The Importance of Passion

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ThePhoenix, May 23, 2011.

  1. ThePhoenix

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    The key to success in any business, besides the soundness of the foundation and product itself, is passion. If you are not in a business you are passionate about, odds are you will not be successful, and even if you are you still might not feel good about yourself. When you are doing something that you love, and really helping people, that is the true reward which is greater than any financial payment. That's the simple truth of things.
  2. Just2EZ

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    ThePhoenix: you still might not feel good about yourself
    Passion is just the first of the 3 little P.I.G.s
    Integrity is the second one and
    Generosity is the third.

    You're on fire Phoenix.
  3. A8ch

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    ThePhoenix: The key to success in any business, besides the soundness of the foundation and product itself, is passion.
    Absolutely! Passion is the critical ingredient that must be part of the mix if you are serious about any worthwhile pursuit.

    It's what helps you to develop the single-mindedness that gives you the drive, helps you navigate the obstacles, cements your persistence, and lifts you to high performance levels, so that you can attain your objectives.

  4. talfighel

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    In order to be successful in what you are doing, you got to have passion. This is a very important thing.....

    Because passion, especially in business, will keep you going when things get tough for you.
  5. Rach72

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    Have to say that passion is a great starter, but passion is easily dampened. You also need absolute belief in what you are doing. Whether you are dealing with a business, a hobby or a relationship.

    Belief in yourself and your cause and self-discipline are what you keep you going when the fires of passion are dampened.

    Integrity, generosity and respect are what set you apart from others and complete the picture.
  6. aniket

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    passion mixed with faith is what counts...

    i have to stay we all loose faith at some point or other in our life...

    the faith based understanding is what keeps passion alive in times of crisis...

    faith and believe in oneself together with passion is a deadly combo... [​IMG]
  7. gloria14r

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    Passion definitely counts in order to be truly successful in your life, so yeah let it be anything you do in your life you not only need to be focused but also passionate about it.
  8. FreeCashMan

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    Getting successful results from your business, i.e. profits can make one passionate. Being passionate and not being in profit (in due course) is simply no fun.

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