Time and patient equals money!

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by s12345, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. s12345

    s12345 New Member

    hey there well i would like to give my take on the way i go about making money online:

    1.Be positive right from the start

    2.Have the tools, knowledge and advice to succeed

    3.You get out of the business, what you put into it.

    4.Don't fall for all the hype, gradually build up your business!
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You got it... [​IMG]

    And when things don't go as planned, you go get a cup of coffee, take a break and then get back at it... believe me, I know what I am talking about, have had lots of coffee breaks - and hair pulling, threatening to shoot the computer incidents as well .... [​IMG]
  3. dayflyer

    dayflyer New Member

    I've just spent a frustrating few hours trying to work on one single image in Photoshop. Everything I tried went wrong and finally I got angry with myself and everyone around me.

    Why? Because I was trying too hard, that's why.

    This episode brought to mind some truths that I know, but don't always remember to apply:

    Perfection is a constantly moving goalpost

    You could always do that bit better in some way, applying a different technique, spending more time, whatever. But you'll never arrive at the destination called 'perfect' because it doesn't actually exist.

    But if you take this route two things happen. Firstly you get into a law of diminishing returns, which means you get back less and less for each extra bit you put in. And second, you've slipped into procrastination ??“ you're not actually getting anything done because you've convinced yourself you can't move on until this one thing is perfect.

    And it may not even be something central to your goals that you've decided to aim for perfection with. Chances are it's a side road, a red herring, but spending time trying to perfect it makes you believe you're making progress, even when everyone around you (and you in your more truthful moments) can see you're just treading water.

    So take the coffee break, walk away from the situation and forget about it, then come back with a fresh mind and do what you should be doing to build your business.
  4. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Great advice especially #4. Believing the hype is what causes most people to leave a business. They get involved because they've been promised "$10,000 in 30 days" then get discouraged and quit when it doesn't happen. "Slow and steady wins the race."
  5. dayec12

    dayec12 New Member

    Totally Agree.
    I have been searching and learning for months and I have been so close to giving up so many times!! Now I am seeing results and I am so proud!
    No I am not making $1,000's but I am off to a good start.
  6. zoota

    zoota New Member

    What do you do to keep motivated. It seems like there is so much info out there and after a while I don't even know what to do next. Very frustrating.
  7. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Once you start receiving the cheque, you will find that all the hard work is worth it.
  8. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    Good information, dayflyer. Could not agree more. Probably my biggest single hurdle over the years has been fighting the urge to make something "perfect". I could potentially be getting that graphic to look "just right" and the other guy already made his first sale because his site was up!
  9. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Time and patience is certainly true when it comes to making money online. So is developing internet marketing skills. And as soon as you can afford it do you what you like best and outsource the rest.
  10. dayflyer

    dayflyer New Member

    Glad you liked the post - hope it was helpful. I now put articles, blog posts and offers straight on after a couple of checks only, I will look at the site later and if it wants altering I will alter it then. Meanwhile, it has been up and running for people to see - mistyakes & all.[​IMG]
  11. rubsync

    rubsync New Member

    time management, hard work and patience are the tools to acquire money...
  12. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi s12345,

    Well said in each case. We do have to take the time to master well the fundamentals and then experiment to learn from experience while continuing to learn.


    You've accurately described the flipside of the coin - that you can't hold off on things too long or you'll take way to long or it may never even happen.

    Perfection can certainly be upsetting, especially when there seems to be no end in sight...then one additional thing pops up...then another...then another...and so on.

    dayflyer: And second, you've slipped into procrastination ??“ you're not actually getting anything done because you've convinced yourself you can't move on until this one thing is perfect.
    The above bit can be quite sobering for anyone who is stuck there.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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