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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by jantenucc, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. jantenucc

    jantenucc New Member

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, and I am relatively new to home business as well.

    I bought a home business package from this company called The Zaken Corporation, because it sounded like one of the best home businesses out there.

    I've been working with the program for a few months now, which involves finding and buying closeout merchandise and being paid 50% of what Zaken sells.

    I haven't made any money yet, but I have generated lots of leads that could be very profitable.

    I would like to know if anyone else has tried this program, and what your results were.

    P.S. Don't Google The Zaken Corporation, because it's all mostly negative articles written by people who tried the program and failed.
  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    do you have a website then? I haven't heard of it.
  3. jantenucc

    jantenucc New Member

    The company's website is, but there's not much information on it, since it's mostly for business purposes.
  4. Bastain9306

    Bastain9306 New Member

    How is this opportunity working for you up to this point? I am seriously considering joining this program, and was wondering if you had any update on your status... I, too, did a search on this company and found mostly negative comments, supposedly stemming from some disgruntled employee(s). I think that this could be a good opportunity, but I want to make sure I understand what it entails.....Help! [​IMG]
  5. tnlliquidators

    tnlliquidators New Member

    I ordered quiksell in May 2008 and have sent in lots and lots of deals,with pics,samples were sent and etc. I never hear back from them,they are very slow if and when they do answer back. And they do not do as they claim. I paid $174 for quiksell kit and its a month and half later and no word on any deals or samples . I never hear back from them at all now. They keep samples and do not return them either. I am very disapointed and turned them in TO BBB. I think they should refund my money as well as pay me for my time and effort and the embarrasement they put me through. Its very bad when we have to tell merchants that we dont hear back after they sent samples. It cause us to also have a bad name. I'm Steaming mAD. If anyone knows of how to get into the class action lawsuit against them let me know.
  6. SwiftCrusader

    SwiftCrusader New Member

    Greetings to everyone...this is my first post here as well.

    I have decided to try the Zaken QuikSell program and actually visited their home offices in Thousand Oaks, CA. I visited with staff and saw their warehouse and upscale corporate office facilities. I even saw commission checks posted, and so far everything looks legit.

    What is disturbing to me is that I have read so much on the net regarding the company, lawsuits, and alot of negativity. I am wondering if there are any updates on Zaken since this post in 2007.

    Has anyone like jantenucc had any good fortune with this company or has it gotten worse?
  7. Clearview

    Clearview New Member

    I received a business opportunity letter from The Zaken Corp. recently offering me a chance to go into business with him. He wants $149.00 + $15.00 s & h for his business start up kit. This includes a 20 min CD with instructions, additional bonuses, color catalogs, and brochures to mail out to business in your local area. The brochures direct businesses to Zaken's website that offers discounted liquidated merchandise that he says is below wholesale price. Once a business buys anything from his website from your brochure, Zaken says he'll split the profits with you 50/50. Included in his business proprosal opportunity are dozens of testimonials, with copies of checks others have received in amounts of $5000 that ordinary everday people have earned from going into partnership with Zaken. There was even a testimonial from TV actor celebrity Dick Van Patten. He makes this sound like it would be one of the easiest ways to make money. He even offers a 90 day money back guarantee and an additional double your money back guarantee if you give this business a fair try and don't succeed at it.
    If this guy on the level, why would he need to recruit anyone? Why wouldn't Tiran Zaken send out the brochures himself to businesses nationwide and keep all the profits for himself?
    Does anyone think this might be legit?
  8. Fredduke

    Fredduke New Member

    It would be my opinion that he made the best possible choice by choosing to share this business opportunity. Think of it this way. He is only one man. Say he was still trying to do this business all by himself. He would still need to go out by himself and find all the way below wholesale deals that he can have shipped to his warehouse. Then he would have to find vendors to resell this still below wholesale product to. Then he would still have to deal with any customer service if any of the product gets damaged during shipping to his customers, and deal with any customer service questions.

