customers their order will be shipped within a week's time. When you place their order you find out the prices have been raised. Now you have to face your customers with the bad news and look like an idiot! When asked why you didn't tell them of this change you say the company didn't notify you. Now not only do YOU look bad but your company ??“ The Bad Company -- also looks bad! Your customer cancels and you lose the sale.

    Cold Marketing in Customer Acquisition and Sponsorship of Independent Representatives

    [The Bad Company] is a network marketing company that is focused solely on relationship, or "warm marketing" techniques.

    So the ONLY way to gain customers with The Bad Company is to bug your friends and family. Make that list of one hundred names! But how do you acquire new customers after you've burned your warm market? You'd better have a product so good your friends and relatives will never stop buying month after month! Otherwise you'll soon be out of business.

    [The Bad Company] strictly prohibits Independent Representatives from engaging in any "cold marketing" techniques for purposes of customer acquisition at any time. Cold marketing is defined as any promotional activity that is geared toward random individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with the promoter.

    Okay but what about recruiting other Independent Representatives? Can you contact people other than your warm market customers of family and friends? Well, read below for the answer.

    Furthermore, while [The Bad Company] does not expressly prohibit, it highly discourages cold marketing techniques for the purposes of sponsoring other Independent Representatives, as these can be costly, ineffective, and highly distracting to an Independent Representative's network marketing efforts.

    This implies you should recruit new distributors from among your warm market customers. But The Bad Company does not strictly prohibit you from randomly contacting strangers -- even though it deems that a "costly, ineffective and highly distracting" practice.

    To be continued....

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    How To Get Fired From Your MLM Company

    Development and Use of Independent Marketing Materials

    "[The Bad Company] strictly prohibits the creation of marketing materials by Independent Representatives that 1) do not adhere to [The Bad Company's] policy on use of logos, names, trademarks, and proprietary information,..."

    STOP! So far so good. You can't use the company logo or its names or trademarks in the creation of your marketing materials. That's understandable.

    [[The Bad Company] strictly prohibits the creation of marketing materials by Independent Representatives that...] "2) make any specific references to [The Bad Company's] products, plans, rates or any component of the Compensation Plan,..."

    Now wait a minute. Why bother creating your own flyer? If you do you'd better not promote any of the company's products or business plans!

    Purchasing Materials

    "It is not necessary to purchase marketing materials to become [a Bad Company Rep.]"

    Soon after joining, however, the Rep will discover how necessary are the company's marketing materials for prospecting. Since you cannot create your own you have no choice but to purchase materials from the company. How do you promote your company and its products and services without anything to give to your prospects? Do you just tell them to visit my website and that's it? Obviously, Reps are going to need to purchase the company's marketing materials The company knows this and maybe that's why it makes it pointless for Reps to create their own? Because the company doesn't want competition? Less of a profit for it, perhaps?

    Specifications for Independent Representative Names

    "Please note that [The Bad Company] will only continue to service the Independent Representative who remains listed in our computer system."

    Interesting and weird. I'm a bit nervous about that whole "as long as you're still listed in our computer system we'll do business with you" thing. WHAT?! I'd like to know what this means. Who's in charge of assuring your name continues to be listed in the computer system? What if you get a disgruntled employee over there who decides to get revenge by deleting names from the computer system?! Well? What if? Anything is possible. Okay, okay. Maybe a bit far fetched but let's say you piss someone off at headquarters? Or let's say the boss wants a new jet? What does he do? All he has to do is delete a few names from the list! And presto! Like magick, he's got himself a new corporate jet! This may sound far fetched but it's not impossible. Just something to think about.

    [The Bad Company] reserves the right to intercede in disputes, and if it is determined that unethical activity exists, the status may be suspended and/or terminated.]

    Just like that! And what does it deem "unethical activity?" Well, for one thing, if you're caught trying to generate leads for new distributors with your own flyers that you created yourself, watch out! You can be terminated.!

    Dear reader, come back tomorrow and we'll have more "good stuff" for you.

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Furthermore, any profits or success resulting from activities as an Independent Representative will be based upon customer acquisition and the amount of services or products purchased by those customers. Any success achieved will be based solely upon the Independent Representative's effort, commitment and skills."

    DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU HAVE A SMALL FAMILY AND OR NO FRIENDS!! Remember you are not allowed to acquire customers from the cold market.

    Selling Your Independent Representative Status

    "The Independent Representative status WILL NOT be considered SOLD until it is approved by [The Bad Company.] Therefore, DO NOT accept any funds from the potential buyer until the sale has been approved and finalized. [The Bad Company] charges a $1,000 fee to process any approved sale. Do not send the $1,000 fee until [The Bad Comapany] has approved the sale."

    Let's say the company likes you and likes the money you're generating for it. What if it likes you TOO much? Eh? Here we see it gives itself the power to make up any old excuse to deny approval of your desire to sell! You'd be forced to continue or quit. And you couldn't quit because the you'd be in breach of contract and lose all your bonuses and commissions. In other words, you would cease to meet the qulifications to continue getting paid so you'd have to stay on until the day the company decides to permit you to sell -- or until the day you die. Again, something else to think about.


