The Perfect Wealth Formula Scam or Real?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by dschlick, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. dschlick

    dschlick New Member

  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Looks like a good sales letter, but who knows.
  3. workingfromhome

    workingfromhome New Member

    My guess is that you will be an affiliate to he's program.
  4. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    I am currently using Perfect Wealth Formula and love it.

    I've worked full time for the last couple of years from my home and have read a lot of ebooks, but have never seen anything as beneficial as this to new marketers.

    The biggest reason why it is so helpful is because CEO Jason Pearson has made several step-by-step videos on showing you how to market properly via PPC as well as free advertising. Because it is visual, it helps to speed up the learning curve very quickly.

    I made $2400 in my first 4 days with it and that was just the beginning. Let me know if you have any questions.[​IMG]

  5. workingfromhome

    workingfromhome New Member

    You can't be serious.. $2400 in 4 days? or are you just telling us that so we buy it through your site in your sig?
  6. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Absolutely... $2400 in 4 days.

    Call me... I'd be glad to show you the proof.

  7. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Well he says he has proof, so there you go. Who knows, don't knock a product until you try it I guess.
  8. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Guys, It is possible to make $2400 in 4 days. These sorts of programs can be very good. I haven't been in PWF but have had a look at it.

    I personally made 18k in EDC when it launched.

    When you do your research you will find quite a few programs like PWF, EDC, etc.

    They arn't bad programs. Pretty much the same principle with different entry prices and packaging.

    You can make alot of money in them quickly. You just need to be able to market. This is done via alot of free methods as well as PPC.

    To make the 2.4k you would need about 6 sales.

    The key to these sorts of programs is to brand yourself. That's how you will get alot attention and earn alot of money.
  9. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member


    You hit it right on the button... the key is branding yourself! That's what I show each person how to do.

  10. netcash88

    netcash88 New Member


    Yep.... it's true... you can make some serious money with these programs.

    I recently started up in EDC Gold, and made $2000 ($1994, actually) in about 8 days, doing some moderate advertising.

    You MUST have 2 things together, to make it work ... You have to make a decision AND you MUST have a commitment to yourself, to really show up for work every day. No commiitment, nothing happens.

    You really NEED 2 more things: 1.) A sponsor that will really HELP you and show you what to do, and answer your questions, AFTER he has gotten paid.....


    I am getting one heck of an education too. Once you learn some of the good stuff like "5 things Google doesn't want you to know" and "Shadowing"...... the adwords relevance "Trifecta" ... auto responders, ..... as well as a classic education in marketing and advertising....

    ... You can use this stuff over and over again... yes ... I'm a little worked up [​IMG]

    ... I just signed another team member, and got another $997 in my merchant account..... I am totally jazzed about helping other folks do the same thing.... WooHoo!

    ...... ahem ..... okay, sorry

    I am new to this forum, and don't usually dance on tables... honest


    Warm regards,

    Dave Yates
    K.C., MO
  11. surfy

    surfy New Member

    Hi there

    I agree that branding is very important to being successful. I joined PWF and have had 5 sales in 8 days. The best thing I find with PWF is the step by step video's available to teach you about marketing. They are very valuable.

    One point I need to make is with any program if people do not have support from their upline and a very duplicatable system in place most people will not suceed. The reason I say this is because most people looking for a program to either supplement their income or have the ability to leave their 9-5 JOB have not learnt or be taught how to market on the online or offline so do not know where to start. So I feel finding a sponsor that is willing to invest in their downline is very,very important.

    I recommend this program to anyone wanting to make a change in their personal and financial situation.

    To your success

  12. JCP

    JCP New Member

    It looks like a MLM program. Am I right?
  13. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    No... it's a 2 tier affiliate program.[​IMG]

    You earn when you sell the product, and then you get $100 overrides on all product packages they sell.

    MLM is several levels of payout. With MLM companies, you have to have an average of 150 people in your group just to make $1000 monthly income. With this you can earn $10,000 with just yourself or a couple of people you bring in.

  14. alohaoahu1978

    alohaoahu1978 New Member

    What do you think about the RMTR?
    Are you currently a member?
  15. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Yes... I just signed up for RoadMap to Riches.[​IMG]

    At first I was reluctant to signup for a 2Up program, but now I see the huge residual aspects of it and I really think the products that CEO Brian Grant put together are great.

    Personal development is an estimated $8.9 Billion Dollar Per Year Industry, so this is definitely tapping into a huge market and the fact that you earn 100% of $999 sale paid instantly to you of course doesn't hurt either!

  16. alohaoahu1978

    alohaoahu1978 New Member

    Did you make any money out of it?
    I wanted to join EDC Gold and the mentor that I found through internet left EDC GOLD and sign up RMTR.... He said too much garbage going on them(EDC GOLD). So,he currently promoting the RMTR. He sent me an e-mail to check out his new website and the proof of credit card payment is exactly same as he used in EDC GOLD website. Now,I lost faith on him and I'm looking for another mentor. PWF sounds good to me,too.
  17. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    I just joined last night... it is brand new.

    I will make money with it as I do with all the programs I get involved with and commit to building.

    That's the great thing about internet marketing... once you know how to brand yourself and do it correctly, you can use it to market anything and be successful.

    Email me if you have any questions about either Perfect Wealth or Road Map to Riches... I'd be glad to help.


  18. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I took a quick look at the site and it does look OK legit to me.

    Give it a try. It may work for you.

    Once you join, you need to work to get results that others have. There is no easy way of making this work for you.

    And remember, the only place that success comes before Work is in the dictionary.

  19. gravell69

    gravell69 New Member

    When you say "Brand Yourself" what exactly do you mean?
  20. JCP

    JCP New Member

    Just some food for thought.

    NO matter what anyone tells you, It is not EASY, making money online. Making a good living and I mean one that keeps you honest and keeps a person from scamming others involves TIME invested. There are so many ways to make money online. But, most people want a QUICK way to do it. Anyone who earns a substantual amount of money online will tell you it did NOT nor will it happen over night. If they tell you that you will, they have fabricated the truth.

    It takes time, and skill to make what any of those guys make. So, be wise, and do your resarch. DO not just waste your money on the GET RICH QUICK schemes.

    The bottom line is this..... There are alot of WOLVES in sheep clothing selling bull dung and titulating honest hard working people out there.

    Do not be a FOOLED, nor be snared into thinking it is EASY. Yeh with time, and with the knowledge you will gain, you will become more skilled. but that my friend, does not MAKE you wealthy over night, you get out what you invest into.... Just a thought.....

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