    Even if he hired a crew, he would still make a ton more money doing what he does now.

    He could hire 100 people to handle the customer service and to find the deals while going out and distributing his brochure to hundreds of businesses in his area and make a great profit on that. Sure, he would keep 100 percent of the profit made by that minus business expenses of course. But he's only one man, he can only do just so much. Meaning his income would actually be limited by the number of customers he can get. Plus he has to deal with employees in addition to all of this.

    With his current setup, he can get 100's or 1000's of people sharing his brochure all across the USA and beyond. He can get 10000 times the number of orders for his product compared to if he was out there himself doing it. He pretty much set the finding customer side of things on complete autopilot. And he can grow his income exponentially.

    On top of all that he can now focus on providing customer service to the people who buy his product, and focus his time on finding the absolute best deals on the product to carry at his warehouse. Meaning he can sell that product for less to his customers, and therefore the customers will be more interested in purchasing his product. He is able to do this all by sharing the profit. Best of all he doesn't have to have 1000's of employees on payroll, because they are all considered "self employed".

    This seems legit to me. The only thing that bothers me is that i can't find anything on the net more recent than early 2008. I have gone to ripoff and found a bunch of negative stuff. HOWEVER, ripoff has interviewed Tiran himself 5 times, and has actually looked at his business from the inside and they say that he is 100 percent legit.

    As with any home based business there is some risk involved. I was able to contact customer service today and question them on my concerns, and they were very friendly.

    Hope this helps,
  9. Thetruth

    Thetruth New Member

    As a "Insider"...all i have to say is that IT IS a scam. Even the employees feel bad, but all the stay there because it is a paycheck. They work hard for nothing. The company goes after people in their 70's and 80's.
    They sell you a Lifetime Directory which is supposed to be a resource of consumer merchants. Ideally you should be able to contact these vendors to seek out surplus goods but the directory is filled with outdated companies and wrong phone numbers. RUN AWAY FAST!
  10. grillznel89

    grillznel89 New Member

    Theres no need for any lawsuits against this business. If you failed at it, then all you have to do is ask for a refund before the 30-day deadline that they gave and they should give you a full refund with no problem. Communication is the key to everything in life.
  11. Planes12

    Planes12 New Member

    Total and completely thorough and utter scam. I know this is my first post but I had to chime in on this one. A friend of mine tried this out and was duped, not once but twice by this company. First for a lesser amount and then for a bigger amount. I watched him do this and tried to talk him out of it but he was determined to lose his money.
  12. uncertain2012

    uncertain2012 New Member

    This thread is many years old, and it appears that Zaken Corp is now defunct.
  13. billiemacc

    billiemacc New Member

    your message is 2 years old...I would like to know if you are still with the
    Zaken Corp? If not why...If so r u satisfied with your results? I have invested several hundred $s have not had all my tutoring yet, just hope it turns out better than my last attempt at a home business....Please reply ASAP......
  14. billiemacc

    billiemacc New Member

    Hi, read your blog are you still with Zaken Corp. Would like for you or anybody that have had good results, just invested in it to become another
    liquidator also....Have not gotten the more expensive website yet or business cards, etc...I have not started anything yet...

    I have read all the negative blogs, very few good comments, but were all
    after the investment, oops..
  15. Michele

    Michele New Member

    This is my first post to any forum. Has anyone signed up and made money in the last six months with Zaken Corporation. I have recently signed up and wonder if I should request a refund.

  16. tryingtomakeit

    tryingtomakeit New Member

    Hello i am tryingtomakeit, i just got the information in the mail the other day. I have been reading and rereading the information it sounds good but i want to be sure that i can make money like he said and split 50/50 and are the checks legit. When you go to the bank to deposit or show them they think it not legit check. i am wanting to do this but paying $174.00 is alot for me but i guess i give it a try. Anyone that can help me here email me if you have made money and if they help you like they say here in the informaton.


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