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    Take a look at this. Here's the legal documents filed by the US AG. Scroll down to page 12 and read about Andy Bowdoin. For those who truly believed in Andy you will not like what you see. This is unbelieveable....we've all been duped!!!! I hate to say it but we've all been scammed.
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    I did post that up the other day. But people thought it was just speculation.
  3. antwan

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    How did you find that?
  4. antwan

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    It baffles me that Andy can get on the conference call and say that they have not received any documentation on what is going on and it will take until Friday or Monday before they will get any information on why they are being investigated and then they will be able to respond. But I shouldn't be surprised because it's all been lies anyway.
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    Ya know.....Andy may or may not be the evil doer that he is portrayed to be in this complaint.....but the agent surely seems to have decided ol' Andy's a snake......that doesn't mean Andy IS, though....

    I know I'll be accused of being in denial and how can I say that after reading through the charges, yadayadayada.....I'll admit to being stunned by what I read, but like others have already said on this forum, there are two sides to EVERY story....

    I have to say that the more of "page 12 on" that I read, the more I was reminded of our very own Investigator, who has made no bones that he's out to nail Andy and recently boasted of having filed the Investigator's style of "investigating", I think there was a great deal of assuming going on throughout the least, it sure seemed so to me.

    If a jury finds the man guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, then I'll accept that I was duped and get on with it.....but these charges didn't seem to be written from a "neutral" place.....some of them will be hard to prove as fact....the statements by people about what a joke "surfing" is, for example......well HEY....he got a few people to say that it is - is that his evidence? How come he didn't ask ME what I think of surfing? I'd have told him I've purchased a few products and had a few people stop by my other words, there is ADVERTISEMENT going on here....and I've benefitted.

    Am not saying there aren't some REALLY serious allegations going on - there are.....but let's give Andy HIS day in court, too.....let's hear HIS slant.....because doggone-it, there sure did seem to be a slant in the agent's report....

    Or maybe it was just me......LOL.....
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    It's you!
  7. Caterina

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    Thanks for that much-needed smile!
  8. deem

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    Where is Juan? Who is Juan?

    He was Andy's right hand man. He had access to everything. What if he was doing this all under Andy's nose and in Andy's name?

    Where did Juan go????????

    He could have easily perpetrated this under Andy's name.

    I'm not trying to find excuses; I am trying to understand.

    Has anyone done a background check on Juan?
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    how much did Iggy put in?
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    I put in an amount that I can afford to lose [​IMG]

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