    "[The Bad Company] reserves the right to reduce commissionable revenue by a percentage factor for promotional plans, products, negotiated pricing or certain services."

    This one blows me away! Reduce by a percentage? What percentage? Any percentage? For a promo reason? At your expense? So the company could decide to start a promo campaign tomorrow and to fund it by reducing your commissionable revenue, say, by 50%? Yikes! That's a scary thought when you consider that new mansion you just got a mortgage for!

    Guys, if you haven't looked in detail at your company's Policies and Procedures, please for your sakes, read them and read them closely. Remember: The company's lawyers have written them up for the benefit of the company -- not for yours. It is your responsibility to yourself and to your dependants to inform yourselves of your contractual obligations and their consequences.

    If you have any questions regarding your company's P & Ps don't hesitate to call us at our home anytime at . or email us at

    We're here to serve you.

    Tomorrow, we'll take a look at Pillar # 2 for Network Marketing Success!

    Many Blessings!

    Rob Nyte
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    Pillar # 2 For Successful Network Marketing

    Guys, if your company doesn't have Pillar mumber one in place, then RUN! If it doesn't have COMPANY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE WITH INTEGRITY, then run as fast and as far away from that company as is humanly possible.

    If your company doesn't have Pillar # 1, then it's not even worth considering whether or not it has Pillars 2, 3, 4 or 5.

    To briefly recap what we've said about Pillar # 1:

    1) Google search the name of the company and its leaders.

    2) Search for the feelings and thoughts of former distributors in particular and, in general, for the opinions of the skeptics.

    3) Before signing up or, if you already have signed up, be sure to read the company's Policies and Procedures and their Terms and Conditions and their Disclaimers.

    The above is indeed all common sense and its regrettable that it should even have to be mentioned but, because of the fact so many many people are misled by all the hype and glitter out there in MLM Land, we have to remind people to consider their company's guilty until proven innocent. It's just good practice and can prevent you from wasting years of your time and thousands of your dollars. Period.

    Now, on we go to Pillar # 2 in our Five Pillars Of Success series. We owe a big debt to our mentor Michael Dolouhy who taught us these five principles. Again, we have his discussion of the Pillars in a recorded format and it's available for free if anyone wants it. Just contact us.


    Timing is everything. We hear it all the time.

    We don't know how many pre-launces we've been invited to partake of in our short time in the MLM industry but it's alot. Too many to count on both of our hands and toes, combined.

    That's what we want to discuss with you next. And we're going to share a personal story with you regarding that tomorrow. Thanks for reading and Many Blessings.

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Rayvin is a member of a sales group here in town and there was this one guy there who invited her to an opportunity meeting. She told me about it and we thought , "What the heck, it might be a good opportunity to do some networking and maybe get a few leads."
    So off we went and we invited a bunch of our friends to join us. The room was full mostly with our own friends. It sure was a good call to invite us!

    The guy who invited us spoke first and told the audience this was a brand new ground floor opportunity. The company wasn't even officially launched yet and we were the first people to listen to how great it all was and how rich we'd get if we joined up and how much better the compensation plan was and the products were than any other company anywhere else.

    Anyway, after his little speech, he introduced this woman who's pretty well-known in Canada here and who's husband is actually gaining rock star status around the world right now because of his leading role in the movie called, 'The Secret.'[/i]

    Well, when she mentioned 'The Secret,' now we were interested and so was almost everyone else. It was already impressive enough that this famous couple were part of this new pre-launch deal.

    'The Secret,'
    if you've seen it, is a great movie about how to apply 'The Law of Attraction' and so, since that's what Rayvin and I are all about, we decided to pay our $35 pre-launch fee at the end of the meeting to see what would happen. We're very supportive of 'The Law of Attraction' and since the company's main objective was to teach it to the world, we thought, "Why not? It's only $35. And it could turn out to be pretty good. It'd be a shame to miss this chance!"

    The company's vision of Hope, Abundance and Prosperity for the world appealed to us and since we love those three words and use them all the time ourselves, we were sold on it.

    That was before we had ever heard about the 'Five Pillars of Success.'
    We didn't know anything about Policies and Procedures. We were just like the majority of other network marketers out there in MLM Land who just pretty much trusts everybody and gives them the benefit of the doubt. We're positive people by nature and for us it's pretty hard to believe anybody's actually out to really rip us off.

    What follows next might seem a bit self-serving becuse we're going to mention a book we love to share with people. It helped us out and we believe it would help you, too, in whatever MLM business you're in. But you'll see it's not a plug for our business; it's a plug for the book. Forgive us for that but it's part of the story here, okay?

    So anyway after some time with this new ground floor company, while waiting for our sales kit to come, we accidentally ran accross a free e-book called, 'Success In Ten Steps,' on the internet and, at first, we never bothered with it. But then we noticed it EVERYWHERE! All over the place! We kept running into it in our research.

