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    "Middle class thinkers fail and retreat back to their comfort zone. World class thinkers fail and keep starting over until they succeed. Champions aren't any smarter, more educated, or ambitious than the average person, but they are far more resilient. While middle class thinkers process their failures through emotion, world class thinkers process failure through logic. Middle class thinkers are ashamed of failing while world class thinkers see their resilience as a testament to their toughness."

    I thought this was a great way to help us get out of our slump if we are having one and do like the "world class thinkers do" Maybe it will help someone here [​IMG]

    --Steve Siebold, author, How Rich People Think
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    Unfortunately I am still middle-class but I do keep failing lol! I'm not ashamed though and I do keep trying so I'm sure that thinking in this manner and staying persistent will pay off. Thanks for posting this - I have copied it to my computer for my "down" days!
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    This is so True, if I had a nickel every time one of my projects or business' failed I could retire. But after about 50 or so "failed" projects I found one that works for me.

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