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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by onedumbaussie, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    The paid survey has been around forever,it was one of the first things I saw in the 90's as a way to make money from home.

    They where alright back then, the surveys took some time as internet speed was slow as and you got paid. My first payment was $35 it took me 2 weeks to get it and about 4 hours of actual work.

    Fastforward to 2011 and paid surveys are everywhere. There are hundreds of companies that will 'pay' you for your opinion.

    Now let's define 'PAY'

    Very few sites pay in actual cash. You get points or something similar that you can exchange for products or vouchers. very few pay you in cash per survey.

    The sites that pay cash are hard to find and harder to get into. The real money is in companies conducting surveys for market research or even focus groups for themselves.

    What I mean is that most paid survey companies collect the data and then sell it. rather than sell their services and collect specific data for a particular companies product.

    They do not have the cash to pay you upfront.

    If paid surveys is your goal then hook up with a legitimate survey company that does contract work on behalf of large business.
    I found that companies that do mystery shopping often also offer this type of service.

    twice I have used mystery shopping companies to get at the paid survey that pays real money the moment you finish it. The surveys are quite in depth and often require a purchase that is refunded at payout time.

    To be honest it is sometime more product test than survey.

    If you keep joining different companies you will have loads of points in your account and very little cash.

    Either look outside the Box or buy a membership to a proper survey company. The fee is to show your keeness and to weed out useless survey takers.

    You will never make a full time living from free to join survey sites the pay would be less than minimum wage and your brain would shrink from lack of use.

    Hope this rant has helped the Newer people from wasting too much time. If your serious then do research and be prepared to spend the next 12 months establishing a reputation. Then you will get the good stuff.

    Take Care


    P.S This just my opinion.
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  2. lilwallace92

    lilwallace92 New Member

    When you say very few sites pay cash, I'm sure you mean around 15 sites. Yes, most of the legitimate sites have point systems, but most of them convert the points into a cash value. You DO NOT need to pay to sign up with survey sites. THIS IS CONSIDERED A SCAM. There are plenty of sites that do not require you to pay a fee to join. My site has plenty of them listed. This is NOT a waste of time. Earning money with surveys is no different than any other online job. Every online job requires time, but in the end it is worth it. so what are you waiting for? SIGN UP!! [​IMG]
  3. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    I have to disagree. Signing up with a paid survey "database" site is worthless, in my opinion. What every one of those databases has is something that can be found for free online.

    To put it short, anyone who is charging you a fee for surveys is, in my eyes, considering a scam. Market research companies are willing to pay people to take surveys.

    That's why you'll never find the market research companies charging anyone - there's always someone in the middle with a website that charges people to access info they can get for free. If anything, it's more of a convenience so people don't have to look around the net for a big survey list.

    Anyway, waste of cash. You're much better off finding sites to sign up with for free.
  4. lilwallace92

    lilwallace92 New Member

    It is extremely important to do your research before you sign up with these companies. Desperate times call for desperate actions. So be careful and remember that with paid surveys, you do not need to spend money to make money. You should have the opportunity to make money without having to spend a dime.
  5. HopeIsFree

    HopeIsFree New Member

    Not all survey programs that require a fee are scams. Some of these fees are really low, and the pay is more than the fee...mainly the Mystery Shopper sites. You have to look around for the "shops" that don't require you to spend money. But there some. I've been on some of them. And the ones that do require a purchase are often $1 to $4. (Or maybe I'm just lucky. )

    I've been paid "small change" from a couple of free-to-join survey programs, also. This money is less than $50. That's what I call small change. But a little bit of money helps every now and then.
  6. mlynn

    mlynn Member

    NO legitimate market research survey companies/sites/programs require/charge you a fee, period. They pay us consumers for our time and opinions, not the other way around. I am talking about real legitimate marketing research surveys not paid offers or mystery shoppings.
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The truth on paid surveys....

    Who's really making any substantive consistent money from them?