    So we had to read it. When something keeps popping into your life like that it's pretty hard to ignore. And who knows what kind of message it might have for you? It might be something worthwhile looking into, right?

    Well, we looked into it all right and, Wham! We got hit right between the eyes, man! To make a long story short, we immediately recognized our mistake of joining a ground floor opportunity.

    And that's what we're going to discuss next: Why is it a mistake to get in on the ground floor of a new MLM company?

    To Your Success,

    Rob Nyte
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    Why is it a mistake to get in on the ground floor of a new MLM company?

    It's a mistake because for the first few years there are bugs in the system. Computer glitches. Incomplete phases. Changes to the compensation plan. Customer service in training. Ordering hang ups. Shipping delays. You name it. Any number of things can happen.

    Now no system is perfect. That's true. Most company's will mess up in one way or another. Labels will be put on upside down or whatever. And the problem will normally be handled immediately and expertly.

    However, these glitches, etc., get rarer and rarer as time goes by. The major problems have been worked out of the system. The nastier bugs have all pretty much been taken care of. And the rare occasion that a problem arises is no longer a big deal.

    Who suffers while the company is going through growing pains? Who are the ginea pigs? Isn't it the people who come in on the ground floor?

    The truth is most people who come in on the ground floor end up leaving the company almost immediately after it launches because it doesn't take long for them to realize their mistake. Most are wise and cut their losses.

    But the company continues to agressively recruit more and more distributors to sustain it and it does so by consistently using the ground floor opportunity line it used right from the beginning.

    It's usually a ground floor opportunity for the first two years until the bugs and the ginea pigs are all dead or mostly under control.

    And that, in a nutshell, is why it is a mistake to ever get in on the ground floor of a new MLM company.

    P.S. the worst part is when the darn comp plan undergoes yet another change!

    At Your Service,

    Rob Nyte
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    Ground floor opportunities are a dime a dozen on the internet. They're not all they're cracked up to be. Too many problems.

    So Pillar # 2 for success then is Timing of the Company in the Industry. Never, never, never, EVER join a company if it's less than two years old -- AT LEAST!

    Pillar 1 was Company Mangagment Experience Wtih Integrity.

    Pillar 2 is Timing of the Company in the Industry.

    Without the first pillar in place, forget about looking into the second. Without both in place, well, you're in trouble. Period.

    Next time, we'll look at Pillar # 3. Rayvin and I love talking about Pillar # 3 because we love Seth Godin and his Purple Cow!

    Most of you will know what we're getting at and you therefore know a portion of what we'll be talking about for Pillar # 3. For those of you who don't have a clue what we mean, well, stay tuned. You'll see and you'll be amazed! [​IMG]

    Rob Nyte
  19. kim_ward

    kim_ward New Member

    "STOP! So far so good. You can't use the company logo or its names or trademarks in the creation of your marketing materials. That's understandable.

    [[The Bad Company] strictly prohibits the creation of marketing materials by Independent Representatives that...] "2) make any specific references to [The Bad Company's] products, plans, rates or any component of the Compensation Plan,..."

    Now wait a minute. Why bother creating your own flyer? If you
    do you'd better not promote any of the company's products or business plans!"

    There are legal reasons why some companies have this in place.
    Rep's often use advertising methods that could get the
    company in hot water.

    "[The Bad Company] strictly prohibits Independent Representatives from engaging in any "cold marketing" techniques for purposes of customer acquisition at any time. Cold marketing is defined as any promotional activity that is geared toward random individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with the promoter.

    Okay but what about recruiting other Independent Representatives? Can you contact people other than your warm market customers of family and friends? Well, read below for the answer.

    Furthermore, while [The Bad Company] does not expressly prohibit, it highly discourages cold marketing techniques for the purposes of sponsoring other Independent Representatives, as these can be costly, ineffective, and highly distracting to an Independent Representative's network marketing efforts.

    This implies you should recruit new distributors from among your warm market customers. But The Bad Company does not strictly prohibit you from randomly contacting strangers -- even though it deems that a "costly, ineffective and highly distracting" practice."

    In all due respect, I have never heard of such a thing in all my
    years in NWM. Why would a company want to keep you
    from showing your business to others outside of your warm

    I think many companies, although not my preferred method
    suggest warm market because they feel that is the best way
    to start a new person off, in their comfort zone.

    But, there is a better way, I agree, and learning to make
    the cold warm is the key, along with target marketing and
    a good funnel system to boot. [​IMG]


  20. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Hi Kim,

    Yes, as weird as it seems, there is an MLM company out there that highly discourages its distributors from cold calling strangers. I suppose that's because the company has its own methods and wants to retain some control over how to market its products and services. The last thing it needs, maybe, is a bunch of untrained unprofessionals fired up with enthusiasm going around rallying for the company, know what I mean?

    I believe the company is wise in that sense but still, it does seem a bit too restrictive for my taste. In any case, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my series. It's been a busy month for us. We'll get back to finishing this topic soon. To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte

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