The secret to success is to Never Give Up and Learn From Experienced Successful Members.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by recruiter1, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. recruiter1

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    So Its seems that with everyone on this site that there is a learning period before becoming successful or finding a niche that suits them.

    So the lesson for newbies and Guests on this site that are wanting to work from home is to "Never Give Up"

    I think this why so many people try to work from home online and when the first attempt is not successful they just give up and then blame it on various reasons, but in reality they didn't learn anything and didn't have the will power to learn.

    I am not suggesting that making an income full time from home successful is easy, but I would recommend Guests and Newbies to join this forum and learn of the people who are successful as this will save you a lot of Time and Money.

    Any questions or others suggestions by members for newbies and guest who browse this forum are Welcome.
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  2. Robin Bull

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    It's important not to give up. Building any business takes time and a lot of work. There's not a single opportunity out there or a single business out there that will allow someone to wake up rich. It just doesn't happen that way. Sure, there comes a time where maybe we don't have to work -quite- as hard, but we still work.

    I think that for me it took about seven months before I was able to kind of let things ride on its own. I do pretty well just for part time hours. I am working my way back to FT simply because I want to be there.
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  3. payment proof

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    The only failure you can make is giving up. All other mistakes are learning experiences.
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  4. A8ch

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    An important element of never giving up is to recognize that it's important to adjust your plan according to the mistakes, obstacles and wrong turns you encounter. They are the clues that ultimately help you define the correct path to your success.

    That's it in a nutshell.

    As infants, if we had all given up when we were attempting our first steps, none of us would know how to walk today.

  5. talfighel

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    Many people quit as soon as they face their first obstacle. The key is to never give up no matter what. You have a choice to push through and learn from your mistakes or you have the choice to quit and become a failure all your life.

    We only have ONE life to live and because others in your group or your company have done really well for themselves, SO CAN YOU.
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  6. zeeshanali

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    In my opinion which i thinks Keep very close tabs on your partner at all times. This way, you can prevent him or her from changing, growing, or maybe even deciding to leave you at a later date so remember the dates
  7. bosslady2013

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    I agree so many people give up. I always figured what would be the alternative working until 65 and not really living how I wanted to live. I will never stop working to make money for myself.
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  8. payment proof

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  9. Laurian

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    It all starts with developing the right mindset.
    You have to determine what you want to do and where you want to get to, of course this should be within your ability and capabilities. Then have belief in yourself. The law of attraction will work in your favor supplying you will an endless stream of opportunities.

    Work every day focusing on your narrow path to success. Take obstacles on your way as stepping stones on your road to success. Stick to to your plans and never, ever give up!

  10. talfighel

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    That's a great attitude right there.

    That's how I was when I was failing for almost 5 years online. I knew and told myself that I will never stop until I succeed. Till one day I found a mentor in one of the forums online and a few short months later, was able to start earning an OK full time income online.
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  11. John_Moore

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    Very very true! Great to the point and very helpful!

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    A lot of good advice here, but the one lesson which I learned long ago is that you will never experience success without failure, so be prepared, and as others have said, don't give up. Sadly, most never learn this lesson and quit before they even begin. Human nature dictates to most who fail will then quit and never try again. I have seen this over and over again as most people don't know that failure is just part of the journey to success. I failed several times over the years, in traditional and online home based businesses, but I never quit, never will, for success once realized is an experience you will never forget. So remember, failures equal success, the more failures you have, the closer you get to success. What I focus on are free to low cost businesses online which minimizes the loss if you fail, another good lesson to learn along the road to success. No one likes to lose money, so choose free to low cost businesses if you are just starting out in your own business.

    Success to all,
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  13. payment proof

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  14. John_Moore

    John_Moore Member

    Some awesome tips right here. My biggest advice is to try everything more then one time. I often talk to people who try a lot of different things but quit after the first time. Who is any good at anything the first time ?
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  15. Newoak

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  16. payment proof

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    I agree as long as you've really tried. After gaining some experience though, trying something a second time might produce better results.
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  17. SandraGJ

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    Never a failure, always a lesson. Failing at something doesn't necessarily mean all the ships have sailed away. it just means something isn't right in your mindset or approach, and that it should be changed. A path to success isn't a straight line, it's rather a trial and error process during which you try to figure out what works and what doesn't.
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  18. Candicelllen

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    This is a great topic, I think when you first start it is so important to have a vision of where you want to go. And a hue game changer for me was to stop chasing friends and family, and learn the skills of professional marketing.

    People go to university for 4 - 6 years to study this stuff and people think they can start a home business and be a millionaire! It just does not happen.

    You need to make mistakes and continue to learn of people/ systems that are designed to teach you.
  19. Author J Oman

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    SUCH an incredibly important factor here, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed and make TRUE & consistent forward progress without some mistakes, challenges, and lessons that need to be learned along the way!

    You should actually EXPECT challenges! Even look FORWARD to them becaise of the muscles they can help you build to give you more POWER to keep on going and growing!

    In fact, if you think ANY truly worthy goal will just plop into your lap without any work/effort/persistence needed, then HOW will you ever feel a true sense of accomplishement that can spur you on to bigger and better things, once you've accomplished it!?!?

    Conquering challenges and keeping on, keeping on is what gives you the realization that you truly CAN and WILL be successful!

    But, it's only from keeping your forward progress going in spite of challenges that it will likely happen.

    You CAN do it, IF you give yourself permission to allow challenges to exist AND by keeping persistent in your willingness to step up and over each challenge just like you would stepping up a stair case to get to the next floor!

    1 step at a time and even though you need to step UP, which takes some effort, doesn't mean you can't KEEP stepping up, and reach the top of the staircase!

    Do it to it and let's get YOU to the top of the mountain too!

    Jason Oman
    TV Success Story, #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker/Trainer


    YAGOOFT Active Member

    He who spends time regretting the past, loses the present and risks the future. - Quevedo
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