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Discussion in 'Health' started by mountainmom5, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Yep, that's me now. In fact, on some forums I go by 'PearlLady' . ;)

    Crazy how life throws you a few twists and you end up going a totally different direction than orginally intended, only to find that the new one is so much more relaxed and less complicated ... there seems to be an energy in the air and hope for the NOW. I used to always dream for the future. Now I dream about each day!

    Who knew a little tiny grape/berry could make such a ruckus?!

    Who knew it has the capability to totally rock someone's world and change their life? In case you didn't know, when we are in pain or ill-health, it is extremely hard to stay positive and to dream big. Pain is a powerful tool the enemy uses to KEEP us in bondage to ourselves.

    Who knew it could be made into a business so unique that no one can copy it? The Asian s and Europeans can't copy it cause they can't grow it in their country!

    I s'pose God knew. Wonder if he was chuckling when he created it, knowing there would be a time such as this when EVERYONE would need it. When our lovely country would be so full of chemicals and toxins that the only thing to counteract it would be something HE made?

    I wonder many things, but I dream about many more! I dream of all the people that will have changed lives because of it. Ladies that have lived with the frustration and pains of things like fibro and lupus, misunderstandings and accusations.... folks that are fatigued all the time and have no energy left to even THINK about life, much less DREAM about it.

    I dream of all the new leases on life like the folks with ailments that the Drs say there is nothing to do except take addicting pain meds, or other horrible drugs with side effects that lead to MORE drugs with more side effects and a vicious cycle begins.

    I dream of all the folks that get the dreaded diagnosis of the C word and then amaze their dr's with a miraculous recovery.

    And yes, I also dream of all the folks that will new hope and faith in the home business industry. It has always been a dream of mine to help men and women find success with a home based business, but I always knew that as long as I can't find it, there is no reason to be trying to help others to get there!

    There is something so empowering in being a business owner and having the means available to take us to new places financially.

    I don't care if it takes me 3 years, 5 years or even TEN years to get to a measure of financial freedom to be completely able to do WHATEVER we want and WHENEVER we want.

    Doesn't matter - at least I have the vehicle to GET there. So many people do not yet have a vehicle to even GET in, so they can start the journey!

    I dream about them, too. :)

    So yeah, that's why they call me the 'Crazy Pearl Lady' in some other far off internet places - well, some of them don't say the 'crazy' part, but I know they are thinking it. I don't really care. I kinda like it. :)
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    I don't think you are crazy at all and I love how on fire you are about this product! It's not going to take you ten years. I am positive of that.

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