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    Again I am here to encourage those who are just starting not to give up. There is a tipping point and if you give up, you will not find it. My journey started almost 4 years ago.

    I have been through a lot of setbacks.

    I was just starting to make money on Squidoo and I had about 12 lens up. I failed to read the TOS completely and violated a few of the terms and all of my lens were locked. I was back to ground zero.

    I finally got a forum up and it was very very active. I had a lot of ladies participating. Then out of the blue, after a really good year, it was hacked and my web designer was no where to be found to help me. I had to start all over last month. It was eat up with viruses I think. Still not sure.

    The penguin update or something totally affected my blogs. I had two that were getting some great traffic and converting like crazy and one day, the visits dropped to like 2 to maybe 15 per day!

    These are just a few of the setbacks that I have had. There have been more, some in my personal life as well, but I just kept going. I started over at Squidoo and followed the terms very carefully. I have 10 lens in tier one and ranking well in Google and 26 more that I am tweaking! I rebuilt a website and am now learning the back office stuff (no hair left) so that I won't have to depend an anyone for this. My blogs are back up in traffic and am working on my second wordpress site. Needless to say the money is following. This did not happen overnight. Like I said, I started this almost 4 years ago and I am a huge procrastinator.

    I had also invested a lot into personal development classes. I have learned that I get a lot further when I invest into me and it is just as important as investing into the business. My state of mind and my attitude and beliefs greatly affect everything I do.

    I have been at this close to four years and my tipping point was in December of 2011. Out of the blue I had a $500 dollar day! It's been almost a year from that day, and it just gets better. I see no ceilings on what I can do now.

    Instead of getting down in the dumps and beating yourself up when something bad happens in your business, stop, relax, breath and look for the opportunity in it. There is one there I promise. Keep the vision in your head of not necessarily how much money you want or need but where you would like to be. I keep seeing this hammock on the beach and this fabulous kitchen in my future for all my cooking adventures. See it in your mind and believe!
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    Thanks Robin for sharing this. Nothing is as good as this kind of tipping point as a motivator. And all of those set backs taught you something, and it all manifested in the success you're having now.

    You got a bunch of beautiful lenses too :).
  3. A8ch

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    Great post, Robin! Very powerful and encouraging words of wisdom. The following 3 quotes resonated with me:

    Finding the tipping point for your business can be compared to rolling a boulder up a steep hill. Sometimes your efforts may seem fruitless and impossible, but if you persevere till you reach the crest, then gravity and other influences can take over and create an avalanche of success.

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  4. tkyles1009

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    Wow! The amazing part of the story is through it all you're still here and you're still going at it! I commend you!

    All the best:)
  5. Vishal P. Rao

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    Great post Robin and thanks for sharing it here! I always believe that there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud. Whatever happens to you, there is something to be learned, something to be gained. The recent updates wiped off my earnings too. However, I have decided that I want to build a business that is not dependent on Google or any search engine. I encountered many setbacks earlier too but all had some hidden gem in them. Like you said, you just need to have an open mind and relax a bit to find that gem.
  6. happywife

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    Wonderful to read your update, Robin, and hear not just how well you have done (and continue to do), but also how you've met each challenge with tenacity and a beautiful spirit. I'm thrilled to read that you've bounced back from your challenges and are doing better than ever.

  7. payment proof

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    I agree. Excellent post Robin!

    Never give up and take on each challenge!

    Thanks for sharing. Very motivational.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Thanks Robin,

    Sounds like a familiar scenario all entrepreneurs have to deal with, failure. Without failure, no success, it is as easy as that. Having started a dozen different businesses over the years, no one prepared me to fail, and yet failure is guaranteed in the beginning, my first two businesses were perfect example, the market trends did me in, along with new state regulations which curtailed what was a five year success story. So as you can see, not everything is in our control when it comes to starting and running a business.

    The lesson learned is like yours, never give up, even if one business fails, you have to look at it as a learning experience, not a failure, especially when it is not your fault. Sure, we all make mistakes along the way, but the ones who always fail are the ones who quit too soon. Too soon, you just never know what too soon is in business, so why risk it, never quit and you will never have to learn the hard way what too soon is. lol

    I have known many people over the years who quit too soon, and WOW, did they regret it. In the network marketing arena this is particularily true for it is a business of leverage. I had one of my distributors quit in the typical three month period when they did not earn more than the burned trying, which is typical, and she quit. She had referred two who became customers, but it was not enough soon enough to satisfy this proclaimed experienced sales person. Sound familiar, I went through same learning stage, and like most direct sales trained people, you want to see instant results from your efforts.

    Long story short, one of this distributors referrals went on to become my best associate which had rolled her volume of sales up to me when this personal distributor quit. I won't go into the income she has earned me over the years, but let me say this, I have not worked the program actively in years and I still earn thousands from this one woman and her group efforts, and this is why you never quit too soon. You never know what too soon is, so stick to it or you could end up losing a fortune, and the worst thing about this scenario is if you find out about it later like she did. Regrets, we all have them, but none tell the story better than this one for me, and I have never quit moving forward ever since.

    Never quit is a lesson I was happy to have learned for it was the most important lesson of all. All the other obstacles in business are just that, obstacles, and most you can get over in my experience, but you will never get over quitting to soon and missing the opportunity of a lifetime. When you miss the BIG ONE........... YAGOOFT. And this is probably what attracted me to my latest venture, I always look for the newest trends and then get positioned ahead of them. Live and learn, you never want to be behind any trend, too late, or worse, miss it, so never quit seeking success.
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  9. talfighel

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    When you get knocked down, get up and try again. Learn something from every setback. This will only move you forward.
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  10. mreese601

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    What a wonderful written post Robin! You have a nice lens also! I learn long time ago success is not easy! It's something that you have to keep working at over and over again! It's is an up hill battle but have fun in the process! That what's make it worth wild!
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    Thank you for sharing your trials and tribulations, Robin! The key message I've learned from your post is to Never EVER Give Up. If you have a passion for whatever you do, you WILL find a way to succeed. I admire you, and wish you all the blessings to last a lifetime!

    Here's to your success!

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