The New Google Search algorithm are you scared?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by onedumbaussie, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member


    Google has relesed a few details about the new search algorithm they have developed.

    It is interesting to see that google is publicly saying that content farms and NON-Unique content will be pushed aside.

    Over all 11.8% of websites will be affected, which is a large number when you consider how many there actually are.

    Personally several sites dipped on the day of release but surged back in 48 hours, thankfully, it seems my article spinning to keep content unique and 100% readable is working.

    Anyone else felt the pinch yet?

    How will you change to accomodate the new Google search algorithm?

  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Now, I know why many of the article directories (Not naming names) want much better content from their authors.

    I guess that they are scared that they will lose out and get their directories not show up on the search engines like Google.

  3. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    There is now a complete focus on unique content. I think we all should take some responsibility to see that this happens.

    If you put an article in your blog do not submit it to an article directory and vice versa. The Internet is cluttered with to much duplicate content and Google is finally doin something about it. I personally think it is great!
  4. Rach72

    Rach72 New Member

    It is awesome from a user perspective. The majority of the result that we get for our searches really are giving a fresh perspective on things.

    From a marketers point of view it is a royal pain in the butt - got the great content, but struggling to find valuable sites to submit it too....oh well, guess we'll wait this one out......

    Anyone want any ghostwriting or rewriting done while I'm waiting?
    (seriously, PM me for details [​IMG])
  5. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    well i usually try to use unique content when it really matters, and this new algo change has actually acknowledged my efforts and helped some of my sites to hit page 1.

    some of them are even no. 1 on google now. Im hoping that ejine@rtikles will bounce back because that is where im concentrating my article marketing on. At this point simply submiting it isn't going to cut it anymore, i will start building backlinks to the articles just like my main pages.

    ejine@rtikles started rolling out some ridiculous rules concerning articles submission so now every article i have on there has a brand new domain to it. For someone who submits articles regularly i have to buy packs of 10 new domains if i want to submit articles on 10 different subjects.

    They got even more strict with their guidelines, but hey, im not gonna give up on this because it is worth it in the long run. I know that people say don't waste time making content for ezine and giving them free seo, but this is just one part of my marketing strategy.
  6. I actually welcome the change.

    Now we won't have to compete with rehashed articles that have been spun into oblivion.

    Just keep writing good, 100% unique, content and you won't have to worry about the changes.

    You may even see a rise in your search engine rankings. [​IMG]

    To your success,

  7. taz87

    taz87 Member

    As technology gets more sophisticated and complex, I think eventually no matter how much you spin a piece of content. Google will STILL catch you is like skynet(literally) you spin manually or spinning software?

  8. JesseK

    JesseK New Member

    I don't think the change is a bad thing. I get very frustrated when I'm personally searching for something and I get the same stuff over and over again.

    As marketers it forces us to be more creative in our thinking and how we present ourselves on the web.
  9. jazbo

    jazbo New Member

    For anyone who focuses on their own sites delivering quality unique content its a bonus. Its only the article marketers and the duplicate content spammers who have to worry.
  10. syxx

    syxx New Member

    With this change, if I post content on other forums and such (I post fishing reports which are on my blog on about 50 different fishing forums), should I rewrite them on each forum I post them on? As of now, one day a week I take a compilation of my best reports and post them on all of these sites. I do basically cute and paste. Would it be better to just post on say 4 or 5 of them every day, and just rewrite each report each time? As for my blog I do notice it has jumped in rankings as I post original unique content on there on a daily basis.
  11. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I would think it better to only provide excerpts to the other sites, the highlights/teasers.
    Have your signature say something like "Complete Florida Keys Fishing Reports".
    At least provide a little more on your site they don't get elsewhere.
    That way Google sees you as the authority the others are quoting.
  12. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    syxx: (I post fishing reports which are on my blog on about 50 different fishing forums), should I rewrite them on each forum I post them on?
    Forums are not article directories. And if someone thinks they are the same and post articles there, which they have on their site or have posted in other directories, they are insulting the forum. It takes away the charm and the very purpose of the forum - to infuse your individuality and discuss similar topics. Majority of the people who copy/paste articles never comeback to discuss. And even if they do come, their posts lacks enthusiasm. It's just for the sake of posting.

    One member whose membership I terminated for copy/pasting duplicate content proclaimed that he had outsourced the forum posting to somebody else and his employee didn't read the rules properly. You see what I'm trying to say?

    If the forum owner were to take his/her forum seriously, he/she would absolutely detest this approach. It would definitely kill the forum in the long run. I at least do not allow this practice here.
  13. kane1976

    kane1976 New Member

    I have not seen much change myself really, yes a couple of my auto blogs containing duplicate content dropped a few pages, but i soon got them back to where they were again by creating a few more one way backlinks to them.

    So i'd say just keep building one way backlinks to your sites and you will be fine, whether your using duplicate content or not.

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