    To me this is big waste of time for the money, if you make any money.
  8. Dragon

    Dragon New Member

    I have used paid survey sites in the past and have made some cash from them. I see them more as some additional income rather than being a money generator on their own. You will definitely never get rich from doing paid online surveys.

    I have never paid to join a survey site and would never recommend anyone to as most of the information you need to know is freely available through Google.
  9. Marteebies

    Marteebies New Member

    Try if you want to make money for doing surveys, you can cash out at ??10, so its easy enough to earn money, they tell you how much the survey is worth before you do it and you can increase your chances of being sent surveys by recommending your friends.

    Pretty easy & I certainly dont think its a waste, also think survey sites that send you vouchers are good becuse they do save you real money in the end!
  10. bbonus

    bbonus New Member

    HopeIsFree: Not all survey programs that require a fee are scams. Some of these fees are really low, and the pay is more than the fee...
    i agree with hope is free. listen, there wouldn't be an industry out there if everything was a scam. if there weren't good reviews that existed, the companies would fail and the BBB would shut them down. i think there are some that try to take you for what you're worth, but that is why it is important to do your research. just my two cents.
  11. slaveofthepuddl

    slaveofthepuddl New Member

    Hi All,

    I just would like to mention a different a aspect of paid survey sites. I think many of us in this forum are not from the US, nor we are from Canada, the UK, etc. Along with my experiences, paid survey sites only provide you with surveys if you live in one of the above mentioned countries... Which is quite understandable (because they want to target the right people for their company) but it also means for others that it isn't worth to be registered in any of such survey programs... The reason again: you won't be chosen to take the survey -> no money in your pocket.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but I've just spoken out of my experiences...
  12. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    I signed up with Global Test market and I must say that they do send me a lot of surveys. I have not received a single survey from CashCrate. I assume that it is because I am not a US citizan, meaning less applicable surveys for me.

    I think one must use surveys as some kind of a back up and not the only source of internet income
  13. surveygal

    surveygal New Member

    I have been an devoted fan of E-Poll surveys for quite some time now! As has been previously stated, you cannot MAKE a living off of online surveys, but E-Poll is great in that it actually gives you $$ rewards through pay pal. They are really honest, and always pay you out for your rewards.

    Also, they have a $1000 monthly drawing for everyone new who registers with them and any recent survey taker. I have yet to win, but am keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. hanipaporo

    hanipaporo New Member

    Hi. Can somebody help me find legitimate online paid surveys for those who are not situated in the US, UK, CANADA or Australia? I am from the Philippines and I have no idea what legitimate survey sites to register in...thanks
  15. gryshco

    gryshco New Member

    Same here. I'm searching for one as well.
  16. Bubblez

    Bubblez New Member

    I've never had this work out for me. I'm guessing maybe I just came across some scam sites or something. A lot of the time, the minimum amount you have to make is pretty high and I haven't had the patience.
  17. lilwallace92

    lilwallace92 New Member

    There are many opportunities for people who do not live in the US. The survey opportunities in the Philippines are available through several survey sites. The three well known sites that I recommend are Survey Savvy, Global Test Market, and Pure Profile. There are many many other international paid survey opportunities on the web. Be sure, though, to do your research. There are many scams out there.
  18. taz87

    taz87 Member

    I have to disagree with one point made here and that is you should pay to join a "legitimate survey company". If any survey company asks em for money upfront I run like Forrest grump!
    It just takes trial and error to find the good ones out there that pay. Also where you live is a critical factor to what companies are best for you.

  19. Bojchyka

    Bojchyka New Member

    I strongly agree with you. The problem is that only few survays are getting out of US and Canada. There are now some commpanys from Europe and I think India has some too. I'm using one that covers some countries in EU and some other European countries and I got payed once [​IMG]

    And everybody YOU DON'T pay to join the survey company if they are legit, they make their money by providing you as much surveys as they can!
  20. paidsurveys

    paidsurveys New Member

    The truth is at least 20 survey panels are legitimate and pay cash. The question is how to find them? Easy way is search google.. To avoid any kind of scam stay away with sites that ask money to join or credit card details.
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