The Key To Success.......The Red Pill

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by kenwrites, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I am a huge fan of The Matrix. When I say huge..I mean huge. It's sad really but hey. I notice a lot of people entering IM or venturing into some other form of work at home opportunity ask virtually the same question....what is the key? What is a good program? What does it take to be successful. So in true Matrix fashion, I offer you two pills.

    I hold in my hand two pills, one blue and one red. Whichever pill you choose, will determine how successful you will be. Why? Because of the choices you make, determine your success in anything you do.

    First the blue pill is the status quo. In other words, you keep doing exactly what you are doing. Nothing more, nothing less. You will maintain your current status which most often is working for someone else and collecting a paycheck from a job you dread going to every day. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. Some people just do better by securing a brick and mortar job that offers a "sense" of security and a steady paycheck.

    Then there is the red pill. The red pill changes your view of everything. No longer will you view each day as just another day to go to work. You will wake up knowing that this vast world of ours is a huge marketplace and you have something of value to offer. IM and other work at home opportunities are NOT ABOUT MAKING MONEY in the end. They are about HELPING PEOPLE solve problems and helping people become successful.

    Now for those that are considering IM and think that it is too hard or that it takes too long, allow me to share a recent experience:

    I created a Blogger blog without a paid domain name. I made a simple three page site promoting two products. The site has no special graphics just good keyword content. The site was created two days ago. Despite not having a paid domain, despite not having flashy graphics, despite not doing any marketing yet for this site, and despite the fact that the site has not been indexed yet.......I have made a sale from it.

    The product offers value and helps solve a problem. If I can do this, ANYBODY can do this. There is work involved, however not only can it be done but thousands of people just like you are doing it everyday.

    The key to success is..........YOU
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    It is totally OK to love a movie and have the patience to watch it over and over. I am not sure if you do that but let me tell you about me.

    There was a show on TLC called American Chopper.

    I love that show and bought their DVD collection of the show. I can watch the same DVD's of them over and over again and this has been going on for 2 years since I bought those DVD's.

    How weird is that.

    I love that show even though it came off the air since Paul Jr. left the shop for good.

    Now, it terms of succeeding in Internet marketing, I know for a fact that anyone with the right mindset and dedication can succeed. There are tens of thousands of people all over the world who are doing very well.

    You just have to learn all the aspects of this internet marketing world, take action, and never give up.

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    Well said guys, in any field you will find people who wanted to be spoon fed not only in IM. Nothing is easy but I discovered the formula for success persistence is the key, if you are determined to succeed you will in any field.

    Ken like you, I do not have problem with people who prefer to take secured paid jobs but I wish they do not complain, I have people at work, who consistently complain about the job, rash hour and they wish they can change their life but they do nothing to change that except buy lottery ticket.

    I do not hate my job but I do not plan to be working until I retire, although everyone around me know that, I am not that sort who keep complaining about my life, maybe I am not sympathetic but I am sick of hearing it.

    So whatever you chose, red pill ? swallow and do not moan!!! blue pill ? also swallow it and do not whinge, whatever you do just pop the pill and stop complaining!
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    kenwrites: Because ... the choices you make, determine your success in anything you do.
    That's it in a nutshell! Well said!

    We are conditioned to look outside ourselves for our success. We're always going after the hefty salary increase or job promotion, as if acquiring those things will magically transform our situation.

    We soon discover that the benefits of such things are temporary. They only excite us for a fleeting moment, then we revert to whatever misery we were complaining about before we had those things.

    The trick is to change ourselves first. We do that by adopting a firm attitude of optimism and perseverance regarding our ultimate goals. Somehow that gives us a perspective that's not blinded, handicapped or influenced by our current set of circumstances. We learn how to see beyond them!

    That attitude also nudges us into making the kinds of choices that can permanently lift us out of our present situation and closer to the goals we have set for ourselves.

    It's during this transformative process that we realize we have the power to create whatever environment we desire, and we never have to slavishly submit to our present state of affairs.


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