The Key To Productivity: No Distractions!

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by GregPierson, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. GregPierson

    GregPierson New Member

    Whenever you try and do something, take action, there's always something distracting to look at or do. Don't you always feel that? I know I do.

    I have found an application that is just amazing and puts me in an almost trance-like state when writing. It's called Q10. What it does it simply take away all distractions and give you a distraction-free environment to work with. You can find it here: (PC Only).

    For Mac there's the famous WriteRoom, but it cost money. I have found a text editor that does the same called Bean. Find it here: (Mac Only)

    These two tools have transformed me into a lazy bum (marketer) to a very productive bum (marketer). It's not only for bum marketing, but you can use it in almost any online business that needs content fast. I am able to churn out 300 words articles in 5 minutes with Q10 at my most productive.

    Try it and let me know what you think!

    To your success,
  2. jcmilligan

    jcmilligan New Member

    Q10 is very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. How do you exit Q10 once you are done? is CTRL+ALT+Delete the only way? Also, how do you get to the settings?

    A productivity tool that I love to use is Evernote. It is my external brain so I don't have to remember anything and it is free.
  3. GregPierson

    GregPierson New Member

    What I do is press Alt+F4 to exit it. Ctrl+P gives you the preferences and hitting F1 gives you an overview over all shortcuts. Ctrl+T and Ctrl+U I use all the time to set goals like 500 words in 10 minutes... Try it out!

    I've tried Evernote, but I am still looking for something super intuitive to use. If I only knew what I was looking for exactly, that would be great. For now I just use Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 for everything.
  4. briseidalopez

    briseidalopez New Member

    Wow.. that's amazing! [​IMG]
  5. timhale

    timhale New Member

    Wow thanks for the tip...sounds interesting and I just got it downloaded.

    Will give it a try and see how it works for me...thanks for sharing!!

  6. simplyg

    simplyg New Member

    Thanks for the tip. Every little helper we can find is great!

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